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12 legitimate ways to get free bitcoin in 2024

See how to get free bitcoin by exercising, learning about crypto, playing games and more.

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How to get free Bitcoin

Getting free bitcoin (BTC) isn’t hard — you just need to know where to look. Between signup offers, referral bonuses and earning free Satoshis (Sats), which are small fractions of a bitcoin, for taking surveys and completing other tasks, plenty of opportunities are available to get free bitcoin. The following are all legitimate ways to get free bitcoin, researched and tested by Finder’s experts.

  1. Perform small tasks or complete surveys
  2. Play games
  3. Sign up for a crypto exchange
  4. Debit/credit card rewards
  5. Educate yourself & earn
  6. Read
  7. Browse the internet
  8. Share your podcast
  9. Create good social media content
  10. Shop online
  11. Walk
  12. Refer a friend

1. Perform small tasks or complete surveys

Performing micro tasks or completing surveys is a great way to earn bitcoin in your spare time.

Get started by using the following four sites:

On, people post small tasks like subscribing to a podcast, signing up for a Bitcoin app or reposting something on social media.

Once you complete tasks and earn Sats, you can provide a Lightning Invoice to withdraw your earnings to a Bitcoin wallet that supports the Lightning Network.

microlancer promos logo


If you’re looking to fill out surveys in exchange for bitcoin, check out Freecash.

Create an account on the site in just a few steps, and once you’ve earned over $0.50 worth of bitcoin, you can withdraw your earnings to an external wallet.


Sign up on Cointiply and begin watching videos, taking surveys or playing games to earn BTC (or other crypto assets). When you complete a survey, you’ll receive between $1 and $5 worth of bitcoin or the crypto asset of your choice.

The site has reportedly paid out over $12 million to users. When you withdraw your bitcoin from Cointiply, send it to a Bitcoin public address on the base chain, not the Lightning Network.

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2. Play games

A fun way to increase your bitcoin (BTC) stack is to play online games using the following apps:


THNDR has issued a suite of games that let you earn Sats just for playing.

From Tetro Tiles, a puzzle game in the vein of Tetris, to Turbo 84, a racing game, check out one of THNDR’s six games and start stacking Sats, all while having fun.

Withdraw the Sats you earn in these games to a wallet that supports Bitcoin’s Lightning Network — a Layer 2 built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain.

Tetro tiles promo

Games with Zebedee integration

Use Zebedee — a Bitcoin Lightning Network wallet — to withdraw the Sats you earn for playing games like SaruTobi, Wheel of Trivia and Bitcoin Miner — all available for both Android and iOS devices.

Keep in mind that Zebedee is a custodial wallet, which means you don’t hold the private keys to the Sats you manage in the wallet. So, once you’re managing a significant number of Sats via Zebedee, you may want to transfer them to a non-custodial wallet to save your Sats on the Bitcoin base chain. And if you want to have custody of them on the Lightning Network, send them to a wallet like Breez, Phoenix or Blue Wallet.

3. Sign up for a crypto exchange

Major crypto exchanges like Kraken, Gemini and Coinbase will give you $10 worth of bitcoin just for signing up to use the exchange.

Coinbase BTC promo

Some of these exchanges give you even more free bitcoin once you deposit funds, fund your account, make your first trade or refer a friend.

4. Debit/credit card rewards

Certain debit and credit cards let you earn bitcoin rewards just for making everyday purchases or paying monthly bills. The following are examples of these debit and credit cards:

Fold Prepaid Visa Debit Card

Choose between two rewards plans when you get the Fold Prepaid Visa Debit Card.

The first plan is the “Spin” plan, which is free. All you have to do is spend the money on your prepaid debit card, and you’ll be given a spin on the rewards wheel in the Fold app for every $10 you spend. You usually win between 5 and 250 Sats for each spin.

The second plan is the “Spin+” plan. This plan costs $10 per month, but you’ll receive 1% or more back on most of your purchases, plus get a spin for each $10 you spend.

Fold Card promo

With the Spin or Spin+ plan, you can buy gift cards for popular retail outlets and restaurants like Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Callaway within the app and earn up to 20% back in bitcoin.

Gemini Credit Card

The Gemini Credit Card is easy to use and doesn’t have a monthly or yearly fee.

Manage the card from the Gemini exchange app, and earn up to 3% back in bitcoin or the supported crypto asset of your choosing when you spend on dining. Plus, earn 2% on groceries and 1% on everything else.

Sometimes, Gemini runs offers where you can earn up to 10% back in bitcoin or crypto rewards when you use your Gemini Credit Card to purchase either gas or an electric charge for your car.

Coinbase Credit Card

Use your Coinbase Credit Card to make purchases either with USD or the bitcoin and crypto you manage in your Coinbase account.

Before earning rewards with the card, choose the crypto asset in which you want to earn rewards. If you choose bitcoin, you’ll earn 1% back in BTC on each purchase. If you choose other digital assets like The Graph (GRT) or Stellar Lumen (XLM), you’ll earn up to 4% back.

A photo of frankcorva

What Frank thinks about debit or credit cards that offer BTC rewards

Earning rewards in BTC just for making everyday purchases or paying my bills is one of the easiest ways to increase bitcoin holdings while not having to spend your hard-earned dollars to buy the bitcoin itself. Just remember that if you really want to gain ownership of the BTC you earn, withdraw it from the custody of the app or exchange that holds the rewards for you to a non-custodial wallet every month or two. -Frank Corva, senior analyst for digital assets

— Frank Corva, Writer.

