Companies that are as big as countries: Live market cap map

We’ve compared the market cap of the world’s largest companies with the GDP of each country to give a sense of just how big some publicly traded corporations have become, especially if you are looking at buying shares. This is a live map that is updated daily. Tap or hover over a country to learn more about it’s relative size compared to a company.

Have you ever wondered how large the world’s biggest companies really are? By comparing market capitalisation of companies (the total value of all outstanding shares) against the Gross Domestic Product of each country in the world to find the closest, you can get a sense of just how large and powerful many companies are. In fact, there are only a handful of countries around the world that have a bigger GDP than the market cap of any public company, while Amazon, Apple and Tesla have a larger market cap than the GDP of almost every country in the world.


  • Tesla’s market cap of $500.36 billion is closest to the GDP of Norway
  • Apple’s market cap of $2.67 trillion is closest to the GDP of France
  • Amazon’s market cap of $1.91 trillion is closest to the GDP of Italy

A closer look at Apple (market cap: $2.67 trillion)

Countries with a smaller GDP than Apple’s market cap

Countries whose GDPs combined match Apple’s market cap

Raw data

Estimated gross domestic product (GDP) by country

Market caps of the largest or well-known companies

CountryGDP (USD)
US $23.32 trillion
China $17.73 trillion
Japan $4.37 trillion
Germany $4.12 trillion
UK $3.13 trillion
India $3.82 trillion
France $2.81 trillion
French Guiana (with France) $2.96 trillion
Italy $1.99 trillion
Canada $2.33 trillion
South Korea $1.81 trillion
Russia $1.78 trillion
Brazil $2.06 trillion
Australia $1.79 trillion
Spain $1.42 trillion
Mexico $1.48 trillion
Indonesia $1.39 trillion
Iran $2.04 trillion
Netherlands $1.02 trillion
Saudi Arabia $996.39 billion
Switzerland $834.60 billion
Turkey $819.03 billion
Taiwan $785.59 billion
Poland $753.88 billion
Sweden $653.96 billion
Belgium $596.74 billion
Thailand $580.69 billion
Ireland $549.09 billion
Austria $472.69 billion
Nigeria $574.27 billion
Israel $564.15 billion
Argentina $643.80 billion
Norway $486.37 billion
South Africa $422.34 billion
UAE $405.47 billion
Denmark $393.98 billion
Egypt $471.36 billion
Philippines $425.66 billion
Malaysia $467.46 billion
Vietnam $469.62 billion
Bangladesh $484.76 billion
Chile $347.57 billion
Colombia $361.94 billion
Finland $283.51 billion
Romania $311.55 billion
Pakistan $342.50 billion
Czech Republic $314.72 billion
Portugal $261.17 billion
New Zealand $253.58 billion
Peru $253.76 billion
Greece $226.35 billion
Iraq $273.92 billion
Kazakhstan $243.40 billion
Ukraine $181.04 billion
Hungary $195.63 billion
Qatar $234.03 billion
Algeria $190.25 billion
Kuwait $172.59 billion
Morocco $150.59 billion
Western Sahara (with Morocco) $126.04 billion
Slovakia $116.53 billion
Kenya $117.56 billion
Cuba $126.69 billion
Ecuador $120.29 billion
Ethiopia $126.19 billion
Dominican Republic $122.32 billion
Luxembourg $84.03 billion
Guatemala $95.60 billion
Sri Lanka $85.31 billion
Oman $110.79 billion
Bulgaria $89.33 billion
Ghana $70.09 billion
Angola $135.56 billion
Tanzania $84.93 billion
Ivory Coast $69.76 billion
Myanmar $63.56 billion
Belarus $91.99 billion
Uzbekistan $91.90 billion
Lebanon $37.94 billion
Croatia $73.49 billion
Lithuania $72.63 billion
Costa Rica $72.96 billion
Slovenia $65.20 billion
Serbia $68.68 billion
Panama $76.38 billion
Uruguay $72.99 billion
Democratic Republic of Congo $52.85 billion
Turkmenistan $82.37 billion
Azerbaijan $71.21 billion
Jordan $50.84 billion
Venezuela $86.70 billion
Cameroon $46.02 billion
Uganda $52.40 billion
Tunisia $46.02 billion
Bahrain $45.03 billion
Bolivia $45.99 billion
Latvia $42.93 billion
Paraguay $44.62 billion
Estonia $41.53 billion
Sudan $44.51 billion
Nepal $42.13 billion
El Salvador $33.42 billion
Senegal $29.77 billion
Libya $43.75 billion
Papua New Guinea $33.34 billion
Honduras $32.26 billion
Cambodia $30.71 billion
Zimbabwe $37.30 billion
Iceland $29.62 billion
Zambia $28.80 billion
Bosnia and Herzegovina $24.53 billion
Haiti $21.91 billion
Afghanistan $14.94 billion
Burkina Faso $18.95 billion
Mali $19.39 billion
Yemen $28.10 billion
Laos $19.07 billion
Gabon $21.55 billion
Benin $18.25 billion
Georgia $26.95 billion
Botswana $18.67 billion
Albania $18.84 billion
Guinea $21.74 billion
North Korea $16.75 billion
Mozambique $19.62 billion
Brunei $14.01 billion
Niger $15.52 billion
Syria $19.72 billion
Mongolia $16.60 billion
Madagascar $16.06 billion
Macedonia $13.88 billion
Armenia $19.46 billion
Nicaragua $16.96 billion
Republic of Congo $12.84 billion
Equatorial Guinea $15.58 billion
Moldova $14.33 billion
Chad $13.52 billion
Namibia $13.36 billion
Malawi $10.97 billion
Rwanda $13.12 billion
Mauritania $10.48 billion
Togo $8.99 billion
Kyrgyzstan $8.74 billion
Tajikistan $10.51 billion
Guyana $16.80 billion
Montenegro $6.67 billion
Somalia $9.01 billion
Eswatini $4.87 billion
Sierra Leone $4.00 billion
Djibouti $3.98 billion
Liberia $4.18 billion
South Sudan $4.30 billion
Burundi $4.00 billion
Greenland $3.27 billion
Suriname $3.15 billion
Central African Republic $2.64 billion
Bhutan $2.96 billion
Eritrea $2.61 billion
Gambia $2.04 billion
Belize $2.86 billion
East Timor $2.00 billion
Guinea-Bissau $1.69 billion


