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Instant access to an overview of all your online financial accounts, which can help you get a grip of your money.

Money Dashboard update, October 2023

Money Dashboard has announced the closure of its Money Dashboard Neon and Classic apps on 31 October 2023. The budgeting app said it could not find a sustainable business model for its apps and therefore it is unable to continue supporting the services. From 31 October, any open accounts will be closed and deleted, and any bank connections will be disconnected. Click here to compare other budgeting apps that are available in the UK.

Money Dashboard is an award winning personal finance assistant and budget planner that aims to help people make better spending choices by showing them all their finances, clearly, in one place.

What is Money Dashboard?

Founded in 2010 and based in Edinburgh, Money Dashboard gives you a clear overview of your spending using graphs and tables. You are able to add multiple current accounts, savings accounts and credit cards to your dashboard.

Money Dashboard is available on Web, Android and iOS.

How does Money Dashboard work?

  • Sign up, add your accounts and start using Money Dashboard for free. Once you complete the sign up form you can begin adding any accounts or credit cards you have. These can all be viewed on one screen, giving you an overview of all your finances. There is no fee for using Money Dashboard.
  • Automated tagging. Money Dashboard automatically groups, tags and displays your recent transactions, showing you when and where you’re spending your money.
  • Track spending and set goals. Money Dashboard uses charts to assist with your personal financial planning. See where your money has gone in the past, then set and track goals using its budget planner.
  • Forecast your spending. The Planner feature lets you see your predicted future income, expenditure and balances.

Is Money Dashboard safe?

Your information will be protected by bank-level security. Money Dashboard use an Extended Validation security certificate with 256-bit encryption to protect your data.
Money Dashboard cannot move your money, it is a read-only application, which means it cannot be used for withdrawals, payments or to transfer your funds.

Pros and cons of Money Dashboard

  • All your finances in one place without having to jump between banking apps or website – great for those who use multiple building societies.
  • Intelligent insights into your budget and spending.
  • Bank-level security.
  • Can help in setting and achieving goals.
  • Supports 59 providers, including major high street banks.
  • There can be a 4-5 day buffer between making a transaction and seeing it on Money Dashboard.
  • Some may not be comfortable with sharing their online banking credentials.
  • Money Dashboard uses your data to provide insight to companies on market research. While it does not share your personally identifiable data, some users may not me comfortable with this.

Customer service information for Money Dashboard

Email support
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Branch support

What other options are available?

There are plenty of other trendy digital banking options out there. Each offers a unique spin on the idea of an app driven Mastercard or online account.


Plum is another service that can also be used through Facebook Messenger (which it was originally designed for) or through its own mobile app.

Its smart software analyses your bank account transactions to understand patterns in your income and spending habits. It calculates an amount it thinks you can realistically save each week, and automatically transfers this to a Plum account. You can also use Facebook Messenger to tell Plum to save more money into or take money back out of this account.

To discover more about how Plum works, you can visit our Plum review.

Money Dashboard CEO on how to get the best out of the app

The verdict: Is Money Dashboard worth it?

Money Dashboard is one of our favourite budgeting apps. It supports the vast majority of UK banks, can be used both through the app or via desktop and is really great at helping you categorise and visualise your spending patterns.

It does have a few drawbacks though. Some competitors, like Yolt, have a wider range of features, and Money Dashboard can sometimes be a bit clunky when you’re trying to update your accounts, or slow at recovering your transactions. Nothing major though.

Get started by visiting Money Dashboard’s website and download the app. If you have read this review and the app is not for you, you can also discover more budgeting apps.

All in all, Money Dashboard manages the hard task of making budgeting easy and fun. No matter how much you hate numbers, its graphs are really easy to read and its app design and flexibility are great for both expert and beginner users.

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