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Compare and save money on your credit card and online shopping purchases is made by the founders of successful Australian comparison website We are busy behind the scenes building to expand our comparison and help more people across the world find better deals. We are preparing to launch globally very soon so stay tuned!

At you will be able to research and compare credit card offers and online shopping coupon codes to help you save money in just a few minutes. The first comparison we have launched on is our New Zealand credit card comparison service helping New Zealanders compare and save money on their credit cards. We also have information on mortgages, travel insurance, personal loans, money transfers and more.

Stay tuned as we plan to launch many more comparisons to assist you in finding the best deals out there!

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Articles and Guides

Why the SEC turned down nine bitcoin ETFs


August 23rd, 2018

Rejections aside, there’s still one more commodity-backed bitcoin ETF due for review in late September.

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SEC subpoenas Long Blockchain company

SEC small

August 02nd, 2018

This is not the first time the US regulator has issued a subpoena to a blockchain-focused business entity.

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McDonald’s MacCoin is cryptocurrency and a security


July 31st, 2018

The MacCoin is a cryptocurrency, and the promotion is arguably an illegal securities sale.

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CFTC warns crypto customers of fraud and false promises

cryptocurrency bitcoin small

July 17th, 2018

The regulatory body insists potential buyers research coins and exercise caution to avoid fraud and failure.

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SEC commissioner to cryptocurrency: Talk to us, we need to learn

magnifiying glass crypto small

May 10th, 2018

“Technological progress should not be bound by the limits of the regulator’s lawyerly imagination.”

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Analysis: Is Ether a security? Will it pass the Howey Test?

shutterstock ether crypto logo 450x250

May 06th, 2018

Ether might pass the Howey Test, but that doesn’t automatically qualify it as a security in this case.

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Overstock reveals tZERO trading platform

trading platform small

April 09th, 2018

The software displays positions, portfolio balance, token values, order history and market data.

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SEC alleges celeb-endorsed ICO was a fraud

Mayweather small

April 03rd, 2018

Funds raised in the Centra Tech ICO were supposedly intended to build a suite of financial products.

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KODAKCoin licensing revenue revealed: SEC

KODAKCoin small

March 16th, 2018

The coin will be traded via KODAKOne, an encrypted digital ledger of photographer rights ownership.

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Why Wyoming’s new utility token bill may be redundant

Wyoming flag USA flag small

March 09th, 2018

Federal regulators say ICO developers who sell tokens to US residents are considered money transmitters.

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