Privilege home insurance review

Privilege offers two levels of cover, with optional extras. See how it works and compare now.


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If you’re looking to protect your house and belongings, Privilege offers two levels of home insurance. Customers can also select from a range of additional cover options when choosing their policy.

Privilege’s Platinum home insurance has also been rated five stars by Defaqto. See if it’s right for you in this review.

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What is Privilege?

Privilege is a division of the Direct Line Group and currently offers home and car insurance.

    What are Privilege’s cover options?

    There are currently two cover options offered by Privilege for building and contents insurance:

    • Privilege Standard home insurance. This is the basic level of cover, with the option to add extra protection on things like personal possessions and home emergencies.
    • Privilege Platinum home insurance. This is a more comprehensive policy, which offers higher limits and can also be upgraded with additional cover options.

    What is covered under my policy?

    Privilege offers the following cover on its policies:

    Cover benefitsPrivilege StandardPrivilege Platinum
    Buildings cover
    Private residence coverUnlimitedUnlimited
    Alternative accommodation
    Trace and access of water or oilUp to £1,000Up to £5,000
    Accidental damage cover
    Contents cover
    Contents Up to £50,000Up to £100,000
    Business equipmentXUp to £10,000
    Cash on premisesXUp to £500
    Key and lock cover
    Frozen food coverUnlimitedUnlimited
    Downloaded mediaXUp to £3,000
    Garden coverUp to £500Up to £2,500

    Optional extras

    You can choose to add a range of extra cover options to your Privilege home insurance policy. These include the following:

    • Personal valuables cover
    • Home emergency cover
    • Family legal cover
    • Theft cover
    • Accidental damage cover to home entertainment equipment, furniture and glass

    What is my excess?

    Your insurance excess is the amount you have to pay each time you make a claim. Your policy will not cover a claim for an amount that is less than the cost of your excess, though the excess may vary depending on the type of claim you make.

    If you want to save money on your insurance premium, you may be able to pay a voluntary excess, which is added to your existing excess. While it will help reduce your premium, you will need to pay the higher excess in the event you make a claim.

    You can find specific details about your excess in your insurance policy document.

    How much is this going to cost me?

    There are a number of factors that can affect the cost of your Privilege home insurance:

    • The type of policy you get. This includes your level of cover as well as any optional extras you add to your insurance.
    • Your sum insured. This is the amount you will receive in the case your house is destroyed or needs to be rebuilt. A higher sum insured amount will generally increase the size of your premium.
    • Your home’s age and type. The style, size and structure of your home as well as its age will all affect the cost of your insurance.
    • Your location. Different areas have different risk factors, such as flooding, fire or theft. Where you live will, therefore, help determine your insurance premium.
    • Security. By installing security features such as cameras and fences, you can help reduce your premium.

    What is the claims process for Privilege?

    You can make a claim by calling Privilege from Monday to Saturday. You will likely need to provide the following information when making a claim:

    • Your policy number
    • The date and time of the incident
    • Details of the incident
    • The damage done to your building and contents
    • A police report number, if provided

    You may also need to provide receipts and photographs of damaged items as well as the items themselves. Small claims may be handled over the phone, but in the case of a large or complex claim, a Privilege claims advisor will need to visit your home.

    You should always inform your insurer of an incident as soon as possible.

    Privilege pros and cons


    • Privilege Platinum home insurance has a 5-star rating from Defaqto
    • Large range of additional cover extras to choose from
    • 24-hour emergency helpline


    • Limited cover on the Standard insurance policy
    • Only two levels of cover
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