Virgin Media broadband review

Our review of Virgin Media’s broadband deals sets out its connection speeds, typical packages, and pros and cons.

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Virgin Media is known as a “quad-play” provider, as it offers customers broadband, TV, landline and mobile services.

With download speeds topping 1Gbps in some areas, it’s one of the fastest around. Here’s what else you need to know.

What kinds of speeds can Virgin Media offer?

While Virgin Media heavily markets bundles including both TV packages and broadband, it’s possible to get broadband as a standalone package. Virgin Media’s most basic connection is its M100 product, which offers average speeds clocking in at a whopping 109Mbps.

It only goes up from there, with its other full fibre packages promising speeds of up to 200Mbps, 350Mbps and 500Mbps respectively. Small pockets of the country can also get access to Virgin Media’s Gig1 fibre offering, which as the name suggests, offers speeds of up to 1Gbps.

Do I need a landline to get Virgin Media broadband?

As Virgin Media doesn’t rely on households having a BT connection to connect them, its customers don’t need an existing landline to be able to get a Virgin Media broadband package. If you live in an area serviced by Virgin Media and your home has never used Virgin Media before, the firm will need to send an engineer to install a new line.

How can Virgin Media customers manage their account?

Smartphone apptick
Live chat supporttick
Telephone supporttick
Email support

Can I claim compensation from Virgin Media if things go wrong?

Virgin Media is a member of Ofcom’s Automatic Compensation Scheme. This means that if certain things go wrong with the service you receive from the company, you’ll be entitled to a certain amount of money.

Problem You're eligible to claim if... Amount of compensation
Delayed repair following loss of service The service has stopped working and it's not fully fixed after 2 full working days £8.06 for each calendar day that the service isn't repaired
Missed engineer appointments An engineer fails to arrive for a scheduled appointment, or it's cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice £25.18 per missed appointment
Delays with the start of a new service The provider promises to start a new service on a particular date, but fails to do so £5.04 for each calendar day of delay, including the missed start date

Out of contract? Here’s how to cancel your Virgin Media broadband

Whether you want to switch provider or simply want to stop receiving a broadband service, you need to follow the steps below.

If your original Virgin Media broadband contract is up and you’re now on a rolling monthly deal, getting out is pretty simple. You just need to give Virgin Media 30 days’ notice that you want to leave. You can do this by calling Virgin Media’s customer service team on 0345 454 1111.

You can also end your contract by writing a letter and sending it to Virgin Media, Sunderland SR43 4AA. You’ll need to remember to include your account number, address, full name and contact number in your letter.

Virgin Media says that it’s quicker to cancel your contract over the phone. If you do call them, the firm’s “disconnections” team may try to offer you a better deal so you will stay, so it may be worth hearing them out and negotiating if your main reason for leaving is price.

If you’re looking to change provider, you can use our comparison service to find one to suit you.

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How to cancel your Virgin Media broadband while in a contract

Sadly, if you haven’t come to the end of your agreed broadband contract term with Virgin Media, you’ll have to pay an early disconnection fee. The cost will vary depending on the type of service you’re signed up for, how long you have left on your deal and when you first signed up. It’s worth noting that these charges can be pretty hefty.

Virgin Media automatically places a 30-day notice period from the time you tell it you wish to cancel and continues charging you the regular monthly price for its services during that time.

The company then calculates your early disconnection charge based on the number of months you have left on your contract (minus the first 30 days, which you’re charged for as normal) and charges an amount per month. As a very general rule, that charge is equivalent to 80% of the regular monthly charge.

If you’re on a broadband-only package like M100 Fibre Broadband, you’ll have to pay £35.52 for each month left on your deal, minus 1 month.

So for example, if you have 4 months left on your contract term, you’ll have to pay at least £150.56 (3 x £35.52, plus the regular £44 monthly package charge) (last checked July 2021). These fees can be even larger if you have a bundle which includes a TV package or a Mobile package.

Virgin Media has full details of its early disconnection charge for each broadband package it offers on its website.

You can notify Virgin Media that you wish to leave by using the same contact methods as those who want to leave outside of their contract period.

  • By phone: Virgin Media’s customer service team on 0345 454 1111.
  • By post: Send a letter to Virgin Media Sales Operation Support, Diamond Plaza, Daleside Road, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG2 3GG. You’ll need to remember to include your account number, address, full name and contact number in your letter.

Exceptions to Virgin Media early disconnection charges

While in most instances you will have to fork out, there are some circumstances in which you can jump ship early without incurring a penalty; basically, if Virgin fails to hold up its end of the bargain.

  • Speed. If Virgin consistently fails to deliver the minimum speeds it promised you (see your agreement) then you might be able to cancel early. You will have to give Virgin a chance to fix the problem before you can quit though.
  • Price rise. If Virgin moves the goal posts and starts charging you more than initially agreed, you can opt out. You’ll have 30 days from when Virgin notifies you of the increase.
  • Loss of services. If Virgin suddenly stops providing broadband to your area, you’re within your rights to cancel, penalty-free.
  • Cooling off period.

Virgin Media customer reviews

Virgin Media has a mixed reputation when it comes to the quality of its customer service. The industry watchdog Ofcom reported in 2023, that over the course of the previous year a healthy 81% of customers were satisfied overall by the service that they received, which was in line with the industry average (82%).

But the same report found that 1 in 4 customers had a reason to complain, which is a few points above the 20% average for all large broadband providers over that period. And when customers had complaints about Virgin Media’s service, Ofcom found that only 46% of people felt their problem was dealt with well, which was slightly below the 51% average among the large firms.

Customer reviews elsewhere are poor. 65% of around 90,000 reviews on the website Trustpilot gave Virgin Media a 1-star rating, but these reviews cover the experiences of Virgin Media customers across TV, broadband and mobile. Just 9% of reviewers on the same site said their experience with the firm was “Excellent”, while another 5% described the service as “Great” (last updated: April 2024).

Virgin Media pros and cons


  • Flexible plans. Virgin has a range of plans for customers looking to combine broadband with TV and mobile.
  • Some of the fastest speeds around. Virgin Media has invested in its own full fibre network, keeping it at the head of the pack when it comes to offering super-fast download speeds.


  • Mixed customer service. Virgin Media’s reputation for customer service is mixed, with around 30% of customers having a reason to complain last year.
  • Less coverage. Virgin Media doesn’t operate in as may parts of the UK as its rivals, mainly because it maintains a separate, smaller network.

Our verdict: Is Virgin Media broadband any good?

Virgin Media has crafted its broadband packages to fit as a bundle with its other services, so you may get better value by grabbing a broadband plan as part of a wider bundle with TV and even mobile.

Customer satisfaction overall is decent, but there are many customers who have had reason to complain. The key selling point for Virgin Media is that it’s pretty competitive for higher speeds, so if you truly need upwards of 300Mbps and it’s available in your area, it’s certainly worth looking into.


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