List of NOW TV movies available to watch in the UK

NOW TV movies you can watch right now

Sky’s very own streaming service, NOW TV, offers a respectable selection of films to its subscribers. Plan your next movie night here.


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For viewers looking for a no-commitment streaming service, NOW TV fits the bill nicely. What’s more, it boasts a huge and ever-changing catalogue of movies (as well as box sets and TV shows) for your enjoyment. Browse its current selection of movies using the table below, and if you haven’t signed yourself up yet, you can even bag a discount with a NOW TV promo code.

This table was last updated on 09 Oct 2018. There are 1402 movies in NowTV’s library.
Movie NameChannelGenres
10 Things I Hate About YouSky CinemaComedy
12 Days Of GivingSky CinemaRomance
12 RoundsSky CinemaAction
1941Sky CinemaComedy
1984Sky CinemaSci-Fi
2001: A Space OdysseySky CinemaSci-Fi
2012Sky CinemaAction
22 ChaserSky CinemaDrama
28 DaysSky CinemaDrama
2:22Sky CinemaThriller
30 Minutes Or LessSky CinemaComedy
300Sky CinemaAction
48 Hrs.Sky CinemaComedy
6 Below: Miracle On The MountainSky CinemaDrama
8 MileSky CinemaDrama
9/11Sky CinemaDrama
A Beautiful MindSky CinemaDrama
A Bug's LifeSky DisneyFamily
A Cure for WellnessSky CinemaHorror
A Fantastic WomanSky CinemaDrama
A Few Good MenSky CinemaDrama
A Goofy MovieSky DisneyFamily
A Mighty HeartSky CinemaDrama
A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984)Sky CinemaHorror
A Nightmare On Elm Street (2010)Sky CinemaHorror
A Passage To IndiaSky CinemaDrama
A Place In The SunSky CinemaDrama
A Song For ChristmasSky CinemaFamily
A.I. Artificial IntelligenceSky CinemaSci-Fi
Ace In The HoleSky CinemaDrama
Addams Family ValuesSky CinemaFamily
Aeon FluxSky CinemaSci-Fi
Affairs Of StateSky CinemaDrama
After EarthSky CinemaSci-Fi
After The RealitySky CinemaDrama
After The StormSky CinemaDrama
AftermathSky CinemaDrama
AirheadsSky CinemaComedy
Airplane IISky CinemaComedy
Airplane!Sky CinemaComedy
AladdinSky DisneyFamily
Alexander And The Terrible…Sky DisneyFamily
Alfie (1966)Sky CinemaDrama
Alfie (2004)Sky CinemaDrama
Ali & NinoSky CinemaRomance
Ali G IndahouseSky CinemaComedy
Alien Invasion: S.U.M.1Sky CinemaHorror
Alien NationSky CinemaSci-Fi
Alien: CovenantSky CinemaSci-Fi
AliensSky CinemaSci-Fi
AliveSky CinemaDrama
All About SteveSky CinemaComedy
All About The MoneySky CinemaAction
All I Want For ChristmasSky CinemaFamily
All The Money In The WorldSky CinemaThriller
All The Right MovesSky CinemaDrama
AlliedSky CinemaDrama
Almost ChristmasSky CinemaComedy
Almost FamousSky CinemaDrama
Along Came A SpiderSky CinemaThriller
AloysSky CinemaDrama
AlwaysSky CinemaDrama
American BeautySky CinemaDrama
American GangsterSky CinemaDrama
American GigoloSky CinemaThriller
American MadeSky CinemaAction
American NinjaSky CinemaAction
American PieSky CinemaComedy
American Pie 2Sky CinemaComedy
American Pie: ReunionSky CinemaComedy
American Pie: The WeddingSky CinemaComedy
American SatanSky CinemaDrama
American Wrestler: The WizardSky CinemaDrama
AmistadSky CinemaDrama
AnSky CinemaDrama
An Officer And A GentlemanSky CinemaRomance
An Ordinary ManSky CinemaDrama
AnacondaSky CinemaAction
AnastasiaSky CinemaFamily
Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron…Sky CinemaComedy
Angels & DemonsSky CinemaThriller
Angus, Thongs And…Sky CinemaComedy
Annabelle: CreationSky CinemaHorror
Annie (1982)Sky CinemaFamily
Anon: Off The GridSky CinemaFactual
Anon: SpecialSky CinemaFactual
Another 48 HrsSky CinemaComedy
AntibirthSky CinemaHorror
Antwone FisherSky CinemaDrama
Any Given SundaySky CinemaDrama
Any Which Way You CanSky CinemaComedy
Anything for LoveSky CinemaComedy
Apollo 13Sky CinemaDrama
ApprenticeSky CinemaDrama
April's DaughterSky CinemaDrama
AquamarineSky CinemaComedy
ArmoredSky CinemaThriller
Army Of DarknessSky CinemaAction
Army Of OneSky CinemaDrama
As Good As It GetsSky CinemaComedy
Assassin's CreedSky CinemaAction
At The Devil's DoorSky CinemaHorror
Atlantis II: Milo's ReturnSky DisneyFamily
Atlantis: The Lost EmpireSky DisneyFamily
Atomic BlondeSky CinemaAction
AtonementSky CinemaDrama
Austin FoundSky CinemaComedy
AvatarSky CinemaSci-Fi
Avengers AssembleSky CinemaAction
Avengers Confidential: Black…Sky CinemaAction
AwakeningsSky CinemaDrama
AwaySky CinemaDrama
B&B (2017)Sky CinemaThriller
Babe: Pig In The CitySky CinemaFamily
BabelSky CinemaDrama
Baby DriverSky CinemaAction
Bachelor PartySky CinemaComedy
Bad BoysSky CinemaAction
Bad Boys IISky CinemaAction
Bad MatchSky CinemaThriller
Bad News BearsSky CinemaComedy
Bad SantaSky CinemaComedy
BarbarellaSky CinemaSci-Fi
Barefoot In The ParkSky CinemaRomance
BarnyardSky CinemaFamily
BarracudaSky CinemaThriller
Basmati BluesSky CinemaDrama
BatmanSky CinemaAction
Batman & RobinSky CinemaAction
Batman (1966)Sky CinemaAction
Batman BeginsSky CinemaAction
Batman ForeverSky CinemaAction
Batman ReturnsSky CinemaAction
Batman: Assault On ArkhamSky CinemaAction
Batman: Return Of The Caped…Sky CinemaAction
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns…Sky CinemaAction
Batman: The Dark Knight….Sky CinemaAction
Batman: The Killing JokeSky CinemaAction
Batman: Year OneSky CinemaAction
Battle For MoscowSky CinemaDrama
Battle Of The SexesSky CinemaDrama
Battle: Los AngelesSky CinemaSci-Fi
BattleshipSky CinemaSci-Fi
BaywatchSky CinemaComedy
Baywatch Extended CutSky CinemaComedy
Beauty And The Beast (2017)Sky CinemaFamily
Beauty and The BeastSky DisneyFamily
Beauty and the Beast: The…Sky DisneyFamily
Beavis And Butt-Head Do AmericaSky CinemaComedy
Bedknobs And BroomsticksSky DisneyFamily
Bedtime StoriesSky DisneyFamily
BeetlejuiceSky CinemaComedy
Beguiled, The (1971)Sky CinemaDrama
Being CharlieSky CinemaDrama
BeowulfSky CinemaAction
Best DefenceSky CinemaComedy
Beverly Hills CopSky CinemaComedy
Beverly Hills Cop IISky CinemaComedy
Beverly Hills Cop IIISky CinemaComedy
BigSky CinemaComedy
Big DaddySky CinemaComedy
Big Hero 6Sky DisneyFamily
Billy Lynn's Long Halftime WalkSky CinemaDrama
Billy MadisonSky CinemaComedy
Birth Of The DragonSky CinemaAction
BiteSky CinemaHorror
Black RainSky CinemaThriller
Black Snake MoanSky CinemaDrama
Blade RunnerSky CinemaSci-Fi
Blade Runner 2049Sky CinemaSci-Fi
BlindSky CinemaRomance
Blinky Bill: The MovieSky CinemaFamily
Blood DiamondSky CinemaThriller
Blood FatherSky CinemaThriller
