Get up to £200 off any flight via credit card points

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Full members of credit card Yonder can now redeem points on any flight booking via its app.

Rewards credit card Yonder is now allowing its customers to use their rewards points to pay for flights with any airline, anywhere, at any time.

The new feature means full members – who pay £15 per month – can redeem their points to cover either £50, £100 or £200 on any flights bought directly from any airline, via the Yonder app.

Yonder says the deal works for every airline, to any destination, at any time of the year with no complex steps or blackout periods, and that no coupons, activation codes or vouchers are required.

Users can complete their flight purchase and choose in the app whether to use their points to put towards the cost. Yonder card holders will need 31,250 points to cover £50 off a flight, 62,500 points to cover £100 and 125,000 points to cover £200.

This means that any rewards points redeemed by booking flights are worth 0.8p for every £1 that was spent to earn those points. This is a lower redeem rate than if a full member used their Yonder points towards their bill at a restaurant, where points would be worth up to 2.5p for every £1 spent to earn them.

If customers used the 10,000 points sign-up bonus available to new full members of Yonder, they would still need to spend £4,250 to earn enough points for £50 off a flight.

What are the Yonder membership plans?

The new points-for-flights redemption scheme is only available to Yonder’s full members. These are Yonder credit card holders who pay £15 per month.

This paid-for plan comes with 1 month’s free membership and a 10,000 points bonus for signing up. Users can earn 5 points per £1 spent, get free worldwide family travel insurance and spend abroad with no transaction fees. They also get a metal card.

There’s also a free Yonder plan, where users earn 1 point for every £1 spent and can spend abroad with no fees. There’s the option to pay £5 for a physical card, although it will be a traditional plastic card rather than a metal one. The new points-for-flights rewards feature isn’t available to these Yonder customers.

Where is Yonder available?

Originally, Yonder was available only in London. The latest move by Yonder follows its recent expansion to Manchester, Bristol and Bath.

Yonder started out by letting its card holders exchange their rewards points for eating-out experiences in their home city, and more recently, users have been able to use their Yonder points further afield at selected UK holiday accommodation and some online flower delivery services.

The card on Yonder’s paid for plan comes with a representative APR of 66.7% (variable), while the card on Yonder’s free plan has a representative APR of 32.9% (variable).

Yonder credit cards are designed for people with no or little credit history, to help them build their score.

If you want to find our more about credit cards that come with rewards, you can compare the latest deals in our rewards cards comparison guide.

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