4 ways to go VIP with an Amex Business Card

With these tips, you could unlock a life of luxury with your everyday business spending.

As the owner of a small business, you may feel like a VEP (very exhausted person) instead of a VIP. But even the boss needs a well-deserved break.

In this article, we’ve used the Amex Business Gold and Business Platinum Cards to show you how to make the most of a business cards rewards programme and turn the points into pleasure whilst still adding value to your business.

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This guide is a paid content promotion brought to you by American Express. For limited time, new American Express® Business Cardmembers could earn 3x the standard Welcome Bonus. Offer ends 30 March 2023.

American Express® Business Platinum Card: Earn up to 120,000 Membership Rewards® points, 80,000 points if you spend £12,000 within the first 3 months, and 40,000 points if you are still enrolled and make a purchase between 14 to 17 months. Terms Apply. Learn more

American Express® Business Gold Card: Earn up to 60,000 Membership Rewards points, 40,000 points if you spend £6,000 within the first 3 months of tenure, and an additional 20,000 bonus Membership Rewards points if you are still enrolled and make a purchase between 14 to 17 months. Terms apply. Learn more.

One of the main USPs of a rewards credit or charge card is that you can earn discounts and upgrades with your everyday business spending (as long as you keep on top of your repayments).

Typically these rewards come in the style of cashback or, with Amex, points like Membership Rewards® or Avios.

In general, rewards cards come with higher rates and you could expect to pay an account fee to reach those top-shelf benefits. So it’s always smart to compare all your options and make sure the rewards match what you’re looking for from your business card.

The American Express Business Platinum Card and the American Express Business Gold Card are both Charge Cards – not Credit Cards – that offer a range of rewards and, until 30 March 2023, the largest welcome bonus ever.

To make the most out of these Cards, Cardmembers need to repay their balance in full and on time each month. The Amex Business Platinum Card costs £650 a year and the Amex Business Gold Card’s annual fee is waived for the first 12 months and is then £175 a year.

1. Enjoy a luxury stay

You can trade in points you earn from business spending to get yourself a 5-star spa or hotel experience.

What can you get?

With the Amex Business Platinum Card’s limited-time offer, you could swap 100,000 Membership Rewards and treat yourself to £1,000 off a stay with Amex’s travel partners Hilton, Marriott Bonvoy and Radisson Reward.

4 ways to go VIP with an Amex Business Card

2. Travel in style

Feeling the holiday blues or tempted to extend your next business trip to make the most of your travel? Business card benefits and rewards can open the door to the airport lounge, or bag you an upgrade on your flight.

The Amex Business Platinum Card gives you access to more than 1,200 airport lounges across 130 countries – known as the American Express Global Lounge Collection. To get this perk, you must be the main Platinum Business Cardmember or the Cardmember assigned to the supplementary Business Platinum Employee Card. This benefit is not available to Amex Business Gold Cardmembers.

What can you get?

For 100,000 Membership Rewards points, you could be jetting off to New York for a 3-nights stay in a Hilton hotel. If you successfully refer other businesses for an Amex Business Card, you could earn up to a maximum of 90,000 bonus points per year, which will help you on your way to the Big Apple.

Earn more on your travel spending

Travelling out of the country for a conference? If you book with American Express Travel, you could earn double the points.

The table below shows what your spending can get you.

Amex Business Platinum CardAmex Business Gold Card
Travel benefitsReceive £200 Annual Travel Credit when you spend at American Express Travel Online.Earn 2 Membership Rewards per every £1 spent on American Express Travel.
Everyday spending benefitsEarn 1 Membership Rewards for almost every £1 spent on purchases.Earn 1 Membership Reward for almost every £1 spent on purchases.
Additional spending benefitsEarn 10,000 additional Membership Rewards every time you spend £10,000 within a month.Earn 10,000 additional Membership Rewards when you spend £20,000 per quarter.
Limited-time offer (ends 30 March 2023)Earn up to 120,000 Membership Rewards: 80,000 Membership Rewards when you’re approved and spend £12,000 in the first three months, and another 40,000 Membership Rewards 14 months later.Earn up to 60,000 Membership Rewards: 40,000 Membership Rewards when you’re approved and spend £6,000 in the first three months, and another 20,000 Membership Rewards 14 months later.

3. Get VIP access

Whether you’re entertaining clients or treating your co-workers to a team night out, some business reward cards offer exclusive discounts or early access to film, music or event tickets.

American Express® Experiences is an example of one of these benefits. This perk can allow Cardmembers early entry or reserved tickets to some of the most sought-after events and if they’re held at the London O2, you can expect complimentary access to the American Express Lounge, too

If you’re after something a little more low-key, you can use your Membership Rewards points on subscriptions or vouchers instead.

What can you get?

Redeem 50,000 points on a 9 month subscription to Naked Wines and treat your clients or colleagues to a bottle of something special. If you’re a new Amex Business Gold Cardmember, you can cover this cost with the limited-time offer and still have a few points left over for the pot.

To bag this welcome bonus you’ll need to spend £6,000 in your first 3 months to receive 40,000 Membership Rewards points, plus make a purchase of any amount on your Card between 14 and 17 months of Cardmembership to be awarded the remaining 20,000 Membership Rewards points.

4. VIP your business

Some business reward cards offer discounted subscriptions or include them as part of the benefits package. For example, with an Amex Business Card, you could be eligible for a complimentary annual digital subscription to The Times and The Sunday Times, usually worth £312 per year, and a £150 annual Dell Technologies statement credit.

These types of rewards are great for reinvesting back into your business and sharing the VIP benefits with your team.

Bottom line

Whether you’re a VEP in need of a break or looking to give your business that luxury lift, a business reward card could be the right option for you. But, as always, you should consider both the fees and the benefits before you make your decision. You can see more options in our full guide to business cards.

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