How we rate kids debit cards

Here's how we came up with ratings for kids prepaid debit cards.

Kids prepaid debit cards offer parents controls and tracking so they can allow kids some spending freedom but still keep an eye on where the money is going.

Kids prepaid debit cards

We rate the kids prepaid debit cards that we show on our site for the following features, awarding star ratings between one and five.

  • App rating. This is calculated by averaging the app’s rating in the Google Play Store and the App Store. If there’s no dedicated app for the child, a product will lose marks on this aspect.
  • Fees. We take into account additional fees you may incur in certain circumstances, for example when your child is spending abroad on their card.
  • Controls and safeguards. Kids debit card apps offer parents safeguards such as choosing where kids can spend money, and most automatically block age-restricted purchases from shops that sell only age-restricted goods. Some apps offer extra security, such as anti-fraud measures.
  • Features for kids. Some apps offer ways to help kids save for goals, or save a little when they spend. Others offer the chance to earn extra cash through chores, or educational resources.
  • Overall. This is an average of the above four scores, rounded to the nearest half point.

How do we choose our “best” kids debit cards?

We highlight products from among those we feature on the site that our analysis shows are the best fit for specific categories and we display these across our banking content. Our best picks might not be best for all circumstances so it’s important to consider what your family needs before you choose your card.

What are we looking for in our “best for” categories?

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