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Sunny, one of the most well-known short term lenders offers loans between £50 and £2,500.

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What is Sunny?

Sunny is the trading name of Upward Finance Ltd, an introducer appointed representative (IAR) of Flux Funding Limited, a credit broker, not a lender. Flux Funding Limited is regulated as a credit broker by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Sunny payday loan

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Name Product Available Amounts Available terms Representative APR call to action
Sunny Loan
£50 to £2,500
3 months to 36 months
Representative Example: Borrowing: £1000 for 18 months, Total Repayable: £1853.43, Total Interest: £853.43, Interest Rate (Variable): 89.9%. You can repay this loan early.

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Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to

Please note: High-cost short-term credit is unsuitable for sustained borrowing over long periods and would be expensive as a means of longer-term borrowing.

Compare Sunny loans against other short-term lenders

Table: promoted deals, sorted by total payable
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How long do you need to borrow for?

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Name Product Available Amounts Monthly repayment Total payable Link
QuidMarket Short Term Loan
£300 to £1,500
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Representative example: Borrow £300 for 3 months at a rate of 292% p.a. (fixed). Representative APR 1297.5% and total payable £454.38 in 3 instalments of £151.46.
The Money Platform Short Term Loan
£250 to £1,000
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Fund Ourselves (Welendus) Short Term Loan
£100 to £1,500
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Representative example: Borrow £200 for 122 days at a rate of 208% p.a. (fixed). Representative 504.7% APR and total payable £286.62 in 4 monthly payments of £71.71.
Moneyboat Short Term Loan
£200 to £1,500
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Representative example: Borrow £400 for 4 months at a rate of 255.5% p.a. (fixed). Representative APR 939.5% and total payable: £597.48 in 4 payments of £149.37.
Lending Stream Instalment Loan
£50 to £1,500
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Representative example: Borrow £200 for 6 months at a rate of 292% p.a. (fixed). Representative 1,333% APR and total payable £386.61 in 6 monthly payments of £64.44.
Important information:
You should always refer to your loan agreement for exact repayment amounts as they may vary from our results.

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Sunny loans overview

With no application, admin, or late payment fees, Sunny short term loans are straightforward and transparent, but like most short term loans, can be expensive.

Sunny payday loans aren’t actually “payday” loans, in the true sense. Along with many other similar lenders, Sunny opts to offer an alternative to traditional payday lending (where you’d borrow over a very short period of time, and make a single repayment on your payday). With a Sunny loan borrowers make a repayment each month, which pays off part of the capital (the original amount borrowed) as well as the interest accrued so far.

Payday loans are a bit of a dirty word, so it’s no surprise that lenders would want to distance themselves from them. However borrowing over longer periods usually works out more expensive overall, despite smaller individual repayments.

While Sunny offers flexible loan amounts between £50 and £2,500, it sets your loan term based on how much you borrow, which can limit your flexibility when it comes to repaying the loan. Repayments terms are between 3 months and 36 months.

Product NameSunny Loan
Available Amounts£50 to £2,500
Representative APR89%
New customer maximum£2,500
Loan terms3 months to 36 months
Maximum APR1,721%
Soft search eligibility check
Funding speedSunny says it processes applications 24 hours a day, every day, and usually transfers funds within 15 minutes of approval. In some cases, for larger loans, funding may be the next working day.
Repayment period optionsMonthly
Default repayment methodContinuous payment authority
Additional repayment methodsOnline payment
Repay early at any point
Parent companyUpward Finance Ltd
FCA registration number806333

How did a short term loan from Sunny work?

Once you’ve chosen the size of your loan and filled in your personal details, Sunny will assess your application, running a credit and affordability check. Having bad credit doesn’t necessarily mean your application will be declined. If your application is approved, Sunny aims to get your cash to you within 15 minutes.

Your monthly repayments will be taken via a Continuous Payment Authority (CPA), on a regular basis, on an agreed day of the month.

How much did Sunny short-term loans cost?

The cost of your loan would depend on how much you needed to borrow and the rate you receive. Sunny short-term loans had a maximum APR of 1,721%.

Pros and cons of Sunny loans


  • Flexible loan amounts
  • Quick turnaround
  • No ongoing or additional fees


  • High rates
  • Locked loan terms

Sunny Loans Eligibility

You should only apply for a Sunny loan if you’re certain you’ll be able to make the repayments, and you meet the following criteria:

ResidencyUK resident
Minimum age18
Applications from self-employed considered
Additional eligibility notesYou must not be bankrupt.
You must have a bank account and debit card, a mobile phone and a working email.

How do I apply for a loan from Sunny?

First things first, check your eligibility on the site. You need to give some basic details about yourself, including 3 years of address history. If the verdict is that you stand a good chance of being approved, you can opt to apply for the loan you have in mind. If accepted, you’ll receive your money within 15 minutes.

Are Sunny loans safe?

Sunny was the trading name of Elevate Credit International Limited until they fell into administration in 2020. Now Sunny is the trading name of Upward Finance Ltd, an introducer appointed representative (IAR) of Flux Funding Limited, a credit broker, not a lender. Under these regulations, your personal data is shared with credit reference agencies (CRA) and fraud prevention agencies.

In terms of financial security, short-term loans such as those offered by Sunny can cause financial stress, especially if you don’t make your repayments on time.

Can I change my loan?

Sunny offers a very respectable level of flexibility. You can repay early at anytime and only pay interest for the days on which you borrow. You also have a cooling-off period in which you can cancel the loan (you’ll be charged interest for the days when you had the funds though).

Option to change repayment date
Repay early at any point
Repaying early can reduce overall interest
Interest is only applied to days where funds are outstanding
Multiple loans allowed at the same time
Phone number0800 0485781

The verdict

Like most short-term lenders, Sunny provides convenient loans with quick turnaround and short repayment terms. As with any short-term finance option, a Sunny loan is likely to be one of the most expensive forms of borrowing available and should only be considered as a last resort.

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