Blood MoneySky CinemaThriller
BloodsportSky CinemaAction
Blue HawaiiSky CinemaComedy
Blue StreakSky CinemaComedy
Body Of LiesSky CinemaAction
Boogie NightsSky CinemaDrama
BoomerangSky CinemaComedy
Born On The Fourth Of JulySky CinemaDrama
BowfingerSky CinemaComedy
Boys Don't CrySky CinemaDrama
Bram Stoker's DraculaSky CinemaHorror
BraveSky DisneyFamily
BraveheartSky CinemaAction
BravenSky CinemaAction
Brawl In Cell Block 99Sky CinemaThriller
Breakdown (1997)Sky CinemaThriller
Breakfast At Tiffany'sSky CinemaDrama
Brewster's MillionsSky CinemaComedy
Brigsby BearSky CinemaDrama
Broken Arrow (1996)Sky CinemaAction
Broken VowsSky CinemaThriller
Brother BearSky DisneyFamily
Brothers In Arms (2016)Sky CinemaAction
Bruce AlmightySky CinemaComedy
BrunoSky CinemaComedy
BugsySky CinemaDrama
BulletproofSky CinemaAction
Burn CountrySky CinemaDrama
Butch Cassidy And The Sundance KidSky CinemaAction
Calendar GirlsSky CinemaComedy
Call Me By Your NameSky CinemaRomance
Camera ObscuraSky CinemaHorror
CanariesSky CinemaHorror
CandleshoeSky DisneyFamily
Cape FearSky CinemaThriller
Captain PhillipsSky CinemaThriller
Captain Underpants: The First…Sky CinemaFamily
Cardboard BoxerSky CinemaDrama
Carlito's WaySky CinemaThriller
CarouselSky CinemaDrama
Cars 3Sky DisneyFamily
CasablancaSky CinemaRomance
Cast AwaySky CinemaDrama
Cats & DogsSky CinemaFamily
Cats & Dogs: The Revenge Of…Sky CinemaFamily
CatwomanSky CinemaAction
Cemetery Of SplendourSky CinemaDrama
Changing LanesSky CinemaThriller
Chariots Of FireSky CinemaDrama
Charlie Wilson's WarSky CinemaDrama
Charlie's AngelsSky CinemaAction
Charlie's Angels: Full ThrottleSky CinemaAction
Charlotte's WebSky CinemaFamily
Children Of MenSky CinemaSci-Fi
ChinatownSky CinemaThriller
Chips: Law And DisorderSky CinemaComedy
ChokeslamSky CinemaComedy
Christine (2016)Sky CinemaDrama
Christmas In The SmokiesSky CinemaRomance
Christmas With The KranksSky CinemaComedy
Chronically MetropolitanSky CinemaDrama
City Of Tiny LightsSky CinemaThriller
City SlickersSky CinemaComedy
ClashSky CinemaDrama
Clear And Present DangerSky CinemaThriller
ClickSky CinemaComedy
Close Encounters Of The Third KindSky CinemaSci-Fi
CloserSky CinemaDrama
Cloudy With A Chance Of MeatballsSky CinemaFamily
CloverfieldSky CinemaSci-Fi
ClueSky CinemaComedy
CluelessSky CinemaComedy
Coach CarterSky CinemaDrama
CocktailSky CinemaDrama
CollateralSky CinemaThriller
Collateral BeautySky CinemaDrama
Collateral DamageSky CinemaAction
Come and Find MeSky CinemaThriller
Coming To AmericaSky CinemaComedy
Conan The Barbarian (1982)Sky CinemaAction
Confessions Of A Teenage …Sky DisneyFamily
ConstantineSky CinemaAction
ContrabandSky CinemaAction
Cop And A Half: New RecruitSky CinemaFamily
CoralineSky CinemaFamily
Couples VacationSky CinemaComedy
Coyote UglySky CinemaDrama
Crazy HeartSky CinemaDrama
CreepySky CinemaThriller
Cruel IntentionsSky CinemaDrama
Cult Of ChuckySky CinemaHorror
Curious GeorgeSky CinemaFamily
CustodySky CinemaDrama
CyborgSky CinemaAction
DC Super Hero Girls: Hero…Sky CinemaFamily
DC Super Hero Girls: Super…Sky CinemaFamily
DC Super Hero Girls:…Sky CinemaFamily
Daddy's Home 2Sky CinemaComedy
Damien: Omen IISky CinemaHorror
Dance FlickSky CinemaComedy
DaphneSky CinemaDrama
Date NightSky CinemaComedy
Day & NightSky DisneyFamily
Days Of ThunderSky CinemaAction
Dazed and ConfusedSky CinemaComedy
Dead EndSky CinemaHorror
Dead Poets SocietySky CinemaDrama
Dear DictatorSky CinemaComedy
Death At A FuneralSky CinemaComedy
Death RaceSky CinemaAction
Death WarrantSky CinemaAction
Death WishSky CinemaThriller
Deep Blue SeaSky CinemaAction
Demon (2015)Sky CinemaHorror
DesperadoSky CinemaAction
Despicable Me 3Sky CinemaFamily
DetourSky CinemaThriller
Deuce Bigalow: European GigoloSky CinemaComedy
Devil's GateSky CinemaHorror
Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: The Long…Sky CinemaFamily
Did You Hear About The Morgans?Sky CinemaComedy
Dinner For SchmucksSky CinemaComedy
DinosaurSky DisneyFamily
Dirty HarrySky CinemaThriller
Disney's The KidSky DisneyFamily
Dive Olly Dive and the….Sky CinemaFamily
Django UnchainedSky CinemaAction
Doctor ZhivagoSky CinemaDrama
Dog Day AfternoonSky CinemaThriller
DominoSky CinemaDrama
Don't Hang UpSky CinemaHorror
Don't Look NowSky CinemaHorror
Don't Think TwiceSky CinemaComedy
Donnie BrascoSky CinemaThriller
DoomSky CinemaSci-Fi
Double DateSky CinemaHorror
Double JeopardySky CinemaThriller
DownsizingSky CinemaDrama
Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears A Who!Sky CinemaFamily
Dr. Seuss' The LoraxSky CinemaFamily
Dragnet (1987)Sky CinemaComedy
DreamgirlsSky CinemaDrama
Drillbit TaylorSky CinemaComedy
DroneSky CinemaThriller
Drop ZoneSky CinemaAction
DuckTales The Movie: Treasure Of..Sky DisneyFamily
Dude, Where's My Car?Sky CinemaComedy
Dumb & DumberSky CinemaComedy
DumboSky DisneyFamily
Dunkirk (2017)Sky CinemaDrama
Eat LocalsSky CinemaHorror
El DoradoSky CinemaDrama
Election (1999)Sky CinemaComedy
EliminatorsSky CinemaAction
ElizabethtownSky CinemaRomance
Elmore Leonard's Gold CoastSky CinemaDrama
Empire Of The SunSky CinemaDrama
End Of DaysSky CinemaAction
Erin BrockovichSky CinemaDrama
Escape From AlcatrazSky CinemaAction
Escape From L.A.Sky CinemaAction
Escape From The Planet Of The ApesSky CinemaSci-Fi
Escape RoomSky CinemaHorror
Escobar: Paradise LostSky CinemaDrama
EurotripSky CinemaComedy
Event HorizonSky CinemaSci-Fi
Everything, EverythingSky CinemaRomance
Evil Dead IISky CinemaHorror
EvolutionSky CinemaComedy
ExtortionSky CinemaThriller
Eyes Wide ShutSky CinemaThriller
FMLSky CinemaComedy
Failure To LaunchSky CinemaComedy
Fantastic Beasts And Where To…Sky CinemaFamily
Fantastic Beasts and Where…Sky CinemaFactual
Far And AwaySky CinemaDrama
FashionistaSky CinemaDrama
Fast & Furious 8Sky CinemaAction
Fatal AttractionSky CinemaThriller
Father GooseSky CinemaComedy
Fatima (2015)Sky CinemaDrama
Fear, IncSky CinemaHorror
Feast (2014)Sky DisneyFamily
FencesSky CinemaDrama
Ferris Bueller's Day OffSky CinemaComedy
Fifty Shades DarkerSky CinemaDrama
Fifty Shades Darker….Sky CinemaDrama
Fighting TemptationsSky CinemaComedy
Final RecallSky CinemaSci-Fi
Final ScoreSky CinemaAction
Final Score: Behind the ScenesSky CinemaFactual
Final Score: SpecialSky CinemaFactual
Finding AltamiraSky CinemaDrama
Finding DorySky DisneyFamily
Finding NemoSky DisneyFamily
First KillSky CinemaThriller
Fist FightSky CinemaComedy
