Western Union Wins Three Awards


Western Union scored serious points in three out of five categories in finder.com’s Money Transfer Awards 2017. Excelling in our investigative and comprehensive testing, this money transfer veteran takes home Best User Experience, Most Convenient and Fastest Transfer.

How did we determine this? We hunted down all international money transfer services we could find to bring you the best. We dug deep on 35 providers to collect 1,575 data points that we then used to narrow down our selection to 13 services. Just like you, we put our hard-earned on money on the line when attempting to send actual money transfers. We partnered with UserTesting.com to collect another 273 data points from 39 independent participants.

We used due diligence to ensure that we’re helping you make the right decisions. We opened up our accounts to fraud and risked sending funds that we weren’t sure would even arrive in the hopes that you could benefit from our experience.

Performing well through our Money Transfer Awards truly reveals Western Union‘s experience in the market.

Western Union is the name in money transfers for a reason. Excellent user experience, convenience and speed keep customers coming back.

— Fred Schebesta, finder.com CEO

Best User Experience Award Logo

Best User Experience Award

Completing your account setup and inputting your transfer information should be the least stressful part about your money transfer. To ease that, Western Union makes it easy to understand information and use the site. They even earned the highest possible rating for site attractiveness in our usability testing which consisted of 45 real users. Western Union captures the importance of a great user experience. Keeping users in the loop with live updates and omitting excess documentation means less hassle for customers — and more awards for the provider.

Western Union Best User Experience Award

MetricScaleWestern UnionAverage Score
Ease of sign-up and inputting transfer details1.0 (Disagree)
5.0 (Agree)
Information is easy to understand1.0 (Disagree)
5.0 (Agree)
Ease of site use1.0 (Disagree)
5.0 (Agree)
Appears credible1.0 (Disagree)
5.0 (Agree)
Site is attractive1.0 (Disagree)
5.0 (Agree)
Likely to return to this service1.0 (Disagree)
5.0 (Agree)
Time to complete sign-up and input transfer details1.0 (5 minutes or more)
6.0 (less than 1 minute)
Live transfer success rate0.0 (0%)
10.0 (50%)
20.0 (100%
Single transfer transaction0.0 (Wire to provider)
5.0 (Digital wallet)
10.0 (Single transaction)
Price quote does not require personal info0.0 (No) 5.0 (Yes)5.03.5
Estimated time of delivery included in receipt0.0 (No)
5.0 (Yes)
Mobile app available in iPhone or Android0.0 (None)
1.0 (Either)
2.0 (Both)
Live chat available0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Instant approval after sign-up (US customers)0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Email or text update to recipient0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Email or text sender transfer details0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Does not require SSN for sign-up0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Does not require uploaded documentation0.0 (No)
2.0 (Yes)
Can send with recipient’s email address0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Frequency exchange rates are updated0.0 (Daily)
1.0 (More than once a day)
TOTAL (Winners scored more than 68.5 points)69.161.4
Best User Experience Award logo

Most Convenient

Available all over the US with an option to send to 61 countries, Western Union is well known for its convenience. Other advantages — like high transfer maximums and cash pickup around the world — make it a top choice for money transfers.

Western Union Most Convenient Award

MetricScaleWestern UnionAverage Score
Number of available countries and territories1.0 (0–9)
2.0 (0–19)
3.0 (20–29)
4.0 (30–39)
5.0 (40–49)
6.0 (50–59)
7.0 (60–69)
8.0 (70–79)
9.0 (80–89)
10.0 (90+)
Available in all 50 states0.0 (No) 5.0 (Yes)5.02.7
Maximum transfer per online transaction every 24 hours1.0 ($0–$1,000)
2.0 ($1,001–$2,000)
3.0 ($2,001–$3,000)
4.0 ($3,001–$4,000)
5.0 ($4,001–$5,000)
6.0 (Over $5,000)
Single transfer transaction0.0 (Wire to provider)
1.0 (Digital wallet)
2.0 (Single transaction)
Minimum transfer per transaction0.0 ($100+)
1.0 ($75–$99)
2.0 ($50–$74)
3.0 ($25–$49)
4.0 ($0–$24)
Live transfer success rate0.0 (0%)
5.0 (50%)
10.0 (100%)
Can send funds through credit or debit card0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Does not require SSN for sign-up0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Does not require uploaded documentation0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Instant approval after sign-up (US customers)0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Can send funds by cash0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Can send funds over the phone0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Can schedule money transfer for later times0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Can schedule recurring transfers0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Forward contracts (rate locks) available0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Can set target rate0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Receiver can pick up cash0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Can send with recipient’s email address0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
TOTAL (Winners scored more than 32 points)34.029.2
Fastest Transfer Award Logo

Fastest Transfer Award

Western Union knows that a quick turnaround can be important when sending money overseas. With one of the most expedient sign-ups, users can make a transfer within three minutes — no additional documentation or third-party wires make for a fast winner.

Western Union Fastest Transfer Award

MetricScaleWestern UnionAverage Score
Shortest time to receive funds in bank account0.0 (Live transfer fail)
2.0 (9 days)
4.0 (8 days)
6.0 (7 days)
8.0 (6 days)
10.0 (5 days)
12.0 (4 days)
14.0 (3 days)
16.0 (2 days)
18.0 (1 day)
20.0 (Less than 24 hours)
Time to complete transfer sign-up and input transfer details1.0 (5 minutes or more)
2.0 (4:00–4:59 minutes)
3.0 (3:00–3:59 minutes)
4.0 (2:00–2:59 minutes)
5.0 (1:00–1:59 minutes)
6.0 (Less than 1 minute)
Instant approval after sign-up (US customers)0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Single transfer transaction0.0 (Wire to provider)
2.0 (Digital wallet)
4.0 (Single transaction)
TOTAL (Winners scored more than 25 points)26.021.2
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