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Get help with navigating the COVID-19 outbreak, from sourcing groceries to finding financial support

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The World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared coronavirus a pandemic in March, and people in the UK, and around the world, are facing huge uncertainty. Finder is here to help. We’re tracking down stock each day of scarce items like toilet roll and thermometers, as well as updating guides on where to get financial help if you or your business is struggling. You’ll find our key guides below and in the menu to the left.

How can I manage and protect my money?

The coronavirus pandemic has been described as a battle on two fronts: health and the economy. Here’s how you can carefully manage your money (or potentially grow it) during the crisis.

Where can I buy essential supplies online?

The coronavirus has made it necessary (but sometimes difficult) to purchase some newly-essential items, like face masks. These guides can help you decide what to buy and where to buy it.

How can I support my business?

Latest coronavirus guides and updates

Key coronavirus resources and official guides

There’s a lot of misinformation floating around about coronavirus and its impact on the world. The following links will keep you up to date using sources you can trust:

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