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Terms & conditions for Finder surveys

Finder’s research team sometimes needs case studies of people who have had positive or negative experiences with their personal finances. We use these case studies to accompany our research and help bring it to life – for example, to be featured in other media that cover our research. This means that a case study’s story and a picture could appear in national news sites.

We gather people’s experiences by email (through surveys) and via X (Twitter) and we will pay £60 for every case study we select to be included in our research, regardless of whether the research gets covered by any media. Any case studies used for research may also be featured on our website.

We also need case studies solely for our website from time to time, and will pay £20 for people we select for this (if you haven’t already given your experience as a media case study).

Please direct any questions, concerns or requests to be taken off the database via email to: and you can see our terms and policy here:

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