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Zopa is an online personal finance company, offering loans from £1,000 to £25,000

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83% of Zopa customers in our 2022 customer satisfaction survey would recommend the brand to a friend.
Loan funding usually takes five working days.

What is Zopa?

Zopa was founded in Buckinghamshire in 2004 by a team from the digital banking company Egg Banking, and at the time was one of the only peer-to-peer lending platforms. It gave a chance for UK investors to access a market of borrowers without the unnecessary need for a financial institution like a bank. In Decemeber 2021, Zopa exited the p2p lending market to focus on banking. Zopa announced in November 2016, that it would apply for a banking licence and by May 2017 it had become fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Key features of Zopa personal loans

Zopa provides “unsecured” personal loans – meaning they’re based on creditworthiness, rather than the use of property or other assets as collateral. Its rates differ according to the applicant – so to get those competitive advertised APRs you’ll need excellent credit.

Loan typeUnsecured Personal Loan
Loan amounts£1,000.00 to £25,000.00
Loan terms1 Year to 5 Years
Loan rate typeFixed
Product fee0%
Same day funding available
Instant decisions in most cases
Soft-search facility available
Joint applications
Overpay without penalty
Concurrent loans allowed
Topping-up pays off existing loan and initiates a new loan
Repayment methodsDirect Debit

All interest rates are fixed for the duration of your repayment period, however the rate you’re offered will depend on factors like the amount you apply for, the term of the loan, your credit rating and your income. It may differ from the advertised Representative APR.

How does Zopa compare?

Table: sorted by representative APR, promoted deals first

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Name Product Total Payable Monthly Repayment Representative APR Link
Zopa Personal Loan
Finder Award
Zopa Personal Loan
View details
Representative example: Borrow £1,500.00 over 3 years at a rate of 15.4% p.a. (fixed). Representative APR 15.4% and total payable £1,856.16 in monthly repayments of £51.56.
Novuna Personal Loan
Check eligibility
View details
Representative example: Borrow £10,000.00 over 3 years at a rate of 4.5% p.a. (fixed). Representative APR 4.5% and total payable £10,694.16 in monthly repayments of £297.06.
Lending Works Personal Loan
Check eligibility
View details
Representative example: Borrow £10,000.00 over 3 years at a rate of 13.4% p.a. (fixed) with an application fee of £0.00. Representative APR 13.9% and total payable £12,144.60 in monthly repayments of £337.35.
Barclays Bank Existing Current Account Customer Barclayloan
View details
Representative example: Borrow £10,000.00 over 3 years at a rate of 7.9% p.a. (fixed). Representative APR 7.9% and total payable £11,219.04 in monthly repayments of £311.64.
Lloyds Bank Existing Customer Personal Loan
View details
Representative example: Borrow £10,000.00 over 3 years at a rate of 4.9% p.a. (fixed). Representative APR 4.9% and total payable £10,756.08 in monthly repayments of £298.78.
My Community Bank Personal Loan
Check eligibility
View details
Representative example: Borrow £6,000.00 over 4 years at a rate of 18.85% p.a. (fixed). Representative APR 18.85% and total payable £8,335.00 in monthly repayments of £173.64.

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Please note: You should always refer to your loan agreement for exact repayment amounts as they may vary from our results.

Late repayments can cause you serious money problems. See our debt help guides.

What is APR?

The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is designed to provide an annual summary of the cost of a loan. It takes into account both interest and any mandatory charges to be paid (for example an arrangement fee) over the duration of a loan.

All lenders must calculate the APR of their products in the same way, and must tell you the APR before you sign an agreement, so for consumers it can be a handy tool for comparison.

Bear in mind, however, that lenders are only obliged to award this rate to 51% of those who take out the loan – the other 49% could pay more. That’s why it’s often referred to as the representative APR.

Am I eligible for a Zopa personal loan?

When applying for a personal loan with Zopa, factors such as your credit history, income and the amount you apply for will be considered. You shouldn’t apply unless you’re certain you can meet the repayment terms, and you meet the following criteria:

  • Aged 20 or above.
  • Able to confirm your identity (Passport/ Drivers licence).
  • UK resident with 3 years of address history.
  • Employed, self-employed or retired with a pension.
  • Annual income of £12,000 or above (before tax).
  • Visible credit history with a good track record of repaying debt.

It’s so easy to apply and the app lets you track all aspects of your account and loan.”

Zopa customer in Finder's 2020 survey

How do I apply?

If you’ve decided that a Zopa personal loan is right for you, then you can apply online in just a few minutes. You can check your eligibility beforehand with no impact on your credit score.

Zopa customer reviews

In our independent 2020 customer satisfaction awards, Zopa won the Highly Commended award, with 4.5 out of 5 stars and 80% of users saying they would recommend the service.

Here is some of the feedback we got from Zopa customers:

“Amazing rate. Can pay off early. Easy to arrange.”

“You get a quick response when applying for a loan. The website is easy to use and more importantly I got a good rate on my loan.”

Online reviews for Zopa:

Zopa’s got good reviews across the board for both its service and its app (updated 10 March 2021):

Trustpilot Google Play Apple App Store


4.8 out of 5
Based on 15,465 reviews


4.7 out of 5
Based on 2,036 reviews


4.9 out of 5
Based on ‎5,965 reviews

Customers love the company’s great levels of service and good interest rates, but some complain about having to wait longer than expected to find out whether they’ve been approved and to receive the money into their accounts.

Pros and cons of Zopa personal loans


  • Loans available from £1,000 up to £25,000
  • Fixed rate of interest means your monthly payments won’t change
  • Zero fees for making early repayments
  • 4.5 out of 5 stars and highly commended in our 2020 Finder Customer Satisfaction Awards


  • Funds are not instant and can take five days to be processed after submitting an application
  • Joint applications are unavailable
  • Loans are unsecured

Our verdict

If you’re interested in taking out a loan and need fast approval, then you might want to check out what Zopa can offer.

Loans are capped at £25,000 with fixed rates for up to five years. But you’ll need to check the interest rate offered to you as it might differ from what originally caught your eye.

If you decide to pay early, you won’t be penalised with early payment fees either.

Zopa received 5 out of 5 stars and was also highly commended in our 2022 Finder Customer Satisfaction Awards.

Just be sure to compare deals to find the best loan to suit you.

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