FairFX family prepaid card review

Discover how FairFX Currency Card and its "Linked Cards" work, and how they compare to other prepaid cards for children.

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The FairFX Currency Card is a prepaid card, which holds over 15 major currencies and can be used in over 190 countries.

It’s one of many prepaid cards which help people sidestep the huge fees tied to using a traditional debit card overseas.

However, a unique selling point of this card is its “Linked Cards” feature.

FairFX Currency Card holders can order extra prepaid cards for members of their household, aged 13 and above. These “linked” cards offer the same benefits as the Currency Card, only with the main account holder remaining in control of the balance at all times.

How do FairFX Linked Cards work?

You can order up to 10 linked cards through the FairFX Currency Card app.

When you order a card, you’ll choose whether the cardholder shares a balance with you, or has their own balance that you’ll have to top up.

Either way, you can manage the card quickly and easily using the FairFX app. You’ll be able to keep an eye on the transactions and balance of all cards within this app too.

Many parents find the Linked Card useful for helping to manage their children’s finances, while simultaneously giving them the freedom to spend money themselves.

How much does it cost?

There are no monthly fees associated with a linked card. On top of that, you won’t pay to have it delivered, to top it up or when the card is used. The only exception is a £1 fee for withdrawing cash at an ATM.

Is it safe?

More than a million of these cards have been issued by FairFX. This provider has received over 10,000 reviews on Trustpilot, with an average score of 4.6 out of 5 at the time of writing.

You can control the balance for all linked cardholders at all times. Plus, you can cancel a lost or stolen card immediately within the FairFX app, and there’s no fee associated with that either!

So, you have no reason to worry about safety.

Pros and cons


  • All cardholders can avoid fees associated with overseas spending.
  • Order up to 10 linked cards.
  • No fees associated with linked cards.
  • Create balances in 15 major currencies.
  • Choose to share a balance or create a new balance.


  • ATM withdrawals come with a £1 fee.
  • Linked cards are only available to holders of a FairFX Currency Card.

Our verdict

On its own, the FairFX Currency Card doesn’t stand out from the crowd of prepaid cards.

However, this “Linked Card” feature is incredibly useful, especially when you consider that it comes with no fees.

If you’d like to give your children a prepaid card, this offering from FairFX would be a great choice.

Get started by visiting FairFX's website and ordering a card. If you have read this review and decided that FairFX’s card is not for you, you can also discover other prepaid cards for kids on the market.

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