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Personal trainer insurance offers protection for fitness, sports and activity instructors in the event of a claim made against them for professional negligence, injury, damage to property or breaching client confidentiality.

Do personal trainers need business insurance?

If you’re self employed or you run your own business, there’s always the potential for things to go wrong and this is just as true for personal trainers. Just imagine these two scenarios:

  • You have an accident during a session and you are at fault.
  • You’re client is unhappy with your advice and feels like you’re negligent.

Both situations could result in you paying high levels of compensation. The right types of personal trainer insurance can help you cover moments like these.

What type of business insurance do personal trainers need?

Although your specific needs might vary, public liability and professional indemnity cover should be at the top of every personal trainer’s list:

  1. Public liability insurance. This covers you from third party damage or injury.
  2. Professional indemnity insurance. This covers you from providing negligent advice.

professional indemnity insurance

Professional indemnity insurance

If one of your clients ends up injured as a result of your training guidance or fitness advice, you could end up in hot water. PI insurance will protect you if someone is injured from your services and decides to sue.

  • Required

public liability insurance

Public liability insurance

If you own a physical business (e.g. a gym) and someone injures themselves on the equipment or even in the bathroom, public liability insurance can protect you. It also covers you on someone’s property elsewhere e.g a client’s home.

  • Required

personal accident insurance

Personal accident insurance

What would happen if you had an accident yourself and you could no demonstrate proper form to your clients? Personal accident insurance can offer a source of income for a short period of time if you can’t do your job as a result of an accident.

  • Recommended

What types of personal trainer insurance do I need for my situation?

Not every personal training work setup is the same. In general however, there are type of insurance you should keep an eye out for based on your circumstances.

You’re employed by the gym or fitness venue

Most gyms provide some form of public liability insurance to cover you if you’re under contract – although it’s best to double check with your workplace, just in case. If you’re a sole trader who rents out a space , you may need to get your own public liability insurance.

You’re self-employed or have your own business

Bite the bullet and get public liability insurance. You’ll thank yourself if something happens as you’re effectively covered for most fitness activities (some ventures like boxing, swimming and self-defence etc may need specialist types of cover). Imagine running a cross-training session in the park and having one of your clients hurt themselves using your equipment. You could be held responsible in this situation.

Another form of cover to consider is professional indemnity insurance. This helps for situations where you provide negligent advice or service that causes your client to suffer a “loss”. If you offer advice or service to your clients and you happen to make an error that leads to your client suffering a loss, you may be found liable and forced to pay damages

How does professional indemnity insurance work for personal trainers?

As a fitness instructor or personal trainer, you provide advice and service to your customers on a daily basis such as about diet, home exercise programs, or a cardio or weights regime.

Your responsible for your service or advice – PII covers this

If a client or another third party alleges that your professional advice or service was negligent, incorrect or misleading and resulted in them suffering a loss, they may file a claim that you have breached your duty as a professional.

You hope it never happens, but if it does you’ll want to be covered

You may think this is highly unlikely to happen, but all it takes is one disgruntled client to damage your business. Even a claim that is based on false allegations can end up costing a significant amount of time, money and stress. Professional indemnity insurance can cover:

  • Defending yourself against a claim
  • Any compensation you are required to pay

Having this cover in place can give you the confidence you need to survive any legal action and leave you to focus on the more important things like running your business.

How does public liability insurance work for personal trainers?

If you work in an occupation where members of the public visit your home or business, or where you visit members of the public at their home, then it’s wise to have this kind of cover. For example, your client could claim that you:

  • Did not provide adequate supervision,
  • Did not properly maintain equipment,
  • Did not provide proper instruction for its use,
  • Or even that you sexually harassed them

This is why public liability insurance is sensible. Defending yourself against such claims can be incredibly costly and time-consuming, not to mention stressful. Even if the client’s claim is completely false, a legal battle is still an expensive endeavour.

Public liability can help alleviate some of the stress.

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