Five Easy PiecesSky CinemaDrama
FlashdanceSky CinemaDrama
Flatliners (2017)Sky CinemaSci-Fi
FletchSky CinemaComedy
FlightSky CinemaDrama
Flight Of The Phoenix (2004)Sky CinemaAction
FlightplanSky CinemaThriller
Footloose (1984)Sky CinemaDrama
Footloose (2011)Sky CinemaDrama
Forces Of NatureSky CinemaComedy
Forrest GumpSky CinemaDrama
Four BrothersSky CinemaThriller
FrailtySky CinemaHorror
Frank & LolaSky CinemaDrama
FrantzSky CinemaDrama
Fred ClausSky CinemaFamily
FreeholdSky CinemaThriller
Friday The 13th (1980)Sky CinemaHorror
Friday The 13th (2009)Sky CinemaHorror
Friday The 13th IV:…Sky CinemaHorror
Friday The 13th Part IISky CinemaHorror
Friday The 13th Part IIISky CinemaHorror
Friday The 13th Part V:…Sky CinemaHorror
Friday The 13th Part VI:…Sky CinemaHorror
Friday The 13th Part VII…Sky CinemaHorror
Friday The 13th Part VIIISky CinemaHorror
From A House On Willow StreetSky CinemaHorror
FrozenSky DisneyFamily
FugitivesSky CinemaThriller
Fun In AcapulcoSky CinemaComedy
Funny FaceSky CinemaRomance
Fur: An Imaginary Portrait Of…Sky CinemaDrama
G-ForceSky DisneyFamily
G.I. BluesSky CinemaComedy
G.I. Joe: The Rise Of CobraSky CinemaAction
Galaxy QuestSky CinemaComedy
Garden StateSky CinemaComedy
George And A.J.Sky DisneyFamily
George Of The JungleSky DisneyFamily
GeostormSky CinemaAction
Get Him To The GreekSky CinemaComedy
Get OutSky CinemaHorror
Get Rich Or Die Tryin'Sky CinemaDrama
GhostSky CinemaDrama
Ghost In The Shell (2017)Sky CinemaSci-Fi
Ghost RiderSky CinemaAction
Ghost TownSky CinemaComedy
Ghostbusters (1984)Sky CinemaComedy
Ghostbusters 2Sky CinemaComedy
GiftedSky CinemaDrama
Girl AsleepSky CinemaDrama
Girl FluSky CinemaDrama
Girls TripSky CinemaComedy
GoSky CinemaComedy
Goal!Sky CinemaDrama
Godless (2016)Sky CinemaDrama
Godzilla (1998)Sky CinemaAction
Going In Style (2017)Sky CinemaComedy
GoldstoneSky CinemaThriller
Gone In 60 SecondsSky CinemaAction
Goodbye Christopher RobinSky CinemaDrama
Gorillas In The MistSky CinemaDrama
GothikaSky CinemaHorror
GraduationSky CinemaDrama
Gran TorinoSky CinemaDrama
GreaseSky CinemaDrama
Grease 2Sky CinemaDrama
Green StreetSky CinemaDrama
Green ZoneSky CinemaAction
Grey LadySky CinemaThriller
Grosse Pointe BlankSky CinemaComedy
Groundhog DaySky CinemaComedy
Growing Up SmithSky CinemaDrama
Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2Sky CinemaAction
Guardians Of The TombSky CinemaAction
GuerosSky CinemaDrama
Gulliver's TravelsSky CinemaFamily
Gunfight At The O.K. CorralSky CinemaAction
Guns Of The Magnificent SevenSky CinemaAction
Half MagicSky CinemaComedy
Halloween (1978)Sky CinemaHorror
HancockSky CinemaAction
HannaSky CinemaAction
HannibalSky CinemaThriller
Happy Birthday, Toby SimpsonSky CinemaRomance
Happy Death DaySky CinemaHorror
Happy GilmoreSky CinemaComedy
Hard EightSky CinemaThriller
Hard Target 2Sky CinemaAction
Harlem NightsSky CinemaComedy
HarmoniumSky CinemaDrama
Hatred (2016)Sky CinemaDrama
Head Of StateSky CinemaComedy
HeartbeatsSky CinemaRomance
HeartburnSky CinemaDrama
HeartlockSky CinemaThriller
Heaven Knows WhatSky CinemaDrama
HeavyweightsSky DisneyComedy
Hell Is For HeroesSky CinemaAction
Hello, Dolly!Sky CinemaRomance
Herbie Goes BananasSky DisneyFamily
Herbie Goes To Monte CarloSky DisneyFamily
Herbie Rides AgainSky DisneyFamily
Herbie: Fully LoadedSky DisneyFamily
Here Comes The BoomSky CinemaComedy
Hidden FiguresSky CinemaDrama
High AnxietySky CinemaComedy
High NoonSky CinemaDrama
High Plains DrifterSky CinemaAction
HighlanderSky CinemaAction
HijackedSky CinemaAction
HitchSky CinemaComedy
HitmanSky CinemaAction
Hocus PocusSky DisneyComedy
HoffaSky CinemaDrama
HolesSky DisneyFamily
Hollow ManSky CinemaHorror
Home Alone: The Holiday HeistSky CinemaComedy
Home On The RangeSky DisneyFamily
Homeward Bound II: Lost In San…Sky DisneyFamily
Homeward Bound: The Incredible…Sky DisneyFamily
Honey 3: Dare To DanceSky CinemaDrama
HookSky CinemaFamily
HopSky CinemaFamily
Hope FloatsSky CinemaDrama
HostageSky CinemaAction
HostilesSky CinemaDrama
Hot RodSky CinemaComedy
Hot Tub Time MachineSky CinemaComedy
How To Be A Latin loverSky CinemaComedy
How To Lose A Guy In 10 DaysSky CinemaComedy
How To Lose Friends And…Sky CinemaComedy
Hudson HawkSky CinemaAction
Hustle & FlowSky CinemaDrama
I Am LegendSky CinemaSci-Fi
I Am Number FourSky CinemaSci-Fi
I Love You, ManSky CinemaComedy
I Still Know What You…Sky CinemaHorror
I Want CandySky CinemaComedy
I'll Be Home For ChristmasSky DisneyFamily
IT (2017)Sky CinemaHorror
Ibiza UndeadSky CinemaHorror
Ice Age: Dawn Of The DinosaursSky CinemaFamily
IdentitySky CinemaThriller
Imagine ThatSky CinemaFamily
In & OutSky CinemaComedy
In A Valley Of ViolenceSky CinemaAction
In Dubious BattleSky CinemaDrama
In Harm's WaySky CinemaDrama
In The Line Of FireSky CinemaThriller
In This Corner Of The WorldSky CinemaDrama
InconceivableSky CinemaThriller
Indecent ProposalSky CinemaDrama
Independence DaySky CinemaSci-Fi
IndiscreetSky CinemaComedy
Ingrid Goes WestSky CinemaDrama
Inner WorkingsSky DisneyFamily
Inside (2016)Sky CinemaHorror
Inside ManSky CinemaThriller
Insidious: The Last KeySky CinemaHorror
InsyriatedSky CinemaDrama
Interlude In PragueSky CinemaDrama
Internal AffairsSky CinemaThriller
Interview With The VampireSky CinemaHorror
Into The WildSky CinemaDrama
Into The WoodsSky DisneyFamily
InvincibleSky DisneyDrama
It Comes At NightSky CinemaHorror
It Had To Be YouSky CinemaComedy
It's A Wonderful LifeSky CinemaDrama
It's Only The End Of The WorldSky CinemaDrama
Italian Job, The (1969)Sky CinemaAction
Jack And JillSky CinemaComedy
Jack ReacherSky CinemaAction
Jackals (2017)Sky CinemaHorror
Jackass 2.5Sky CinemaComedy
Jackass 3Sky CinemaComedy
Jackass 3.5Sky CinemaComedy
Jackass: Number TwoSky CinemaComedy
Jackass: The MovieSky CinemaComedy
JarheadSky CinemaDrama
Jarhead 3: The SiegeSky CinemaAction
Jasper JonesSky CinemaDrama
Jerry MaguireSky CinemaRomance
Jet Li's FearlessSky CinemaAction
Jimmy Neutron: Boy GeniusSky CinemaFamily
John Carpenter's Ghosts Of MarsSky CinemaSci-Fi
John Carpenter's The WardSky CinemaHorror
John Wick: Chapter TwoSky CinemaAction
Journey To OzSky CinemaFamily
Joyride (2017)Sky CinemaComedy
Julie & JuliaSky CinemaComedy
JumanjiSky CinemaFamily
Jumanji: Welcome To The JungleSky CinemaAction
Jungle (2017)Sky CinemaAction
Jupiter's MoonSky CinemaSci-Fi
Jurassic ParkSky CinemaAction
Jurassic Park IIISky CinemaAction
