How to cancel Aviva car insurance

There's no need to pay over the odds to leave Aviva. Find out how to cancel your Aviva car insurance the right way.

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If you’ve spotted a better deal with a new car insurance provider, or you’re getting rid of your car and need to end your insurance once and for all, the good news is you might be able to get a sizeable refund. The bad news is you’re going to have to get on the phone and potentially pay a cancellation fee.

In this guide we walk you through the process and will help you decide whether leaving Aviva is worth it.

How to cancel your Aviva car insurance policy

Cancellation within 14 days of cover
We’ve all rushed into something and then quickly regretted it. From deciding to try to fit in dessert to choosing a new haircut, sometimes it just doesn’t feel right. Thankfully if you decide within the first 14 days of having Aviva car insurance you want to leave, then you’ll get a large amount of what you paid back. Here are the basic steps.
  1. Contact. It is not possible to cancel your policy online, so you must call Aviva within 14 days of receiving the policy or renewal documents (whichever is later) on 0800 056 2192.
  2. Refund. You’ll then get refunded the premium you paid.
  3. Leaving fee. However, Aviva will hit you with an administration fee, which it will take from the money it’s giving back to you.
  4. Documents. You’ll be expected to return your Certificate of Motor Insurance by post.
Cancellation after 14 days
Even if the cooling off period has been and gone, getting out of your Aviva deal shouldn’t be too difficult. You could get most of your money back too. Here’s what to do.
  1. Contact. The policy holder can ask Aviva to cancel their deal at any time during the policy by calling 0800 056 2192 (cancellation not available online).
  2. Premium refund. You’ll get a refund for the days of cover you paid for but didn’t use.
  3. Leaving fee. Aviva will charge you a fee to leave, to cover its administrative costs.
  4. Documents. You’ll be expected to return your Certificate of Motor Insurance by post.

Things to consider before cancelling your policy with Aviva

  • Adjust deal instead. While Aviva still charges you an administration fee to change the terms of your deal, it’s less than the cancellation charge. If you’re looking for a cheaper policy, or one with different cover, adjusting your Aviva car insurance policy might be easier.
  • Charges. Thankfully Aviva’s cancellation charges aren’t too large. However, if you don’t want to pay a fee to leave then you could just change car insurance provider at the end of your Aviva deal.
  • Best time to switch. Should you be looking to change provider, then the best time to start getting quotes is about three or four weeks before your existing Aviva deal is due to expire. You can cancel your Aviva deal and leave immediately, or ask your new company to delay the start of your cover for when your Aviva insurance runs out.
  • No claims. You probably won’t be able to take your no claims discount with you if you cancel your Aviva policy early. You might decide that losing your no claims discount isn’t worth leaving early for.

Changing car insurance provider

When it comes to changing car insurance provider, you’ve got two options.

One, you can cancel your Aviva deal early and sign up to a new provider. You might do this if you’ve spotted a much cheaper policy elsewhere, or if you want a different level of cover.

Or secondly, instead of cancelling, you can wait for your Aviva policy to run itself down. You’ll have to get in contact to tell Aviva not to automatically renew. Once you’ve done this, you can hunt around for a new insurance policy.

Remember to use comparison websites to really see all your options, plus it’s worth getting some quotes directly from insurance companies too, as they don’t list all their deals on comparison sites.

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