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The video streaming service for nitpicky film buffs.

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MUBI is an online streaming service aimed the discerning cinephile. Each day the MUBI team release one new film from its handpicked selection of cult, independent and classic films, and the films are then available for viewing for 30 days. It is a great way to introduce yourself to new films and genres as MUBI aims to find the best off-beat films from around the world and classic films from recent history. It also provides a lively social network, where you can connect with other film lovers and discuss the movies you watch.

Price and Packages

ContractCost (per month)
12 Month£5.99
(£71.88 upfront payment)

With either of these plans you’ll get access to the MUBI online player. The team at MUBI release one new film per day, which will then be available to watch for 30-days from the release date. You’ll also get access to the MUBI social network, where fans of cinema can share their likes and dislikes and generally chew the fat about movies.

What devices is MUBI compatible with?

MUBI provides content through its website — a little like YouTube or Netflix — so, in theory, you can watch its content on any internet-enabled device. This includes laptops, smartphones and tablets. The movies are all available online through the MUBI web browser app, or they can be downloaded to watch offline.

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How do I sign up to MUBI?

Signing up to MUBI is simple. First of all, head over to the website using any of the links provided. When you get there you’ll see a green button in the top right-hand corner. Click this link and you’ll be taken to the subscriber page.

MUBI pros and cons


  • A handpicked selection of offbeat films designed to suit the tastes of the seasoned cinephile
  • A new movie released every day, with each movie remaining available for 30 days
  • Online social network designed to bring together lovers of film


  • No new releases, blockbusters or mainstream movies
  • No TV shows


MUBI divides opinion. Some will absolutely love it, and others will hate it. If you like classic cinema, art and independent cinema and great films from around the world, then this is a simple way to have them delivered right to your screen, and the social features are appealing. That said, people who prefer blockbuster cinema and new releases or have more mainstream tastes will probably find MUBI’s handcrafted selection challenging and uninteresting. That said, the service is priced competitively so it’s worth sampling. You might be surprised and discover films that you wouldn’t ordinarily encounter.


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