Just CharlieSky CinemaDrama
Just MarriedSky CinemaComedy
Justice LeagueSky CinemaAction
Justice League DarkSky CinemaAction
Justice League Vs. Teen TitansSky CinemaAction
K-19: The WidowmakerSky CinemaThriller
KennySky CinemaComedy
KicksSky CinemaDrama
KidulthoodSky CinemaDrama
Kill OrderSky CinemaAction
Killing HasselhoffSky CinemaComedy
King Arthur: Legend Of The SwordSky CinemaAction
King KongSky CinemaSci-Fi
Kingdom Of HeavenSky CinemaAction
KingpinSky CinemaComedy
Kingsman: The Golden CircleSky CinemaAction
KinseySky CinemaDrama
Kiss Of The DragonSky CinemaAction
Kiss The GirlsSky CinemaThriller
Knick KnackSky DisneyFamily
Kobe Bryant's MuseSky CinemaFactual
Kong: Skull IslandSky CinemaAction
Kong: Skull Island SpecialSky CinemaFactual
Kramer Vs KramerSky CinemaDrama
La LunaSky DisneyFamily
Larry Gaye: Renegade Male…Sky CinemaComedy
Last Action HeroSky CinemaAction
Lawrence Of ArabiaSky CinemaDrama
Laws Of AttractionSky CinemaComedy
Layer CakeSky CinemaThriller
LegionSky CinemaAction
Lego DC Comics Super Heroes….Sky CinemaFamily
Lego DC Comics Super Heroes….Sky CinemaFamily
LemonSky CinemaComedy
Lemony Snicket's A Series Of…Sky CinemaFamily
Let Her OutSky CinemaHorror
Let Me GoSky CinemaDrama
Let Me Make You a MartyrSky CinemaDrama
Liar LiarSky CinemaComedy
Life (1999)Sky CinemaComedy
Life (2017)Sky CinemaHorror
Little ManSky CinemaComedy
Little NickySky CinemaComedy
Live By NightSky CinemaDrama
LoganSky CinemaAction
Logan NoirSky CinemaAction
LoloSky CinemaDrama
Look Who's TalkingSky CinemaComedy
Look Who's Talking NowSky CinemaComedy
Look Who's Talking TooSky CinemaComedy
LoserSky CinemaComedy
Lost In TranslationSky CinemaDrama
Lost in ParisSky CinemaComedy
Lou (2017)Sky DisneyFamily
Louis & Luca and….Sky CinemaFamily
Louis & Luca: The Big Cheese RaceSky CinemaFamily
Love Of My LifeSky CinemaComedy
Love StorySky CinemaRomance
LovingSky CinemaDrama
Lowlife (2017)Sky CinemaThriller
LowridersSky CinemaDrama
Luxo Jr.Sky DisneyFamily
MacheteSky CinemaAction
Made In FranceSky CinemaThriller
Made Of HonourSky CinemaRomance
MaleficentSky DisneyFamily
Man DownSky CinemaDrama
Man Of SteelSky CinemaAction
Manhattan NightSky CinemaDrama
Marathon ManSky CinemaThriller
Marjorie PrimeSky CinemaDrama
Marked For DeathSky CinemaAction
Mars Needs MomsSky DisneyFamily
MarshallSky CinemaDrama
Master And Commander: The Far…Sky CinemaAction
Masters Of The UniverseSky CinemaSci-Fi
Mater And The GhostlightSky DisneyFamily
MatildaSky CinemaComedy
MaudieSky CinemaDrama
Max PayneSky CinemaAction
Mean DreamsSky CinemaThriller
Mean GirlsSky CinemaComedy
Mean Girls 2Sky CinemaComedy
Mean Machine (2001)Sky CinemaDrama
MeatballsSky CinemaComedy
Meet Joe BlackSky CinemaDrama
Meet The ParentsSky CinemaComedy
Meet The RobinsonsSky DisneyFamily
Men Of HonorSky CinemaDrama
Miami ViceSky CinemaAction
Mickey's Magical Christmas…Sky DisneyFamily
Mickey's Once Upon A ChristmasSky DisneyFamily
Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three..Sky DisneyFamily
Midnight CowboySky CinemaDrama
Midnight ExpressSky CinemaDrama
Midnight RunSky CinemaAction
Mighty Joe YoungSky DisneyFamily
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers:…Sky CinemaFamily
Miller's CrossingSky CinemaThriller
Million Dollar ArmSky DisneyDrama
MineSky CinemaThriller
Minority ReportSky CinemaSci-Fi
Miss CongenialitySky CinemaComedy
Miss Congeniality 2…Sky CinemaComedy
Miss HokusaiSky CinemaDrama
Mission: ImpossibleSky CinemaAction
Mission: Impossible IISky CinemaAction
Mission: Impossible IIISky CinemaAction
MoanaSky DisneyFamily
Moana: SpecialSky CinemaFactual
Modern Life Is RubbishSky CinemaRomance
Money TrainSky CinemaAction
MoneyballSky CinemaDrama
Monster Family: SpecialSky CinemaFactual
Monster HouseSky CinemaFamily
Monster Hunt (2015)Sky CinemaAction
Monster TrucksSky CinemaFamily
Monty Python's Meaning Of LifeSky CinemaComedy
More (2017)Sky CinemaDrama
Most Beautiful IslandSky CinemaThriller
Mother! (2017)Sky CinemaDrama
Mountains May DepartSky CinemaDrama
MousehuntSky CinemaFamily
Mrs. Brown's Boys D' MovieSky CinemaComedy
Mum's ListSky CinemaDrama
Mune: The Guardian of the MoonSky CinemaFamily
MunichSky CinemaThriller
Muppets Most WantedSky DisneyFamily
Muppets from SpaceSky CinemaFamily
Murder On The Orient ExpressSky CinemaThriller
Music And LyricsSky CinemaComedy
My All-AmericanSky CinemaDrama
My Best Friend's WeddingSky CinemaComedy
My Blind BrotherSky CinemaComedy
My Cousin Rachel (2017)Sky CinemaDrama
My Cousin VinnySky CinemaComedy
My Father DieSky CinemaThriller
My Feral HeartSky CinemaDrama
My Friend DahmerSky CinemaDrama
My GirlSky CinemaDrama
My Girl 2Sky CinemaComedy
My Pet DinosaurSky CinemaFamily
Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final InsultSky CinemaComedy
Naked Gun: From The Files…Sky CinemaComedy
Napoleon DynamiteSky CinemaComedy
National Lampoon's Animal HouseSky CinemaComedy
National Lampoon's Christmas…Sky CinemaComedy
National Lampoon's Dad's Week OffSky CinemaComedy
National Lampoon's The Don's…Sky CinemaComedy
National TreasureSky DisneyAction
National Treasure: Book…Sky DisneyAction
Neither Heaven Nor EarthSky CinemaDrama
Never Steady, Never StillSky CinemaDrama
Neverland Part 1Sky CinemaFamily
Neverland Part 2Sky CinemaFamily
Night At The Museum: Battle Of…Sky CinemaFamily
Night CrossingSky DisneyFamily
Night OwlsSky CinemaComedy
NinaSky CinemaDrama
Nine To FiveSky CinemaComedy
Ninja AssassinSky CinemaAction
No Country For Old MenSky CinemaThriller
No Deposit, No ReturnSky DisneyFamily
Nocturnal AnimalsSky CinemaDrama
Non-TransferableSky CinemaComedy
NorbitSky CinemaComedy
NormanSky CinemaDrama
NotoriousSky CinemaDrama
NumbSky CinemaThriller
Nutty Professor II: The KlumpsSky CinemaComedy
O Brother, Where Art Thou?Sky CinemaComedy
Ocean's ElevenSky CinemaThriller
Ocean's ThirteenSky CinemaThriller
Ocean's TwelveSky CinemaThriller
Olaf's Frozen AdventureSky DisneyFamily
Omen 3: The Final ConflictSky CinemaHorror
Once Upon A Time In MexicoSky CinemaAction
Once Upon A Time In The WestSky CinemaAction
One Last ScoreSky CinemaDrama
One More TimeSky CinemaDrama
Operation PetticoatSky CinemaComedy
Our Man FlintSky CinemaComedy
Out Of AfricaSky CinemaDrama
Out Of SightSky CinemaThriller
Out Of The ShadowsSky CinemaHorror
Paint Your WagonSky CinemaDrama
Palm SwingsSky CinemaComedy
Panic RoomSky CinemaThriller
ParaNormanSky CinemaFamily
