How to Send Money to Togo Cheaply

Information verified correct on December 5th, 2016


Want to send a fast, affordable and secure international money transfer to Togo? Here’s how to do it.

While an unofficial estimate in 2008 put the Togolese American population at 2,500, the US and Togo generally have a good international relationship. The US maintains an embassy in Lomé, the capital city of Togo, and more than 2,200 Peace Corps volunteers have served in the country in 1962.

There are plenty of options to choose from if you want to send money to Togo – you just need to find the money transfer provider that offers the most affordable and reliable deal.

Banks versus money transfer companies

Banks are the first option for many people who send money overseas, but if you want to save money they should be one of your last choices. Banks offer low exchange rates and charge high fees for international transfers, so you can save yourself a big stack of money if you use a specialist money transfer company.

These companies, like TransferMate and MoneyGram, typically provide better exchange rates than banks, alongside lower transfer fees. This means you can send your money safely and securely, but you can also do so for a whole lot cheaper.

Case Study: Nick Sends Money to Togo

Nick has relocated to the United States with his wife and kids to work, but when his parents back home in Lomé get into financial trouble he is only too happy to help. He promises to send them $1,000 to help pay off their debts but, rather than taking the disappointing exchange rate offered by his bank, he shops around and finds two money transfer companies willing to offer a much more affordable transaction.

Money transfer company 1Money transfer company 2
Exchange rate1 USD = 585.060 XOF1 USD = 570.195 XOF
Transfer fee$0$16
Transfer methodCash pickup or bank account depositCash pickup
Processing time1 hour for cash pickup, 3-4 business days for bank deposit10 minutes
Amount received (in XOF)585,060 XOF570,195 XOF

As you can see, Nick can send almost 15,000 XOF extra (and avoid paying a transfer fee) if he uses the first company.

How to compare transfer companies when transferring money to Togo

  • Exchange rates. How high (or low) is the company’s exchange rate when compared to the competition?
  • Fees. How much will you have to pay per transfer and does this amount differ based on the amount you send or the transfer method you select?
  • Transfer methods. What do you need to do to place a transfer? Can you visit a website, make a phone call, visit a branch or use a smartphone app?
  • Transfer options. Can you get better value for money by placing limit orders or forward contracts? Can you save time by arranging repeat transfers?
  • Turnaround time. How long will the transfer take from the moment you hand over the cash to the moment your recipient can access the funds?
  • Minimum limit. If a minimum transfer limit applies, how high is it? Is there a maximum transfer limit?
  • Pickup methods. Can your beneficiary collect the cash from a transfer agent or will they need to wait for it to be deposited into their bank account?
  • Customer service. Can you rely on phone, email and online customer support if you ever need help.
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How to send money to Togo from America

  • Bank transfers. Transfer the funds from your American bank account to a bank account in Togo.
  • Online money transfer providers. Companies like TransferMate can help you send secure and affordable transfers.
  • Money transfer companies with cash pickup options. Western Union and MoneyGram offer fast and secure transfers, with the cash available for pickup from agent locations throughout Togo.
  • Checks. Ask your bank about how to send a check overseas.
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Emergency cash transfers in Togo

You’ve just had an urgent phone call from your family in Togo — they need money as soon as possible to settle a debt. Happily, sending an instant (or thereabouts) transfer is quite easy, but you will have to fork out more for the privilege. Higher fees and poor exchange rates apply to emergency transfers, so make sure you closely check all the details of any transaction before you commit to it. This will prevent any nasty surprises when you realise you’ve paid much more than you wanted to.

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Cash pickup locations in Togo / Western Union / MoneyGram branches in Togo

If you want the funds you send to be available for collection from a transfer agent in Togo, Western Union and MoneyGram can help. The two companies operate extensive worldwide transfer networks and make it easy to send funds overseas. Just make sure your recipient takes photo ID and a transaction reference number when they go to collect the cash. Some popular pickup locations are listed below:

Western Union


Agence Ceca Agoe

Pr Leader Price Agoe

Lomé, 12874


Agence Principale Oratg

11 Avenue Du 24 Janvier

Lomé, Golfe



MGPCC Dekawowo Atakpame



Coopec Ad Atakpame



Open 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday, 7am to 6pm Saturday



Noour Voyages


Rue Blitta Tokoin 79

Lomé, 2870


Open 7:30am to 7pm Monday to Saturday

Orabank – Agence Baguida

A cote de la station d’essence MRS

Lomé, 65


Open 7am to 7pm Monday to Saturday



Place Marche Du



Open 7:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Saturday


Route Nationale N Novissi 1

Atakpame, 3451


Open 7:30am to 4pm Monday to Friday, 9am to 2:30pm Saturday

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Tips for picking up cash in Togo

  • Avoid cash pickup locations in unsafe areas
  • Ask a friend to join you when you go to pick up the cash
  • Don’t display your cash in public
  • Don’t carry a large amount of cash around in your wallet – deposit it with your bank or in a hotel safe
  • Stay aware of your personal security at all times
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How to send money to Togo

The first step when sending a transfer is to provide a bit of information about yourself – name, contact information, address etc. A valid form of photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, will also be required.

Once that’s done you can provide details about your recipient (name, contact details) and your transaction, including the amount and currency you are transferring and where you wish to send it.

You can then pay for your transaction by cash, bank deposit, credit card or debit card, depending on the company you choose. Keep track of any reference number you are given so that you can check up on the progress of your funds.

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