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Digital Kroo, assemble! (…For our review of this social banking app)

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Reviewed by Katherine Denham
Current Account
Finder score
Key benefits
Earn interest on your current account balance
Account fee
Interest (AER)
4.35% AER
Overseas card transactions

Our verdict

Kroo pays interest of 4.35% AER. Plus, it's handy for holidays or splitting dinner. No more “forgetting” to transfer, Matt.

Having a current account which gives you monthly interest is a plus as it means that your money is always working for you. We also like the concept of allowing you to easily split bills and pay friends, as well as do your bit for the environment. As long as you are happy to conduct all your banking through an app, with fee-free spending abroad included, Kroo has a lot to offer.


  • Free to use
  • In-credit interest
  • No fees for using card abroad
  • 2 trees planted for every new customer


  • Can only be accessed through the app
  • No branches or face-to-face support

In this guide

  • Our verdict
  • Details
    • Product overview
    • Fees
    • Overdraft information
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Product overview

Account name Current Account
tag iconEarn interest on your current account balance.
Provider Kroo Bank Ltd
Account fee £0
Interest (AER) 4.35%
ATM withdrawal limit £300
Debit network Visa
Card type Debit
Minimum eligibility age 18 Years
Minimum operating balance £0
Minimum opening balance £0
Direct debits
Current account switch guarantee
Cheque Book


Foreign cash currency fee in Europe £0.01
Foreign cash currency fee in rest of world £0.01
Foreign cash transaction fee in Europe £0
Foreign cash transaction fee in rest of world £0

Overdraft information

Arranged overdraft available

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How we scored Kroo

App rating★★★★★Kroo scores highly across the App Store and Google Play.
Monthly fees★★★★★Kroo is free to use, with no monthly fee.
Transaction fees★★★★★There are no transaction fees with Kroo.
Overseas fees★★★★★Fee-free spending abroad. Fee-free overseas ATM withdrawals limited to £200 a month.
Customer service★★★★★Kroo scored just above average for customer satisfaction.
Green credentials★★★★★Kroo was not included in the Finder Green Banking Awards.
Account access★★★★★Account access is limited to the mobile app only.
Payment features★★★★★Kroo’s payment features are limited to direct debits and standing orders only.
Extra features★★★★★Benefit from spending categories, an overdraft and in-credit interest.

What is Kroo?

Kroo offers a free, digital-only FSCS-protected current account and debit card, to help manage personal and social spending. Its current account has a monthly interest rate. Provided you meet the eligibility Kroo also offers a single rate overdraft.

The app offers detailed spending insights and the card won’t charge foreign exchange fees when spending money or withdrawing cash overseas. After 30 April 2024, Kroo will start charging a fee for cash withdrawals of more than £200 a month while abroad.

The bank says it’s committed to planting 2 trees for each new customer.

Kroo’s offer if simple yet effective, with just one product to choose from in the form of an interest-paying current account.”

Katherine Denham, award-winning personal finance expert

How does it work?

Kroo is a digital-only bank which has one main product, its free current account which can be opened through the app.

The current account has simple features to help you manage your money.

  • Fee free. It is free to open a Kroo current account and there are no ongoing account management fees.
  • Tracker interest rate. Kroo’s monthly interest rate tracks 0.90% below the Bank of England base rate, meaning every time the base rate changes, so will the interest you earn. You can also earn interest on balances up to £500,000.
  • Arranged overdraft. Kroo offers a single rate on overdrafts which are subject to eligibility and by invitation only.
  • Spending abroad. There are no fees for purchases made abroad when you use your Kroo card.
  • ATM withdrawals abroad. As a promotion, Kroo won’t charge you for using ATMs overseas until May 2024. Just bear in mind that many ATM providers may charge a separate fee for using their ATM.
  • Shared expenses. You can create different groups with friends or family to manage shared spending such as bills or splitting the cost of a holiday.
  • Pots. Kroo offers Pots which can help you separate your day-to-day spend from your savings.

Kroo offers fingerprint and Face ID security features, as well as the option of freezing and unfreezing the card if you lose it. Plus, when you open a Kroo current account, Kroo promises to plant 2 trees, and you get to choose where they are planted.

Is Kroo safe?

Kroo is a licensed bank, meaning that up to £85,000 deposited in its current account will be protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) if Kroo were to go bust. It also means you could complain to the Financial Ombudsman about its bank services.

PayrNet Limited, which issues the Kroo card, is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011, PayrNet must hold your money in a segregated account which is protected by safeguarding requirements. This means that should PayrNet Limited become insolvent, your funds will be protected against claims made by creditors.

Jamie likes Kroo's high interest rate on its current account

Jamie Beecher profile pic
Jamie Beecher

Old Basing

I was in the middle of buying a house and needed somewhere to put money for the short-term. Kroo had the highest interest rate I could find for a current account. I also really like Kroo's app and debit card design.

If there's one thing you'd tell a friend who's thinking of getting this, what would it be? That Kroo pays a competitive rate of interest on your current balance all the way up to £500,000.

Customer service information for Kroo

Email support
Telephone support
In-app or live chat
Contact form
Branch support

Kroo customer reviews

Kroo has received highly positive reviews from its customers, according to customer review site Trustpilot.

It currently has a score of 4.4 out of 5 from more than 9,600 reviews (updated April 2024), giving it an “Excellent” rating. Those who rated it highly commented on the user friendly app and helpful customer service, as well as the easy application process.

Those customers who gave the bank a lower rating said they had problems opening their account and difficulty contacting the customer service team.

On the App Store, Kroo has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 from more than 12,000 reviews (updated April 2024). It has a rating of 4.2 out of 5 from more than 6,000 reviews on Google Play (updated April 2024).

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