Best business credit cards for travel

If you're often out and about for business purposes, you want to pick a business credit card that charges no foreign transaction fees while also offering decent rewards.


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If you’re a frequent traveller, you’ll know that a standard business credit card won’t cut it for you. Foreign transaction fees are just too expensive – you need a card that doesn’t charge them.

Ideally, you want to combine this with some kind of rewards (travelling means lots of expenses, you may as well make the most of them) and nice travel perks such as airport lounge access.

We’ve browsed the market for you. It’s difficult to find a card that ticks all the boxes, but we’ve done our best. Let’s have a look.

Best business credit card for travel: Earn Avios points and avoid fees

Capital On Tap’s business credit cards make good travel companions. None of the three deals available charges any foreign transaction fees, so you can spend as much as you want abroad without having to worry.

The basic option doesn’t charge an annual fee either, but it earns no rewards. If you travel often, it may be worth considering one of the two upgrades instead, which do come for an annual fee but offer interesting rewards too.

If you do, you’ll get a solid introductory bonus and will be able to choose between earning Avios points or cashback on all your credit card spending. If you’re a frequent flyer and an Avios aficionado, this deal can give a real boost to your Avios account. Depending on what you redeem them for, Avios points can be worth more or less than the cashback, so you’ll have to see which rewards are better value for money for your business.

Understand and compare Avios business credit cards

Capital on Tap Business Rewards Credit Card

Earn uncapped Avios or cashback on business spending

  • Up to 1% cashback or 1 Avios per pound spent
  • Up to 10,000 bonus points when you spend £5,000 in 3 months
  • Up to 20 free supplementary cards
  • Up to 56 interest-free days on purchases each billing cycle

Representative example: When you spend £1,200 at a purchase rate of 39.41% (variable) p.a., your representative rate is 39.9% APR (variable).


How to compare business credit cards for travel

As we said, you probably won’t find a card that ticks all the boxes, but here’s a basic list of factors to consider and prioritise when you compare your options:

  • Foreign transaction fees. These are a big no for us. If you have to go abroad, look for a business credit card that doesn’t charge them.
  • Rewards. Are they any good? What’s the earn-rate? What’s the introductory bonus?
  • Annual fee. Is it worth it? Do the rewards outweigh it?
  • Travel perks. Some credit cards offer complimentary travel insurance, mobile phone insurance and airport lounge access. If that’s the type of card you’re after, you definitely want to check out the Amex Platinum Business card, which has the most comprehensive set of travel perks on the business credit card market. Unfortunately, these perks are rarely found in credit cards that don’t charge foreign transaction fees.
  • Interest rate. This is only important if you’re expecting to occasionally carry a balance on the card. It tells you how much doing so will cost you.
  • Additional cards. Are other people in your team travelling often? How much are additional cards for them going to cost?
  • Facilities. Can you manage your credit card from your phone? Can you set individual spending limits for different cards? Does it integrate with your accounting software?

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