Paradise, Hawaiian StyleSky CinemaComedy
Paranormal Activity 2Sky CinemaHorror
PassengersSky CinemaSci-Fi
Patch AdamsSky CinemaComedy
Patient SevenSky CinemaHorror
Patriot GamesSky CinemaThriller
Patti CakesSky CinemaDrama
PaulSky CinemaComedy
PaulieSky CinemaFamily
PawnoSky CinemaDrama
PaycheckSky CinemaSci-Fi
Pele: Birth Of A LegendSky CinemaDrama
Percy Jackson & The Lightning…Sky CinemaFamily
Permission (2017)Sky CinemaDrama
Pet SematarySky CinemaHorror
Pet Sematary IISky CinemaHorror
PhiladelphiaSky CinemaDrama
Pineapple ExpressSky CinemaComedy
Pirates Of SomaliaSky CinemaDrama
Pirates Of The Caribbean….Sky CinemaAction
Pitch BlackSky CinemaSci-Fi
Pitch Perfect 3Sky CinemaComedy
Planes 2: Fire & RescueSky DisneyFamily
Planes, Trains & AutomobilesSky CinemaComedy
Planet Of The ApesSky CinemaSci-Fi
Please Stand BySky CinemaDrama
PocahontasSky DisneyFamily
Police AcademySky CinemaComedy
Police Academy 6: City Under SiegeSky CinemaComedy
Police Academy: Mission To MoscowSky CinemaComedy
Poltergeist (1982)Sky CinemaHorror
Pooh's Heffalump MovieSky DisneyFamily
PrancerSky CinemaFamily
PredatorsSky CinemaSci-Fi
Premium RushSky CinemaAction
PremonitionSky CinemaSci-Fi
President Under SiegeSky CinemaThriller
Pretty In PinkSky CinemaRomance
Primal FearSky CinemaThriller
Professor Marston And The…Sky CinemaDrama
PromSky DisneyFamily
Psych: The MovieSky CinemaComedy
Psycho (1960)Sky CinemaThriller
Public EnemiesSky CinemaAction
PyewacketSky CinemaHorror
QuackerzSky CinemaFamily
RageSky CinemaDrama
Raging BullSky CinemaDrama
Rainmaker, The (1998)Sky CinemaThriller
Raising ArizonaSky CinemaComedy
RamboSky CinemaAction
RatatouilleSky DisneyFamily
RawSky CinemaHorror
RaySky CinemaDrama
RealiveSky CinemaSci-Fi
Red Dog: The Early YearsSky CinemaFamily
Red DragonSky CinemaThriller
Red's DreamSky DisneyFamily
RedsSky CinemaDrama
Reef 2: High TideSky CinemaFamily
RememorySky CinemaThriller
Renegades (2017)Sky CinemaAction
Resident Evil: The Final ChapterSky CinemaHorror
Return To OzSky DisneyFamily
Return of The SevenSky CinemaAction
Revenge Of The NerdsSky CinemaComedy
Revolutionary RoadSky CinemaDrama
Rings (2017)Sky CinemaHorror
Rise Of The Footsoldier 3Sky CinemaAction
Rising SunSky CinemaThriller
Risky BusinessSky CinemaComedy
Road HardSky CinemaComedy
Road HouseSky CinemaAction
Road To PerditionSky CinemaThriller
Road TripSky CinemaComedy
Road Trip: Beer PongSky CinemaComedy
Robin Hood (1991)Sky CinemaAction
Robin Hood (2010)Sky CinemaAction
Robin Hood: Men In TightsSky CinemaComedy
Rock DogSky CinemaFamily
RocknRollaSky CinemaThriller
Rocky BalboaSky CinemaAction
Rogue One: A Star Wars StorySky CinemaSci-Fi
Role ModelsSky CinemaComedy
Roman HolidaySky CinemaRomance
Roman J. Israel, EsqSky CinemaDrama
RoninSky CinemaAction
Rough NightSky CinemaComedy
Rough StuffSky CinemaAction
RoustaboutSky CinemaComedy
RoxanneSky CinemaComedy
RoxxySky CinemaThriller
Rules Don't ApplySky CinemaDrama
Rules Of ObsessionSky CinemaDrama
Run The TideSky CinemaDrama
S.W.A.TSky CinemaAction
Sabrina (1954)Sky CinemaDrama
Sabrina (1995)Sky CinemaDrama
Safe HouseSky CinemaThriller
SaharaSky CinemaAction
SaltSky CinemaAction
Salt and FireSky CinemaDrama
Same Kind Of Different As MeSky CinemaDrama
Sands Of Iwo JimaSky CinemaAction
Saturday Night FeverSky CinemaDrama
Save The Last DanceSky CinemaDrama
Saving Private RyanSky CinemaAction
Saw IISky CinemaHorror
Say Anything…Sky CinemaRomance
Scent Of A WomanSky CinemaDrama
Schindler's ListSky CinemaDrama
School Of RockSky CinemaComedy
Scooby-Doo!Sky CinemaFamily
Scottish MusselSky CinemaComedy
ScribeSky CinemaThriller
ScroogedSky CinemaComedy
Sense And SensibilitySky CinemaRomance
SerenitySky CinemaSci-Fi
SerpicoSky CinemaThriller
Seven PoundsSky CinemaDrama
ShadowlandsSky CinemaDrama
Shaft (2000)Sky CinemaThriller
Shallow HalSky CinemaComedy
Sharing ChristmasSky CinemaRomance
Sheikh JacksonSky CinemaDrama
ShenandoahSky CinemaAction
Shin GodzillaSky CinemaSci-Fi
Shirley ValentineSky CinemaComedy
ShooterSky CinemaAction
Shot CallerSky CinemaThriller
Shutter IslandSky CinemaThriller
SingSky CinemaFamily
Single White FemaleSky CinemaThriller
SingularitySky CinemaSci-Fi
Sky (2015)Sky CinemaDrama
Sky Captain And The World…Sky CinemaSci-Fi
Sleepless In SeattleSky CinemaComedy
Sleepy HollowSky CinemaHorror
SliverSky CinemaThriller
SlumberSky CinemaHorror
Smokey And The BanditSky CinemaComedy
Smurfs: The Lost VillageSky CinemaFamily
SnatchSky CinemaThriller
SnatchedSky CinemaComedy
Snow BuddiesSky DisneyFamily
Snow DaySky CinemaComedy
So B. ItSky CinemaDrama
Social AnimalsSky CinemaComedy
Solo: A Star Wars Story: SpecialSky CinemaFactual
Some FreaksSky CinemaDrama
South Pacific (1958)Sky CinemaDrama
Southern FurySky CinemaThriller
Space BuddiesSky DisneyFamily
Space JamSky CinemaFamily
SpacewalkerSky CinemaDrama
SpanglishSky CinemaComedy
Spartacus (1960)Sky CinemaAction
SpeciesSky CinemaSci-Fi
Spider-ManSky CinemaAction
Spider-Man 2Sky CinemaAction
Spider-Man 3Sky CinemaAction
Spider-Man: HomecomingSky CinemaAction
SplashSky CinemaRomance
SplitSky CinemaThriller
Stand By MeSky CinemaDrama
Star TrekSky CinemaSci-Fi
Star Trek GenerationsSky CinemaSci-Fi
Star Trek II: The Wrath Of KhanSky CinemaSci-Fi
Star Trek III: The Search For…Sky CinemaSci-Fi
Star Trek IV: The Voyage HomeSky CinemaSci-Fi
Star Trek V: The Final FrontierSky CinemaSci-Fi
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered…Sky CinemaSci-Fi
Star Trek: First ContactSky CinemaSci-Fi
Star Trek: InsurrectionSky CinemaSci-Fi
Star Trek: NemesisSky CinemaSci-Fi
Star Trek: The Motion PictureSky CinemaSci-Fi
Star Wars: The Last JediSky CinemaAction
StardustSky CinemaFamily
State Of PlaySky CinemaThriller
Staying AliveSky CinemaDrama
Steel MagnoliasSky CinemaDrama
Stephen King's ThinnerSky CinemaHorror
Stone Of DestinySky CinemaDrama
StorksSky CinemaFamily
Strange DaysSky CinemaThriller
Stuck On YouSky CinemaComedy
Sucker Free CitySky CinemaDrama
Sucker PunchSky CinemaAction
Sudden DeathSky CinemaAction
Sudden ImpactSky CinemaThriller
SullySky CinemaDrama
Summer RentalSky CinemaComedy
Sunset BoulevardSky CinemaDrama
Super Furry AnimalsSky CinemaFamily
Super RhinoSky DisneyFamily
SuperdadSky DisneyFamily
Superman IISky CinemaAction
Superman IIISky CinemaAction
Superman IV – The Quest For PeaceSky CinemaAction
Superman ReturnsSky CinemaAction
SurveillanceSky CinemaThriller
Surviving ChristmasSky CinemaComedy
