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You can apply for a Norwich Trust (formerly UK Credit) unsecured homeowner loan from £3,000 to £20,000, with fixed rates and no upfront fees.

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UK Credit, the sister brand of Norwich Trust, used to handle 2 types of loans. To better cater to customer needs, the company has transferred its unsecured homeowner loan accounts to Norwich Trust. UK Credit will still oversee its guarantor loan accounts.

Norwich Trust is a direct lender (not a broker) serving people who may have struggled with finances before. Its loans are designed for people who may find it hard to get a loan from high street lenders but don’t want to put forward their home as collateral.

What is an unsecured loan?

An unsecured loan is a loan that doesn’t require you to put any assets at risk should you default on the loan. A better credit score is often required to take out an unsecured loan, as there is no collateral protecting the lender.

How does a Norwich Trust unsecured loan work?

Norwich Trust’s rates are tailored to you and may vary from the advertised representative APR. You can apply in as little as a few minutes with no impact on your credit rating. Your credit rating will only be impacted when the loan is paid out. You must be a homeowner to apply for the loan.

You won’t be hit with any upfront fees, and because the interest rates are fixed, you’ll always pay the same each month. You can request an early settlement figure, which includes an early settlement interest of approximately 2 months interest and is valid for 28 days.

Key features of a Norwich Trust loan

Loan typeUnsecured Personal Loan
Loan amounts£3,000.00 to £20,000.00
Loan terms3 Years to 10 Years
Loan rate typeFixed
Product fee0%
Same-day funding available
Instant decisions in most cases
Soft-search facility available
Joint applications
Overpay without penalty
Concurrent loans allowed
Topping-up pays off existing loan and initiates a new loan
Repayment methodsDirect Debit

What is APR?

If you’re comparing any credit-based products, it won’t be long before you’ll come across the Annual Percentage Rate (APR). This figure is designed to provide an annual summary of the cost of a loan. It takes into account both interest and any mandatory charges to be paid (for example, an arrangement fee) throughout a loan.

All lenders must calculate the APR of their products in the same way and must tell you the APR before you sign an agreement. So, for consumers, it can be a handy tool for comparison.

Bear in mind, however, that lenders are only obliged to award this rate to 51% of those who take out the loan – the other 49% could pay more. That’s why it’s often referred to as the representative APR.

Am I eligible for a Norwich Trust loan?

To apply for a Norwich Trust loan, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

Available toNew or Existing Customers
Age21 to 70
ResidencyUK resident
Income£1300.00 Per Month
Credit profilesFair, Poor
Acceptance noteMinimum Applicant Income £1,300 Per Month, £1,800 Per Month if under 30.
Additional requirementsMust not have been bankrupt in the last 3 years.
Must not have been in an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA), subject to a Trust Deed or in a Debt Management Plan (DMP) in the past 12 months.
Must be a homeowner.

How do I apply for a Norwich Trust loan?

Once you have checked your eligibility and have compared all borrowing options available to you, you can apply for a Norwich Trust loan by following the below steps:

  1. Enter the amount you want to borrow and for how long on the Norwich Trust website.
  2. Fill out the application form.
  3. After running a few checks, Norwich Trust calls you to run through some of the final details.
  4. Once approved, the loan is paid directly into your bank account.

Pros and cons


  • No collateral required
  • No guarantor needed
  • Early repayment allowed
  • Poor credit history considered


  • You must be a homeowner
  • Lower borrow amount than secured loans

UK Credit customer reviews

UK Credit received positive reviews from customers, according to review platform Trustpilot. It currently has an “excellent” rating of 4.8 out of 5, based on more than 1,700 reviews (updated January 2024). Many customers were quick to praise their customer service and the straightforward process.

Customer support information

You can contact the Norwich Trust customer care team by phone on or by email at with any queries.

Our verdict

If you have had credit problems in the past, then Norwich Trust could be a good option for taking out a loan that doesn’t require you to put up your house or car as collateral or sign a guarantor. As with any loan, you should only borrow within your means. If you can’t make the repayments, you run the risk of damaging your credit score.

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