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Steven Dashiell is a writer at Finder specializing in all things credit cards. With more than 300 articles under his belt, he aims to help readers embrace credit cards and maximize their rewards. Steve is studying to become a Certified Educator in Personal Finance, and is a frequent face on Finder’s YouTube channel, offering the latest in credit card hacks and advice. His expertise has been featured on numerous outlets, including U.S. News & World Report, Time, CBS, Fox Business, Lifehacker, Martha Stewart Living and more.


  • Building credit
  • Credit card rewards
  • Travel rewards
  • Credit management


  • Studying to become a Certified Educator in Personal Finance (CEPF)
  • Author of more than 300 articles on personal finance and credit
  • Regular contributor of credit card and financial advice to news outlets, such as Fox Business and CBS


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts, English Literature | University of Maryland, Baltimore County | 2008–2012

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We asked Steve to give us the lowdown on the credit cards industry heading into summer 2021 — and beyond.

Following a tough year for travel, what does 2021 hold for travel rewards and travel credit cards?

By all accounts, 2021 is turning out to be a good year to make use of your points and miles. Many travel restrictions put in place in 2020 have been lifted, and both airlines and card providers are eager to have consumers take to the skies. To encourage travel, we’re seeing some big welcome offers on travel cards and fairly good deals on award flights.

We saw a lot of new additions to reward and travel cards in 2020 to make up for reduced travel and smaller spending. What will become of these additions now that we’re recovering?

It’s looking like at least some of these additions and changes are here to stay. The pandemic really shined a light on just how much consumers value flexibility in how they use or earn their rewards. In fact, we’re now seeing several new types of cards from providers that really dial in on this flexibility, like the Citi Custom Cash Card. If anything, I suspect providers will continue to trim underused benefits such as travel insurance as they started to do in 2019.

Are crypto credit cards worth getting over a rewards card?

It’s tough to compare a crypto credit card to a typical rewards card. While both earn some form of reward for purchases — cryptocurrency in the case of a crypto credit card — the way you use these rewards and their value differ enormously. For the average consumer, a crypto credit card will likely prove too risky and inconsistent when it comes to value. But we’re sure to see more of them hit the market as cryptocurrency becomes more popular.

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BlockFi's proposed new credit card will earn rewards in the form of Bitcoin, a first for the market. Here's everything we know so far.

Steven Dashiell 3 December 2020
New credit card to pay rewards in Bitcoin
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