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Compare Pro Fitness treadmills for sale in the UK

When it comes to affordable, folding running machines, Pro Fitness has a great range to choose from, at different price points.

If you frequent the gym often enough, chances are you’ll know a thing or two about Pro Fitness exercise equipment – its kettlebells, squat racks and cross trainers are popular in health clubs up and down the country. But how good are its folding treadmills?

This guide compares a range of folding Pro Fitness models with different price points – just take a look at our handy little table below (featuring motor power, top speed and deck size), as well as expert reviews from the keenest runners in our shopping team.

Foldable Pro Fitness treadmills

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Name Product Ratings Motor Speeds Running area Max user weight Price Other features Link
Pro Fitness T1000 Treadmill
Pro Fitness T1000 Treadmill
Finder score
Up to 16kph
(125cm x 43cm)
120kg (265lb)
Built-in speakers. Pulse control + body-fat analysis. Six display functions.
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Pro Fitness T2000 Treadmill
Pro Fitness T2000 Treadmill
Finder score
Up to 18kph
(138cm x 46cm)
125kg (276lb)
Built-in speakers. Pulse control + body-fat analysis. Seven display functions.
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Pro Fitness T3000 Treadmill
Pro Fitness T3000 Treadmill
Finder score
Up to 20kph
(145cm x 51cm)
135kg (298lb)
Built-in speakers. Pulse Control + Body fat analysis. Eight display functions.
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Are Pro Fitness treadmills good?

We’re just going to come out and say it – Pro Fitness treadmills are great products, and there’s a model to suit every budget – whether you’re new to running or an advanced pavement pusher. Granted, some are better value for money than others, but it depends on what you’re looking for.

What kinds of treadmills does Pro Fitness sell?

Pro Fitness is a trusty, reputable exercise brand, selling a whole range of equipment to both gyms and active Brits working out at home. Its foldable treadmills (like those above) fall into the latter category, with three stand-out models set at different price points.

What is the average life of a Pro Fitness treadmill?

For most treadmills, you can expect them to live for between seven to 12 years. It goes without saying that with proper care, some models far exceed the average (around 10 years), and we would expect Pro Fitness treadmills to fall into this category. But if you don’t look after yours, even the most expensive model will die young.

What’s the best Pro Fitness treadmill?

Each of these Pro Fitness treadmills look quite similar from the outset, so we forgive you for thinking they’re all the same. But they’re not, and our nifty little comparison table proves it.

All that aside, how can you tell which model is the best option for you? This will depend on your circumstances and reasons for using the machine, but we’ve tried our utmost to help you narrow it down below.

For beginners

If the motivation for grabbing yourself a treadmill is merely to keep your fitness up at home, the Pro Fitness T2000 is the one for you.

At £599.99, it sits at just £50 more than the T1000. And for that extra £50, you’re getting a maximum speed of 18kpm vs 16kpm, 30 workout programs instead of 24, a bigger motor and a higher user weight. So it’s a no-brainer, right?

For advanced runners

Longing for something a little more… challenging? It has to be the T3000, the bee’s knees of the folding treadmill world.

It’s actually only £200 more expensive than the T2000 (£799.99), and for that, you’re treated to a whole host of added features – a bigger motor, a maximum speed of 20kph should you want to do some sprinting, 36 special workout programmes, a much higher maximum user weight and eight different display functions.


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Our verdict

Your budget is going to dictate which model you opt for here. If you’re new to treadmills – for the sake of an extra £50, we’d recommend the T2000 over the T1000. It’s that simple. But if you’re on the hunt for a model that has that wow factor, one that can take your workouts from a mundane Monday evening affair to endorphin-inducing exercise, the T3000 is the treadmill for you.

All in all, if you can afford to part with what is essentially £800, we’d recommend opting for the Pro Fitness T3000. It gives you a chance to use its basic, easy-to-follow displays and functions at the start (if that’s what you need), but as you get more confident with the model, you can step it up. With 36 workout programmes and a maximum speed of 20kpm, it’s pretty much the same quality you’d get in a proper gym. But if that’s a bit out of your budget, the T2000 is a great alternative.

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