Pangea Wins Best User Experience and Fastest Transfer Awards

Tunneling their way through the Money Transfer Awards vetting process, Pangea takes the prize for both Best User Experience and Fastest Transfer. In terms of bank-to-bank transfers, Pangea only offers this from the US to Mexico. But the simplicity of its app and relevancy of the US dollar–to–Mexican peso corridor ensured it a place in our 13 finalists.

On a mission to test the best products and find those that best meet your needs, we rounded up as many international money transfers services that send money from the US. From there, we collected 1,575 data points on 35 providers, set up accounts with 22 and chose the final 13 considering price, speed, convenience, user experience and trustworthiness. We used these 13 finalists to send live transfers to France and Mexico, generated quotes for 2,430 transactions, tested provider sites to confirm that advertised information was accurate and partnered with to collect another 273 data points from 39 independent participants. This latter testing only proved that our decision to make an exception for Pangea was the right decision: It scored the highest in our usability testing that involved actual users.

We went through this intensive process because we know how important it is for consumers to get their hard-earned money to their loved ones. But this can be risky. While researching providers, we invited fraud on our bank accounts and had our funds taken only to be told that our transfers failed. But we needed to both understand the consumer’s pain points and find the fastest transfer, which Pangea won. We hope these awards bring transparency to the industry — and that consumers can learn from our investigative and comprehensive research.

Take a look at the scorecards below to see how Pangea won twice.

If you need a quick and simple way send money to Mexico, Pangea could be your best choice.

— Fred Schebesta, CEO

Outstanding Product Award logo

Best User Experience

Pangea scores the highest in our usability ratings, with 87.6% overall. A site that’s easy to understand and use is key — and based on their positive reviews and ratings, our users agree. Our users also lauded Pangea’s clear exchange rates and fees. Immediate transfers and accurate delivery estimates round out a great user experience.

Pangea Best User Experience Award
MetricScalePangeaAverage Score
Ease of sign-up and inputting transfer details1.0 (Disagree)
5.0 (Agree)
Information is easy to understand1.0 (Disagree)
5.0 (Agree)
Ease of site use1.0 (Disagree)
5.0 (Agree)
Appears credible1.0 (Disagree)
5.0 (Agree)
Site is attractive1.0 (Disagree)
5.0 (Agree)
Likely to return to this service1.0 (Disagree)
5.0 (Agree)
Time to complete sign-up and input transfer details1.0 (5 minutes or more)
6.0 (less than 1 minute)
Live transfer success rate0.0 (0%)
10.0 (50%)
20.0 (100%
Single transfer transaction0.0 (Wire to provider)
5.0 (Digital wallet)
10.0 (Single transaction)
Price quote does not require personal info0.0 (No)
5.0 (Yes)
Estimated time of delivery included in receipt0.0 (No)
5.0 (Yes)
Mobile app available in iPhone or Android0.0 (None)
1.0 (Either)
2.0 (Both)
Live chat available0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Instant approval after sign-up (US customers)0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Email or text update to recipient0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Email or text sender transfer details0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Does not require SSN for sign-up0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Does not require uploaded documentation0.0 (No)
2.0 (Yes)
Can send with recipient’s email address0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Frequency exchange rates are updated0.0 (Daily)
1.0 (More than once a day)
TOTAL (Winners scored more than 68.5 points)76.261.4
Most Trustworthy Award logo

Fastest Transfer

Immediate transfers are a good indicator of a speedy service, which is why it’s a no-brainer that Pangea won this award. Saving time by completing the whole process in one transfer reinforces how easily and quickly it can be done.

Pangea Fastest Transfer Award
MetricScalePangeaAverage Score
Shortest time to receive funds in bank account0.0 (Live transfer fail)
2.0 (9 days)
4.0 (8 days)
6.0 (7 days)
8.0 (6 days)
10.0 (5 days)
12.0 (4 days)
14.0 (3 days)
16.0 (2 days)
18.0 (1 day)
20.0 (Less than 24 hours)
Time to complete transfer sign-up and input transfer details1.0 (5 minutes or more)
2.0 (4:00–4:59 minutes)
3.0 (3:00–3:59 minutes)
4.0 (2:00–2:59 minutes)
5.0 (1:00–1:59 minutes)
6.0 (Less than 1 minute)
Instant approval after sign-up (US customers)0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Single transfer transaction0.0 (Wire to provider)
2.0 (Digital wallet)
4.0 (Single transaction)
TOTAL (Winners scored more than 25 points)27.021.2
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