Carole Nash motorbike insurance

We've reviewed the cover on offer from specialist Carole Nash - a broker that covers a huge range of bikes.

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Carole Nash

The right motorbike insurance policy can help to keep you and your bike on the road. Find out if Carole Nash's bike insurance policy is the right fit for you.

Carole Nash Bike Insurance

Carole Nash motorbike insurance

  • Free DNA+ forensic protection system worth £30 with every bike insurance policy
  • Up to £100,000 motorcycle legal expenses
  • UK & European accident breakdown recovery
  • Specially trained motorcycle insurance specialists at UK call centres

Who is Carole Nash?

Carole Nash is one of the UK’s leading motorcycle insurance brokers and has been around for 30 years. It provides insurance on motorbikes of all kinds; modern, classic, custom, quad bikes to over 200,000 motorcycles in the UK and Ireland.

Its insurance also branches out into other vehicles such as classic cars, motor homes, vans, six wheelers and more.

What are Carole Nash’s cover options?

Carole Nash is one of the leading specialist motorcycle insurance brokers in the UK. It offers motorcycle insurance for a huge range of bikes. Below are just a few of the different types of bikes it can cover:

Classic motorbike cover

Carole Nash covers classic bikes, vintage bikes and future classics. If your bike is between 20 to 30 years old then you can qualify for a classic bike insurance policy. Vintage policies are for bikes over 30 years old and a future classic policies are for bikes over 10 years old.

Superbike policy

Carole Nash also offer superbike insurance. Superbikes are seen by insurers as more risky to insure, so are often more expensive. But Carole Nash pride themselves on being able to find you a competitive insurance quote for your superbike as their platform allows them to search a wide range of policies.

Scooter and moped

Scooters and mopeds usually have lower running costs and are generally cheaper to buy and insure than more powerful motorcycles.

Carole Nash offer scooter and moped insurance to suit you and your vehicle.

Cruiser Policy

For anyone who’s going on a road trip, cruiser bikes are ideal. They are built for long distance riding and Carole Nash cruiser bike policy can keep you covered whilst you’re on your trip.

Multi-bike Policy

If you have more than one bike to insure, Carole Nash allows you to save a bit of cash with their multi-bike policies. They note that getting a multi-bike deal can save you up to £283 compared to individual motorcycle insurance policies.

Extra cover options

Carole Nash also offer a range of optional insurance, including helmets and leathers insurance and excess cover.

What is my excess?

An excess is the amount of money you contribute to the cost of your claim. The amount of your excess will depend on the level of cover you have and the nature of your claim. Details of your excess amounts will be displayed in your policy schedule.

Sometimes more than one excess will apply and in this case, ETA will add them together.

There are two types of excess and these are:

  • Compulsory excess which is set by the insurer underwriting your policy. This is added to the voluntary excess you choose to give the total amount of excess you will pay if you make a claim.
  • Voluntary excess which is in addition to any compulsory excess. You can set this as low as you want to reduce the amount you have to pay if you make a claim, or you can increase it which may reduce your premium.

What is the claims process for Carole Nash?

If you find yourself involved in an accident or needing to make a claim, you would need to let Carole Nash know as per the conditions of your insurance.

Carole Nash offer an in-house claims team is on hand to help things move as efficiently as possible.
You can call on 0800 804 7964.

When making a claim, make sure that you have your driving license and your policy information to hand as you will need it.

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