Sweet Home AlabamaSky CinemaRomance
Swiss Family Robinson (1960)Sky DisneyFamily
T2: TrainspottingSky CinemaDrama
TMNTSky CinemaFamily
Table 19Sky CinemaComedy
Tales Of HalloweenSky CinemaHorror
Tall Tales From The Magical…Sky CinemaFamily
Talladega Nights: The Ballad Of…Sky CinemaComedy
TangledSky DisneyFamily
TannaSky CinemaDrama
TapsSky CinemaDrama
TarzanSky DisneyFamily
Tarzan IISky DisneyFamily
Taxi DriverSky CinemaDrama
Team America: World PoliceSky CinemaComedy
Terminator 2: Judgement Day…Sky CinemaSci-Fi
Terminator 3: Rise Of The MachinesSky CinemaSci-Fi
Terms Of EndearmentSky CinemaDrama
Texas BloodSky CinemaDrama
That Thing You Do!Sky CinemaComedy
That Touch Of MinkSky CinemaDrama
That's Not MeSky CinemaComedy
The 13th WarriorSky CinemaAction
The 2018 Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show, The 2018 1 (S2018 E01)Sky CinemaFactual
The 2018 Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show, The 2018 2 (S2018 E02)Sky CinemaFactual
The 2018 Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show, The 2018 3 (S2018 E03)Sky CinemaFactual
The 2018 Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show, The 2018 4 (S2018 E04)Sky CinemaFactual
The 2018 Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show, The 2018 5 (S2018 E05)Sky CinemaFactual
The 2018 Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show, The 2018 6 (S2018 E06)Sky CinemaFactual
The 2018 Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show, The 2018 7 (S2018 E07)Sky CinemaFactual
The 2018 Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show, The 2018 8 (S2018 E08)Sky CinemaFactual
The 2018 Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show, The 2018 9 (S2018 E09)Sky CinemaFactual
The 2018 Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show, The 2018 10 (S2018 E10)Sky CinemaFactual
The 2018 Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show, The 2018 11 (S2018 E11)Sky CinemaFactual
The 2018 Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show, The 2018 12 (S2018 E12)Sky CinemaFactual
The 2018 Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show, The 2018 13 (S2018 E13)Sky CinemaFactual
The 2018 Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show, The 2018 14 (S2018 E14)Sky CinemaFactual
The 2018 Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show, The 2018 15 (S2018 E15)Sky CinemaFactual
The 2018 Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show, The 2018 16 (S2018 E16)Sky CinemaFactual
The 2018 Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show, The 2018 17 (S2018 E17)Sky CinemaFactual
The 2018 Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show, The 2018 18 (S2018 E18)Sky CinemaFactual
The 2018 Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show, The 2018 19 (S2018 E19)Sky CinemaFactual
The 2018 Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show, The 2018 20 (S2018 E20)Sky CinemaFactual
The 2018 Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show, The 2018 21 (S2018 E21)Sky CinemaFactual
The 2018 Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show, The 2018 22 (S2018 E22)Sky CinemaFactual
The 2018 Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show, The 2018 23 (S2018 E23)Sky CinemaFactual
The 2018 Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show, The 2018 24 (S2018 E24)Sky CinemaFactual
The 2018 Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show, The 2018 25 (S2018 E25)Sky CinemaFactual
The 2018 Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show, The 2018 26 (S2018 E26)Sky CinemaFactual
The 2018 Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show, The 2018 27 (S2018 E27)Sky CinemaFactual
The 2018 Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show, The 2018 28 (S2018 E28)Sky CinemaFactual
The 2018 Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show, The 2018 29 (S2018 E29)Sky CinemaFactual
The 2018 Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show, The 2018 30 (S2018 E30)Sky CinemaFactual
The 2018 Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show, The 2018 31 (S2018 E31)Sky CinemaFactual
The 2018 Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show, The 2018 32 (S2018 E32)Sky CinemaFactual
The 2018 Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show, The 2018 34 (S2018 E34)Sky CinemaFactual
The 2018 Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show, The 2018 35 (S2018 E35)Sky CinemaFactual
The 2018 Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show, The 2018 36 (S2018 E36)Sky CinemaFactual
The 2018 Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show, The 2018 37 (S2018 E37)Sky CinemaFactual
The 2018 Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show, The 2018 38 (S2018 E38)Sky CinemaFactual
The 2018 Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show, The 2018 39 (S2018 E39)Sky CinemaFactual
The 2018 Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show, The 2018 40 (S2018 E40)Sky CinemaFactual
The A-TeamSky CinemaAction
The AccountantSky CinemaAction
The Accountant: SpecialSky CinemaFactual
The AccusedSky CinemaDrama
The Addams FamilySky CinemaFamily
The Adjustment BureauSky CinemaSci-Fi
The Amazing Spider-ManSky CinemaAction
The Amazing Spider-Man 2Sky CinemaAction
The Ant BullySky CinemaFamily
The ApartmentSky CinemaComedy
The Bachelors (2017)Sky CinemaComedy
The Back-Up PlanSky CinemaRomance
The Ballad Of NessieSky DisneyFamily
The Ballad of Lefty BrownSky CinemaDrama
The Banger SistersSky CinemaComedy
The Barefoot ExecutiveSky DisneyFamily
The Battleship IslandSky CinemaAction
The Beguiled (2017)Sky CinemaDrama
The BibleSky CinemaDrama
The Black HoleSky DisneySci-Fi
The Blue MaxSky CinemaAction
The Blue UmbrellaSky DisneyFamily
The Blues BrothersSky CinemaComedy
The Bone CollectorSky CinemaThriller
The Book Of HenrySky CinemaDrama
The Boss BabySky CinemaFamily
The Bounty HunterSky CinemaComedy
The Bourne IdentitySky CinemaAction
The Bourne LegacySky CinemaAction
The Bourne SupremacySky CinemaAction
The Bourne UltimatumSky CinemaAction
The Boy DownstairsSky CinemaRomance
The Brady Bunch MovieSky CinemaComedy
The Breakfast ClubSky CinemaDrama
The Brits Are ComingSky CinemaComedy
The Cable GuySky CinemaComedy
The Cat In The HatSky CinemaFamily
The Chronicles Of Narnia: The…Sky CinemaFamily