5. Educate yourself & earn

One of the best things about the Bitcoin space is that you can get paid in Sats to learn about Bitcoin.

The following are two apps that enable you to do this:


The Yzer app provides extensive education related to Bitcoin, economics and finance.

As you progress through the app’s learning modules and complete quizzes with an acceptable score, you earn Sats, which you can then withdraw to a Lightning Network wallet like Phoenix, Breez or Wallet of Satoshi.

Simple Bitcoin

Much like Yzer, but only with a fraction of the learning material, Simple Bitcoin is another app that lets you learn and earn bitcoin.

It’s still an excellent way to learn about Bitcoin and money in general while earning Sats in the process. Also, like Yzer, you’ll need a Lightning-enabled wallet to withdraw the Sats you earn from the app.

6. Read

The Bitcoin Magazine app rewards you with 5 Sats for every article you read. So, if you want to step up your knowledge of Bitcoin, download the app, create an account and start reading!

Once you’ve earned 500 Sats, you can withdraw your earnings to a Lightning Network wallet.

Bitcoin magazine image

7. Browse the internet

When you download the Slice browser extension for Chrome, you’ll earn Sats just for conducting your regular old internet searches. And if you download the “Slice New Tab” browser extension, you can earn even more Sats. This extension brings you to a Slice search engine page when you click the “+” button in the browser to open a new window. When you use this feature, Chrome still returns Google search results.

Once you have Slice installed, it shows you a new variety of advertisements as you browse the web. This is how Slice monetizes your attention. You don’t have to click on these ads to earn Sats, though. You’ll earn them just for browsing.

You’re free to withdraw your BTC rewards to a Lightning Network wallet after 30 days.

Screenshot of Slice extension

8. Share your podcast

If you’re already a podcaster, you could earn Sats with the content you create using Fountain.

Use the app to stream your podcast, which you can import from Apple Podcasts. To help bring attention to your podcast, create clips of episodes that resonate with listeners.

If people like what they hear in either your podcast or the clips, they can send you Sats to your Lightning wallet address, which the app provides for you.

Keep in mind, though, that the Lightning wallet is custodial, which means you’ll have to transfer your Sats to a non-custodial wallet if you want full ownership over them.

9. Create good social media content

If you’re good at getting attention on social media, you may want to create a Nostr account to start receiving Sats from those who appreciate your content.

To create your Nostr account, you first have to choose a Nostr app.

nostr app screen image

Your chosen app walks you through the process of creating the public and private keys for your account, which you’ll use to sign in.

When people like your content, they can “Zap” Sats to your Lightning wallet, which you’ll set up or add when you create your Nostr account.

Certain Nostr apps like Damus for iOS currently don’t allow you to receive Zaps or Zap others due to Apple’s policy, but almost all other Nostr apps let you both pay people and receive payments for good content in the form of Sats.

10. Shop online

You can earn free Sats for using certain browser extensions or apps to shop online. The following are two popular extensions or apps to help you do so:

Lolli browser extension or app

Connect a credit or debit card via the Lolli browser extension or the app and shop online to earn up to 30% back in bitcoin rewards.

Your rewards are held in your custodial Lolli wallet until you have $15 worth of bitcoin. Once you hit this threshold, you can withdraw your Sats to another bitcoin wallet.

Lolli browser extension


With the Oshi app, purchase vouchers for local businesses and earn up to 20% back in bitcoin in the process.

Once you’ve downloaded the app and signed in using nothing more than an email address, click the Lightning bolt icon at the bottom of the app’s home screen, and you’ll see a map that shows the stores that partake in Oshi’s program.

Click on a store — which is represented by a black circle — to learn more about the establishment and whether you’d like to shop there.

If you purchase a voucher for a local business, you’ll be rewarded with a certain percentage of Sats back.

Once you’re ready to withdraw your rewards from the app, click on the wallet icon at the bottom of the home screen and then click the “Withdraw” button before entering the Lightning address to which you’d like your Sats sent.

11. Walk

Download the sMiles app, lace up a pair of sneakers and start walking to earn bitcoin rewards.

Earn just over 20 Sats per day for walking up to 10,000 steps. To supplement the Sats you earn from walking, play games within the app or use it for shopping online to earn more bitcoin.

Once you earn 1,000 Sats, you can withdraw them to a Bitcoin wallet that supports the Lightning Network.

sMiles screenshot

12. Refer someone

A wide variety of crypto exchanges and Bitcoin apps reward you with Sats for referring someone to the platform.

For example, when you refer someone to Kraken and they sign up and make their first trade, both you and your friend receive $10 in BTC. Also, with the Fold app, when someone uses your referral link, you’ll earn Sats for every purchase they make using the app.

Kraken refer page image

Whichever Bitcoin platforms you use, check if they have a referral program, and be sure to share your referral link with family and friends who like receiving free Sats as much as you do!

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Frank Corva

Frank Corva is business-to-business (B2B) correspondent for Bitcoin Magazine and formerly the cryptocurrency writer and analyst for digital assets at Finder. Frank has turned his hobby of studying and writing about crypto into a career with a mission of educating the world about this burgeoning sector of finance. He worked in Ghana and Venezuela before earning a degree in applied linguistics at Teachers College, Columbia University. He also taught writing and entertainment business courses in Japan and worked with UNICEF in Namibia before returning to the US to teach at universities in New York City. Earlier in his career, he spent years working as a publicist and graphic designer for record labels like Warner Music Group and Triple Crown Records. During that time, he was also a music journalist whose writing and photography was in published in Alternative Press, Spin and other outlets. See full profile

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