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Best User Experience

This is our biggest category for the biggest winner. Outstanding is the only word to describe providers who have truly considered every facet of the money transfer process.We added up scores from our other five categories of scoring criteria to determine the top performing providers. It’s no wonder that these winners also won multiple awards in individual categories like Best User Experience, Most Convenient, Fastest Transfer and Most Trustworthy. Each category was weighted equally.See how our winners excelled in bringing you the best in foreign money transfers.


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Outstanding Product

MetricCalculationiseWorldRemitXoomSharemoneyWestern UnionRIAMoneyGramWorld FirstPaypalCircleTransfastPangeaSmall World Money Transfer
Best User ExperienceCategory Score / Total Score * 10078.278.484.581.479.459.168.750.174.467.241.087.667.7
Most ConvenientCategory Score / Total Score * 10071.463.367.351.071.444.957.165.375.542.940.853.171.4
Fastest TransferCategory Score / Total Score * 10067.783.980.680.690.322.677.458.164.571.019.487.183.9
Best Transfer RatesCategory Score / Total Score * 10088.060.060.0n/a36.
Most TrustworthyCategory Score / Total Score * 10095.558.158.153.553.537.434.242.945.277.431.056.845.2
TOTALWinners scored more than 344 points400.8343.6350.5266.6330.7222.0289.5276.4317.6344.5132.2284.5334.2
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