The Chronicles Of RiddickSky CinemaSci-Fi
The Color PurpleSky CinemaDrama
The Competition (2018)Sky CinemaComedy
The ConfirmationSky CinemaDrama
The Constant GardenerSky CinemaThriller
The ConversationSky CinemaDrama
The CoreSky CinemaSci-Fi
The Count of Monte CristoSky CinemaAction
The Curious Case Of Benjamin…Sky CinemaDrama
The Darjeeling LimitedSky CinemaDrama
The Dark KnightSky CinemaAction
The Dark Knight RisesSky CinemaAction
The Dark Tower (2017)Sky CinemaAction
The Day Reagan Was ShotSky CinemaDrama
The Day The Earth Stood StillSky CinemaSci-Fi
The DealSky CinemaDrama
The Delinquent SeasonSky CinemaDrama
The Delta ForceSky CinemaAction
The Desert RatsSky CinemaAction
The DictatorSky CinemaComedy
The Disaster ArtistSky CinemaComedy
The Doo Dah ManSky CinemaDrama
The DoorsSky CinemaDrama
The Dragon SpellSky CinemaFamily
The DuellistsSky CinemaDrama
The Emoji MovieSky CinemaFamily
The EscortsSky CinemaComedy
The Evening StarSky CinemaDrama
The Exorcism Of Emily RoseSky CinemaHorror
The ExorcistSky CinemaHorror
The Female BrainSky CinemaComedy
The Firm (1993)Sky CinemaThriller
The First Wives ClubSky CinemaComedy
The Fisher KingSky CinemaDrama
The FlintstonesSky CinemaFamily
The Flintstones In Viva…Sky CinemaFamily
The Forgiven (2017)Sky CinemaDrama
The Free WorldSky CinemaDrama
The French ConnectionSky CinemaThriller
The FrightenersSky CinemaHorror
The GadgetGang! In Outer SpaceSky CinemaFamily
The Gambler (1974)Sky CinemaDrama
The Ghost Of Charnel HouseSky CinemaHorror
The Ghost and the DarknessSky CinemaThriller
The Girl In The BookSky CinemaDrama
The GodfatherSky CinemaDrama
The Godfather Part IISky CinemaDrama
The Godfather Part IIISky CinemaDrama
The Golden ChildSky CinemaComedy
The Good, The Bad And The UglySky CinemaAction
The Good, The Bad, and The DeadSky CinemaThriller
The GraduateSky CinemaDrama
The Grass Is GreenerSky CinemaComedy
The Great EscapeSky CinemaAction
The Great GatsbySky CinemaRomance
The Great Mouse DetectiveSky DisneyFamily
The Great WallSky CinemaAction
The Great Wall: SpecialSky CinemaFactual
The Greatest Game Ever PlayedSky DisneyDrama
The Greatest Show On EarthSky CinemaDrama
The Green HornetSky CinemaAction
The Guns Of NavaroneSky CinemaAction
The Hatton Garden JobSky CinemaThriller
The Haunted MansionSky DisneyFamily
The Heartbreak KidSky CinemaComedy
The Hitchhiker's Guide To…Sky CinemaSci-Fi
The Hollow OneSky CinemaHorror
The HouseSky CinemaComedy
The House BunnySky CinemaComedy
The Housemaid (2016)Sky CinemaHorror
The Hunt For Red OctoberSky CinemaThriller
The Hunter's PrayerSky CinemaAction
The Hurricane Heist: SpecialSky CinemaFactual
The Hurricane Heist: The Eye of…Sky CinemaFactual
The InternationalSky CinemaThriller
The Island At The Top of The WorldSky DisneyFamily
The Italian Job (2003)Sky CinemaAction
The Jurassic GamesSky CinemaAction
The JurorSky CinemaThriller
The Karate Kid (1984)Sky CinemaAction
The Karate Kid (2010)Sky CinemaAction
The Karate Kid IIISky CinemaAction
The King's ChoiceSky CinemaDrama
The KraysSky CinemaDrama
The Land (2016)Sky CinemaDrama
The Land Before TimeSky CinemaFamily
The Last AirbenderSky CinemaAction
The Last CastleSky CinemaAction
The Last DiamondSky CinemaThriller
The Last Flight Of Noah's ArkSky DisneyFamily
The Last SamuraiSky CinemaAction
The LayoverSky CinemaComedy
The Legend Of ZorroSky CinemaAction
The Lego Batman MovieSky CinemaFamily
The Lego Ninjago MovieSky CinemaFamily
The Lesson (2014)Sky CinemaDrama
The LevellingSky CinemaDrama
The Lion KingSky DisneyFamily
The Lion King 1 1/2Sky DisneyFamily
The Lion King 2: Simba's PrideSky DisneyFamily
The Little HoursSky CinemaComedy
The Little MermaidSky DisneyFamily
The Longest YardSky CinemaComedy
The Lost World: Jurassic ParkSky CinemaAction
The Love BugSky DisneyFamily
The Love GuruSky CinemaComedy
The Lucky OneSky CinemaDrama
The MachinistSky CinemaThriller
The Magnificent Seven (1960)Sky CinemaAction
The Magnificent Seven Ride!Sky CinemaAction
The Man Who Shot Liberty ValanceSky CinemaDrama
The Manchurian Candidate (2004)Sky CinemaThriller
The Mask Of ZorroSky CinemaAction
The MatrixSky CinemaSci-Fi
The Matrix ReloadedSky CinemaSci-Fi
The Matrix RevolutionsSky CinemaSci-Fi
The MexicanSky CinemaAction
The Midnight Man (2016)Sky CinemaHorror
The MidwifeSky CinemaDrama
The Million Dollar DuckSky DisneyFamily
The Mimic (2017)Sky CinemaHorror
The Money PitSky CinemaComedy
The Monster SquadSky CinemaComedy
The Mountain Between UsSky CinemaAction
The Mummy (2017)Sky CinemaAction
The Muppet Christmas CarolSky DisneyFamily
The Muppets Take ManhattanSky CinemaFamily
The Naked Gun 2 1/2:…Sky CinemaComedy
The Next Karate KidSky CinemaAction
The Night Is YoungSky CinemaComedy
The Night WatchmenSky CinemaHorror
The Nut Job 2: Nutty By NatureSky CinemaFamily
The Nutty Professor (1996)Sky CinemaComedy
The Object of My AffectionSky CinemaComedy
The Odd CoupleSky CinemaComedy
The OddsockeatersSky CinemaFamily
The Odyssey (2016)Sky CinemaDrama
The Olive TreeSky CinemaDrama
The Omen (1976)Sky CinemaHorror
The Other GuysSky CinemaComedy
The Ottoman LieutenantSky CinemaDrama
The Ox-Bow IncidentSky CinemaAction
The Oxford MurdersSky CinemaThriller
The PacifierSky DisneyComedy
The Parallax ViewSky CinemaThriller
The Patriot (2000)Sky CinemaAction
The People Vs. Larry FlyntSky CinemaDrama
The Perfect Match (2016)Sky CinemaDrama
The Perfect StormSky CinemaAction
The PhantomSky CinemaAction
The Phantom Of The Opera (2004)Sky CinemaDrama
The Polar ExpressSky CinemaFamily
The PresidioSky CinemaThriller
The PrestigeSky CinemaDrama
The Prince Of TidesSky CinemaDrama
The Punisher: War ZoneSky CinemaAction
The Pursuit Of HappynessSky CinemaDrama
The Quiet ManSky CinemaDrama
The Rainmaker (1956)Sky CinemaComedy
The Resident (2015)Sky CinemaHorror
The Resistance (2017)Sky CinemaDrama
The RocketeerSky DisneyFamily
The Running ManSky CinemaAction
The SaintSky CinemaAction
The SandlotSky CinemaComedy
The Santa ClauseSky DisneyFamily
The Santa Clause 2Sky DisneyFamily
The Santa Clause 3: The Escape…Sky DisneyFamily
The Secret Of MoonacreSky CinemaFamily
The Shallows SpecialSky CinemaFactual
The Shanghai JobSky CinemaAction
The SmurfsSky CinemaFamily
The Smurfs 2Sky CinemaFamily
The SnowmanSky CinemaThriller
The Sons Of Katie ElderSky CinemaAction
The Sound Of MusicSky CinemaDrama
The Spiderwick ChroniclesSky CinemaFamily
The StingSky CinemaComedy
The Stolen (2016)Sky CinemaDrama
