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Barclaycard Select Charge Card review

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Barclaycard Select Charge Card
Finder score
Interest-free each billing period
Up to 38 days
Minimum credit limit

Our verdict

If you're not planning to leave an outstanding balance on your business card each month, this simple charge card could offer you payment protection and a few rewards.

Wondering why you might choose a charge card over, say this card's big sister – which lets you carry an outstanding balance if you need to and offers cashback to boot? Well, the 2 biggest reasons are financial discipline (not being tempted into racking up card debt), and building a positive company credit history – demonstrating to future lenders that you're a safe prospect while not alarming them with a huge ongoing credit limit at your disposal (and the prospect of hefty interest payments).

This particular business card, like all business Barclaycards, comes with access to the Business Rewards programme. That means exclusive pre-sale tickets plus discounts on hotel bookings, dining out and car hire, for example.

It's otherwise a fairly straightforward no-frills option, letting you monitor and manage employee cards through the MyControls online portal. There's also an app available to all cardholders offering limited features to track their card use.


  • Gives you up to 38 days of payment flexibility.
  • Order additional cards for your team at no extra cost.
  • Purchase protection and cardholder misuse insurance.
  • Access exclusive offers through Barclaycard Business Rewards.
  • Customers report excellent customer service when dealing with Barclaycard Business.


  • Because it's a charge card, you can't carry a balance from month to month.
  • Account fee of £42 per annum.
  • While most cards offer up to 55 interest-free days to pay off your bill in full each month, this card gives you 38.

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    • Product Overview
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Product Overview

Issuer Barclaycard Business
Network Mastercard
Representative APR 3.6%
Annual/monthly fees £42 per annum
Purchases N/A (this product is a charge card).
Purchases interest-free period Up to 38 days
Minimum credit limit £1,000
Maximum credit limit Subject to status: £50,000
Control spend and manage business expenses. Access to business rewards with discounts and offers from leading retailers and suppliers. T&Cs apply.
Additional Rewards Info A FreshBooks accounting plan to help with business admin tasks, worth £264 a year. Free FreshBooks Plus plan available for selected Barclaycard customers only. FreshBooks reserves the right to terminate free accounts that don’t belong to an existing Barclaycard customer. The partners may receive a revenue share from each other on approved applications.
Potential costs 3.6 ★★★★★
Doing its job 4.7 ★★★★★
Extras 2.5 ★★★★★
Overall Finder Score 3.9 ★★★★★

Fees and charges

Minimum monthly payment Full outstanding balance
Annual/monthly fees £42 per annum
Foreign usage charge (EU) 2.99%
Foreign usage charge (rest of world) 2.99%
Cash advance fee 3% (min. £3)
Late payment fee £12
Duplicate statement fee £3
Exceeding limit fee £12
Additional card fee £0

Application Requirements

Minimum Age 18
Additional Criteria UK-based businesses only
Your business turnover or new business plan exceeds £10,000 per year
Minimum turnover £10,000

How to apply

If you've compared cards and settled on the Barclaycard Select Charge Card, you can head over to Barclaycard Business's secure online application to apply. Don't forget, you'll need to be over 18 and a UK resident to apply.

Barclaycard customer support

You can contact customer support on 0800 161 5343. Lines are open 8am – 6pm from Monday to Friday.

Frequently asked questions

What credit limit will I get with the Barclaycard Select Charge Card?

If Barclaycard Business offers you this deal, it will specify a tailored credit limit based on Barclaycard Business's assessment of your situation and your business. The minimum limit offered on the card is £1,000, while the maximum is £50,000. Once you've had the card for a while and shown Barclaycard Business you're reliable, you may wish to apply for a credit limit increase.

How much does it cost to use the Barclaycard Select Charge Card abroad?

Non-sterling transactions are subject to a 2.99% charge (which is very standard). For example, if you spend 200 euros (£168.49), it'll cost you around £5.04 in fees.

Can I get additional Barclaycard Select Charge Cards for my team?

Yes. Barclaycard Business doesn't specify a maximum number of cards you can request. There's no fee for additional cards.

Finder credit card scores

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★★★★★ — Good
★★★★★ — Average
★★★★★ — Subpar
★★★★★ — Poor

Our experts score business credit and charge cards to determine their value against similar products on the market. We look at a number of important factors, like the flexibility it offers, any rewards you can earn through company spending, account management tools, plus the potential costs involved with running the card both in the short and longer term.

You can read more about our scoring criteria on our credit card methodology page.

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