How much do Americans in each state spend on Valentine’s Day gifts?

Posted February 10th, 2016 and last modified February 12th, 2016

And how come our gifts get cheaper the longer we’re in a relationship?

Everyone loves a great Valentine’s Day present or a romantic dinner out, but you can’t always assume that will happen. A survey of 3,121 Americans underlines how what you get is likely to depend on where you live and how long you’ve been in a relationship.

The most generous states for gift givers

If you’re hoping for an extravagant gift from your one true love come February 14, it pays to live in Kansas, Nevada, Idaho, Hawaii or North Dakota. Those are the five states where people are planning to spend more than $100 on their partner. Life is less pleasing in New Hampshire, where the predicted spend is just $31. Here’s how much people are planning to spend on Valentine’s Day in each state, based on our survey. We’ve also identified a last-minute gift available for that price or less that’s suitable for each state, so don’t panic if you haven’t organized one yet!

StateAverage SpendWhat could this buy?
Alabama$60Heart, Joan Jett and The Blackhearts, and Cheap Trick – $36
Alaska$43$40 Barnes and Noble Gift Card
Arizona$68Dine at the Grove at Olive Mill – $59
Arkansas$93Cirque du Soleil – Toruk – $90
California$82Winery explorer tour – $65
Colorado$65Denver historical walking tour – $29
Connecticut$45Selena Gomez – $44
Delaware$36One Dozen Assorted Roses for Romance – $50
Florida$83Three-hour manatee swim – $54
Georgia$68Keith Urban – $66
Hawaii$102Snorkel with sea turtles – $95
Idaho$111Gary Clark Junior – $44
Illinois$55Chicago Cubs vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – $55
Indiana$80Dixie Chicks – $63
Iowa$50Monster Jam – $40
Kansas$117Bruce Springsteen – $75
Kentucky$36One Dozen Assorted Roses for Romance – $50
Louisiana$53Rihanna – $25
Maine$36One Dozen Assorted Roses for Romance – $50
Maryland$64Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum tour – $39
Massachusetts$67Carrie Underwood – $62
Michigan$58Duran Duran – $41
Minnesota$49Minnesota Twins vs. Chicago White Sox – $47
Mississippi$46Queensrÿche – $45
Missouri$455 Seconds of Summer – $32
Montana$56Zipline adventure park - $49 
Nebraska$51One Dozen Assorted Roses for Romance – $50
Nevada$112Hoover Dam Bus Tour – $49
New Hampshire$31Janet Jackson – $30
New Jersey$67Coldplay – $64
New Mexico$47Black Sabbath – $44
New York$65Central Park Bike Tour – $55
North Carolina$59Maroon 5 – $55
North Dakota$108Carrie Underwood – $61
Ohio$41Florence and the Machine – $37
Oklahoma$42Animal Collective – $40
Oregon$40Janet Jackson – $37
Pennsylvania$60Matilda the Musical – $57
Rhode Island$52Monster Jam – $37
South Carolina$82Weezer and Panic! At the Disco – $79
South Dakota$36One Dozen Assorted Roses for Romance – $50
Tennessee$73Elton John – $54
Texas$78Secret bar tour in Austin – $65
Utah$73Rihanna – $28
Vermont$36One Dozen Assorted Roses for Romance – $50
Virginia$87Elton John – $60
Washington$70Jersey Boys – $69
West Virginia$39Weezer and Panic! At the Disco – Summerfest 2016 – $63
Wisconsin$64Wisconsin Badgers vs. Michigan Wolverines – $44
Wyoming$36Yellowstone and Grand Teton – $47

Will you get a gift at all?

One thing those averages don’t tell you is whether you’ll be receiving a gift at all. The chances are quite good you won’t: 37% of Americans don’t plan to buy their partner a gift. And there’s a gender split: 31% of men don’t plan to buy a gift, while 44% of women intended Valentine’s Day to pass gift-free.

The value of those gifts also falls the longer you’ve been in a relationship. In the first five years the average spend is as much as $76, but after 20 years it drops to just $49. And being married drops your odds: just 51% of husbands and 66% of wives receive a Valentine’s gift, compared with 69% of boyfriends and 76% of girlfriends.

Still need a Valentine’s Day gift? Check out our top gifts for 2016.

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