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hayu is a niche streaming service catering to a specific audience with a taste for the drama-fuelled world of reality television.

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Hayu TV

There’s no disputing that the English (and the rest of the world) have an overwhelming love affair with what’s been dubbed “reality TV”. These shows promise an “unscripted” look at the lives and trials of everyone from the rich and famous to the regular, unknown people.

While reality TV is a mainstay for free-to-air and Pay TV services, its popularity led to the arrival of a streaming service dedicated to the genre. Hayu is available in the UK, Ireland and several other European countries plus Australia, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong and Phillippines.

On offer from Hayu is over 6,000 episodes across 200 downloadable shows to watch on the go. What’s more, it offers same-day access to new episodes of popular shows as soon as they air in the US. That means no more waiting around for the latest episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians.

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Get your free trial

Feast your eyes on countless binge-worthy shows and must-see movies with Hayu’s free trial. Try for free – subscription required, auto-renews to (*£4.99) per month after unless cancelled. T&Cs apply.

How much does Hayu cost?

Hayu only streams reality TV content without genre options for drama, sports or documentaries to keep its prices cheaper than other streaming websites like Netflix or NOW.

Hayu charges £4.99/month for its service in the UK with a no-lock-in contract. There’s also a free trial for new users, which is useful to explore whether you think the service fits your entertainment needs.

How do I access Hayu?

If you’re familiar with streaming services like Prime Video or Netflix, Hayu will be instantly familiar. If this is your first streaming service or you’re still a bit lost, here is what to do:

  1. Go to the Hayu website and fill in your account details.
  2. Watch your shows from the Hayu website, or download the Hayu app on your Apple or Android device. Keep in mind the app requires that you have at least iOS 9.0 or Android 4.4 (KitKat) to download.
  3. Sign in on your device.
  4. Enjoy the latest reality TV shows.

What kind of content does Hayu have?

This service is 100% dedicated to the best and worst of reality television. From the Kardashians high life to every real housewife in every major city, you’ll find almost all of it on Hayu. Follow the links below to find out more about what’s streaming on Hayu.


Hayu shows

Need a new show to binge watch or catch up on? Here’s the full list of shows on Hayu.

See the list

Hayu trial offer

Hayu offers a free trial for you to try out the features and see whether Hayu offers shows that you like before purchasing a plan. If Hayu’s content fails to meet your desires and expectations, its no-lock-in contracts mean you can cancel anytime.

What devices can I use to access Hayu?

You can access Hayu via a dedicated iOS or Android app on your mobile device as well as the Kinde Fire. Otherwise you can simply watch on the web via Mac or PC through a compatible browser.

However, for those who like their reality TV on the big screen, Hayu can be streamed to Apple TV, Roku, Netgem, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV and Samsung Smart TV’s.

The Hayu app also supports streaming content over Chromecast or Airplay to the big screen. However, if you’ve downloaded an episode of Made in Chelsea, you’ll need to watch it on your device.

You can also subscribe to Hayu through existing subscription services Prime Video and NOW.

What is Hayu’s streaming quality?

Hayu can deliver your daily dose of Kardashians in different streaming qualities up to HD, depending on your Internet connection. Like many similar services, Hayu uses adaptive streaming technology to maximise the viewing experience based upon your connection speed and the device you’re using to watch.

However, unlike some other streaming services there’s no way to manually set the stream quality while watching on a mobile device. For users with low data allowances on their mobile plans, this can be potentially dicey.

Hayu does offset this by offering the ability to download episodes to your mobile or tablet devices for offline viewing. Videos are available to download to your device in either SD (approximately a 300MB download), or HD (about 700MB).

You can download a maximum of 25 shows at a time, after which you must either delete a selection or wait 30 days for your download list to purge expired episodes in order to get more.

Hayu FAQs

How does Hayu compare?

If you’re after something the vain and vapid Vanderpumpers just can’t provide, your streaming options in the UK are growing by the day.

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