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Finance broker Credit Perfect hits the market with the offer to “improve your life with better credit” for a monthly fee of £19.99, but what is everyone complaining about?

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With an offer to improve your credit score and financial wellbeing, for a monthly fee, we want to know why everyone is complaining about Credit Perfect. Could it be the fact that it is charging £19.99 a month for a tool that is free from other providers or the misleading sign-up pop-ups?

Luckily you can check your credit score for free with Finder! We only run a soft credit check so it won’t impact your credit score.

What is Credit Perfect?

Credit Perfect is a finance broker who offers to “improve your life with better credit”. Aimed at those who have struggled with finance in the past and are now seeking to rebuild their credit score, Credit Perfect offers tools to help put you back on track and set you up with potential lenders – for a fee.

Where highstreet lenders may not have been as inclusive, for £19.99 a month, Credit Perfect will set you up with lenders that may be able to offer you a loan based on any previous poor credit.

How does Credit Perfect work?

Each month you pay your £19.99 fee, you will have access to the Credit Perfect dashboard. This dashboard is where you can access your credit report (information provided by TransUnion), credit builder products and lists of lenders who specialise in loans for poor credit.

Credit Perfect customer reviews

Since Credit Perfect has launched, it has received mixed reviews on platforms such as Truspilot and Yell. However, when searching for Credit Perfect online, you will notice that there are multiple complaints regarding money being taken out of accounts without permission and several queries on how to cancel your Credit Perfect account.

Many reviewers state that they had been misled into signing up to a membership by clicking “okay” on pop-ups. On many of the reviews, Credit Perfect has replied saying that these customers must have come through a different website. By the looks of things, if you have attempted to apply for a loan on certain websites and have been rejected, if you click “okay” on a pop-up, you are agreeing to a membership with Credit Perfect and the financial data you provided for the original loan will be used to pay the fee. If this has happened to you, you can apply for a refund using the email



Our verdict: Is Credit Perfect any good?

If you’re looking to rebuild your credit or are struggling to get a loan due to your financial history, Credit Perfect does look like it’s offering some light at the end of the tunnel – and for some people that is true. However, with countless complaints about being blindsided into paying for this service, it makes you question the claims that Credit Perfect is really putting its customers “at the heart of everything” it does. And when there are plenty of cheaper alternatives on the market offering the same, if not better, service, to help build financial stability to potentially offer you a loan, why would you want to pay £19.99 a month?

How to cancel your Credit Perfect membership

To cancel your Credit Perfect membership, you can send an email to If you cancel after the 14-day free trial, you will be charged.

If you have not used your membership within 6 months of the first payment, you may be eligible for a refund.

How to get a refund

To apply for a refund, you can email Credit Perfect at

You may be eligible for a refund of your membership fee if you have not used Credit Perfect’s services within 6 months from the day it takes the first payment.

If you did not sign up to use this service and payments are being taken out, you should contact the help desk at immediately.

Credit Perfect alternatives

It’s good to view all your options when considering financial loans or tools to help get your credit back on track. Many services, like Credit Perfect, offer credit building and financial advice for a fee but there are some free or cheaper options on the market.

Credit building
If you’re looking for a credit building tool, and don’t fancy a credit building credit card, don’t panic. There are still options available that don’t charge a monthly fee or some that do but offer more in return.

Have you heard of LOQBOX or PAVE Plus? These are examples of tools that can help improve your credit score by reporting monthly payments to credit reference agencies (like TransUnion).

Credit score checkers
If you were planning to use Credit Perfect to check your credit score, put £19.99 back in your wallet and use a free alternative. Finder’s credit score checker runs a soft credit check without a cost to you or your credit profile.

Lenders specialising in poor credit
There are many lenders that specialise in loans for people with bad credit, with your Credit Perfect membership it will put you in touch with these lenders but there is no guarantee that you will be offered a loan and you will still have to pay the £19.99 fee. Many comparison sites allow you to filter down lenders specialising in loans for low credit scores without a fee. Start comparing sercured loans here.

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