The Sugarland ExpressSky CinemaDrama
The Sum Of All FearsSky CinemaThriller
The Swan PrincessSky CinemaFamily
The Swan Princess ChristmasSky CinemaFamily
The Swan Princess: The Secret…Sky CinemaFamily
The Sweetest ThingSky CinemaComedy
The Taking Of Pelham 1 2 3Sky CinemaThriller
The Ten CommandmentsSky CinemaDrama
The TerminalSky CinemaDrama
The TerminatorSky CinemaSci-Fi
The Thin Red LineSky CinemaDrama
The Thing (1982)Sky CinemaHorror
The Thomas Crown Affair (1968)Sky CinemaDrama
The Three DogateersSky CinemaFamily
The Tiger (2015)Sky CinemaAction
The Tiger Woods StorySky CinemaDrama
The Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show 2017, The 40 (S2017 E40)Sky CinemaFactual
The Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show 2017, The 41 (S2017 E41)Sky CinemaFactual
The Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show 2017, The 42 (S2017 E42)Sky CinemaFactual
The Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show 2017, The 43 (S2017 E43)Sky CinemaFactual
The Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show 2017, The 44 (S2017 E44)Sky CinemaFactual
The Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show 2017, The 45 (S2017 E45)Sky CinemaFactual
The Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show 2017, The 46 (S2017 E46)Sky CinemaFactual
The Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show 2017, The 47 (S2017 E47)Sky CinemaFactual
The Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show 2017, The 48 (S2017 E48)Sky CinemaFactual
The Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show 2017, The 49 (S2017 E49)Sky CinemaFactual
The Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show 2017, The 50 (S2017 E50)Sky CinemaFactual
The Top Ten Show – Top Ten Show 2017, The 51 (S2017 E51)Sky CinemaFactual
The TownSky CinemaThriller
The TransfigurationSky CinemaHorror
The Truman ShowSky CinemaComedy
The Truth About Cats & DogsSky CinemaComedy
The Truth About LiesSky CinemaComedy
The TuxedoSky CinemaComedy
The Ugly TruthSky CinemaComedy
The Unknown GirlSky CinemaDrama
The Unseen (2016)Sky CinemaSci-Fi
The UntouchablesSky CinemaThriller
The VerdictSky CinemaDrama
The Warriors (1979)Sky CinemaAction
The WaterboySky CinemaComedy
The Way We WereSky CinemaDrama
The Wedding SingerSky CinemaComedy
The Wicker ManSky CinemaHorror
The WildSky DisneyFamily
The Wild BunchSky CinemaAction
The Wilde WeddingSky CinemaComedy
The X-Files: I Want To BelieveSky CinemaSci-Fi
The Young MessiahSky CinemaDrama
The Zookeeper's WifeSky CinemaDrama
Think Like A Man TooSky CinemaComedy
This ChristmasSky CinemaDrama
This Is Spinal TapSky CinemaComedy
This Is The EndSky CinemaComedy
This Is Your DeathSky CinemaDrama
This Month on NOW TVSky CinemaFactual
Thor: RagnarokSky CinemaAction
Thor: The Dark WorldSky CinemaAction
Three Days Of The CondorSky CinemaThriller
ThumbelinaSky CinemaFamily
Thunderbolt And LightfootSky CinemaAction
Tim Burton's Corpse BrideSky CinemaFamily
Tinker Bell And The Great Fairy…Sky DisneyFamily
Tinker Bell And The Legend Of…Sky DisneyFamily
Tinker Bell And The Lost TreasureSky DisneyFamily
Tinker Bell And The Pirate FairySky DisneyFamily
Titan A.E.Sky CinemaSci-Fi
To Catch A ThiefSky CinemaDrama
To Kill A MockingbirdSky CinemaDrama
To Sir With LoveSky CinemaDrama
Tom And HuckSky DisneyFamily
Tom Of FinlandSky CinemaDrama
Tommy's HonourSky CinemaDrama
Top GunSky CinemaAction
Total Recall (2012)Sky CinemaSci-Fi
Trading PlacesSky CinemaComedy
TraffickedSky CinemaThriller
TramontaneSky CinemaDrama
TransformersSky CinemaSci-Fi
Transformers: Revenge Of…Sky CinemaSci-Fi
Transformers: The Last KnightSky CinemaAction
Trapped in ParadiseSky CinemaComedy
Treasure BuddiesSky DisneyFamily
TrekkiesSky CinemaFactual
TremorsSky CinemaSci-Fi
Tristan + IsoldeSky CinemaDrama
TroySky CinemaAction
True Grit (1969)Sky CinemaAction
True Grit (2010)Sky CinemaDrama
TumbledownSky CinemaDrama
Turbo: A Power Rangers MovieSky CinemaAction
TwistedSky CinemaThriller
Two DownSky CinemaThriller
Two Mules For Sister SaraSky CinemaAction
Tyler Perry's Boo!….Sky CinemaComedy
U.S. MarshalsSky CinemaAction
UnbreakableSky CinemaSci-Fi
Uncle Tom's CabinSky CinemaDrama
UnderdogSky DisneyFamily
Underworld: Blood WarsSky CinemaAction
Unforgettable (2017)Sky CinemaThriller
United 93Sky CinemaDrama
Universal SoldierSky CinemaAction
Universal Soldier: The ReturnSky CinemaAction
UnstoppableSky CinemaAction
Upside DownSky CinemaSci-Fi
V For VendettaSky CinemaAction
ValkyrieSky CinemaDrama
Vanilla SkySky CinemaThriller
Vantage PointSky CinemaThriller
Vertical LimitSky CinemaAction
Viceroy's HouseSky CinemaDrama
Victoria & AbdulSky CinemaDrama
VideodromeSky CinemaHorror
VikingSky CinemaAction
Voice From The StoneSky CinemaHorror
WakefieldSky CinemaDrama
Walk The LineSky CinemaDrama
Walking OutSky CinemaDrama
Walking TallSky CinemaAction
Wall Street: Money Never SleepsSky CinemaDrama
Wall-ESky DisneyFamily
War For The Planet Of The ApesSky CinemaSci-Fi
Warden Of Red RockSky CinemaDrama
WatchmenSky CinemaSci-Fi
Wayne's WorldSky CinemaComedy
Wayne's World 2Sky CinemaComedy
We Still Steal The Old WaySky CinemaThriller
Weird ScienceSky CinemaComedy
West Side StorySky CinemaRomance
WetlandsSky CinemaThriller
WheelerSky CinemaDrama
Where's The MoneySky CinemaComedy
Whisky Galore! (2016)Sky CinemaComedy
White ChicksSky CinemaComedy
White ChristmasSky CinemaDrama
White House DownSky CinemaAction
Why Him?Sky CinemaComedy
Wild ThingsSky CinemaThriller
William Shakespeare's Romeo…Sky CinemaRomance
WilsonSky CinemaDrama
Winchester 73Sky CinemaAction
Wings Of EaglesSky CinemaDrama
Winter WeddingSky CinemaFamily
Within (2016)Sky CinemaHorror
Without A PaddleSky CinemaComedy
WitnessSky CinemaThriller
Wolves At The DoorSky CinemaHorror
Wonder Woman (2017)Sky CinemaAction
World Trade CenterSky CinemaDrama
Wuthering HeightsSky CinemaDrama
X-Men Origins: WolverineSky CinemaAction
Xxx: Return of Xander CageSky CinemaAction
Yesterday's ChildrenSky CinemaDrama
You Don't Mess With The ZohanSky CinemaComedy
Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side….Sky CinemaFamily
Zathura: A Space AdventureSky CinemaFamily
ZombielandSky CinemaHorror
ZoolanderSky CinemaComedy
ZoologySky CinemaDrama
ZootropolisSky DisneyFamily
Zulu (1963)Sky CinemaAction
xXx2: The Next LevelSky CinemaAction

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