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Wyshbox life insurance review

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Issue Age
18 to 50
$50,000 to $2,500,000
Medical Exam Required

Our verdict

This fully online company helps you match your coverage to your financial needs at every life stage.

Wyshbox is a fintech life insurance company that prides itself on matching the perfect coverage level to fit your life. The company offers a coverage calculator and debt-tracking tool to help members identify and track their coverage needs over time.

Wyshbox also offers coverage flexibility, letting you add or decrease your coverage amount at any time. As long as you're healthy when you add coverage, you won't have the danger of major cost changes either.

The main downsides are that you won't qualify for a policy after age 45 and that Wyshbox doesn't offer phone support. However, if you have a question, you can live chat with a representative during normal business hours.


  • No medical exams
  • Coverage starts instantly
  • Flexibility to add or decrease coverage later


  • No phone support
  • Customer service available on weekdays only
  • Major pre-existing conditions may disqualify you

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Product details

Policies Term life
Coverage maximum $2,500,000
Term lengths 2 - 35 years
Medical exam required No
Available states GA, OH, OR, NC, PA, WI, IL, TX, MI, MD, MA, DC, TN, MN, UT, VA, AK, AR, DE, HI, ID, IN, IA, KS, LA, MO, NE, NM, WV, WY, NV, OK, MT
Issue age 18 - 50 years old


Riders Array

Wyshbox doesn’t offer just term life insurance. It solves a problem in the life insurance industry by allowing you to adjust your coverage as your life changes. The company offers features and tools to help members track their life insurance needs over time.

However, this fully online policy isn’t for everyone. You’ll want to shop policies and policy features with a variety of companies before making a final decision.

Wyshbox’s life insurance rates

Wyshbox’s life insurance rates stick close to the average for term life policies, making it a competitive option. We pulled sample quotes from its online tool for a $500,000, 20-year term life policy for a healthy man and woman.


Rates checked as of 2022

3 key factors affect your rate with Wyshbox

Wyshbox keeps its health assessment straightforward with a few questions that might raise or lower your life insurance premium. Those include:

1. General health — You’ll need to sign off that your weight, cholesterol and blood pressure are within healthy ranges.

2. No smoking or tobacco use within three years — Smoking or tobacco use won’t disqualify you, but expect your rates to
double or triple that of someone who doesn’t smoke.

3.Pre-existing conditions — Wyshbox accepts you if you have medical conditions that aren’t life-threatening. These pre- existing conditions put you in the average health class.

Wyshbox lets you change your term life coverage at any time

Wyshbox specializes in term life insurance for the young and healthy. However, it sets itself apart from other term life insurers by letting you adjust coverage throughout your term.

Need to add coverage? As long as your health hasn’t changed, Wyshbox calculates your new rate based on your age when you first became a member.

Want to pay less for your insurance as financial responsibilities go down? You can decrease your coverage as a one-time event or by tracking your debts and letting Wyshbox update your coverage to match. You won’t find those features with traditional life insurance companies.

Wyshbox offers two valuable riders to choose from

You won’t find as many extras available with Wyshbox as with traditional life insurance policies. However, you may find these riders useful to buy.

  • Accelerated death benefit — Wyshbox offers this benefit as a policy add-on so that you can get a life insurance payout early if you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness. However, many insurers include this benefit for free.
  • Disability waiver — Pause life insurance payments if you have a qualifying disability and show medical proof

How easy is it to get a quote?

You can get a quote and interact with Wyshbox in several ways, including:

  • Online quote — Tap Build your wyshes from the site’s homepage and answer questions about yourself. If you like your quote, select Start application and create your Wyshbox account.
  • App — Get a quote, access your account and manage your coverage from Wyshbox’s handy app.
  • Chat during business hours — If you have a question during the quote process, tap the Help icon in the top right corner. You can chat with a representative on weekdays, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.

Pros and cons of Wyshbox

To get the most benefit from Wyshbox, young and healthy applicants should use as many of its coverage tools and trackers as possible. However, customer service isn’t as personal as traditional life insurance companies.


  • No medical exams. Answer a handful of health questions in place of a medical exam to qualify.
  • Instant coverage. If you pass Wyshbox’s digital application process, you’ll have coverage right away.
  • Flexibility to add or decrease coverage later. This policy lets you boost or lower coverage during your term to match your needs. Plus, as long as you’re healthy, Wyshbox calculates your new rate based on the age when you first became a member.
  • Track debts to automatically adjust coverage. Connect your debts to the Wysh Tracker to automatically lower your coverage as you pay down debt.
  • Coverage can be extended to age 65. Choose to extend your term life policy until age 65, as long as your policy renews when you’re age 45 or younger.


  • No phone support. Wyshbox doesn’t give you the option to talk person-to-person with a representative. However, you can chat to get your questions answered.
  • Customer service available on weekdays only. You won’t have 24/7 customer support with this fintech company.
  • Major pre-existing conditions may disqualify you. You may not be accepted if you have a life-threatening health condition. Wyshbox’s health classes accept people in average, good and excellent health.

Wyshbox life insurance reviews and complaints

Wysh Life and Health Insurance Company is new on the market, so you won’t find many ratings or reviews online. The company hasn’t had any complaints filed with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners in the last three years.

Wyshbox may need more time to prove its customer experience in the industry. However, its strong A- financial rating shows promise that it can back life insurance claims.

AM Best financial rating A-
BBB accredited No
BBB rating Not Rated

Alternatives to Wyshbox

Explore other life insurance companies’ perks and benefits, and select view rates to get a quote.

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