GDP estimates are sourced from the International Monetary Fund’s World Economic Outlook Database. In a few cases where the IMF does not have an estimate (Greenland, Cuba, North Korea), United Nations Statistics Division’s estimates are used instead. Live market caps are sourced from EOD Historical Data. When matching countries with companies, a threshold of difference between the country’s GDP and the company’s market cap has been set at 10% of the GDP. Companies included are the largest in the world by market cap or an editorial selection based on recognisability of brand. We’re only considering publicly traded companies. For the combined GDPs vs market cap map, we start with the smallest GDP and work up from there, adding countries. For ease of comparison, all monetary figures are presented in US Dollars, however this does mean that exchange rates will influence the comparison.

Note: the GDP of a country and the market cap of a company are not directly related. This map is just for illustrative purposes.

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CompanyMarket cap (USD)
Microsoft (MSFT.US) $3.07 trillion
Apple (AAPL.US) $2.67 trillion
NVIDIA (NVDA.US) $2.15 trillion
Alphabet (GOOG.US) $1.97 trillion
Saudi Aramco (2222.SR) $1.93 trillion
Amazon (AMZN.US) $1.91 trillion
Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-A.US) $864.80 billion
Eli Lilly (LLY.US) $713.81 billion
Visa (V.US) $557.37 billion
Novo Nordisk (NVO.US) $550.36 billion
Meta Platforms (FB.US) $532.17 billion
JPMorgan Chase (JPM.US) $525.28 billion
Tesla (TSLA.US) $500.36 billion
Walmart (WMT.US) $482.19 billion
Exxon Mobil Corp (XOM.US) $469.81 billion
UnitedHealth (UNH.US) $454.68 billion
Mastercard (MA.US) $428.93 billion
LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA ADR (LVMUY.US) $426.56 billion
Samsung (005930.KO) $382.03 billion
Procter & Gamble Company (PG.US) $366.95 billion
Tencent (0700.HK) $364.17 billion
ASML NV ADR (ASML.US) $357.60 billion
Johnson & Johnson (JNJ.US) $348.09 billion
Home Depot (HD.US) $332.13 billion
Toyota ADR (TM.US) $318.80 billion
AbbVie (ABBV.US) $291.56 billion
Chevron Corp (CVX.US) $290.90 billion
Bank of America Corp (BAC.US) $283.67 billion
Kweichow Moutai Co (600519.SHG) $283.53 billion (CRM.US) $269.09 billion
Nestle SA ADR (NSRGY.US) $268.37 billion
Netflix (NFLX.US) $267.24 billion
Hermes International SCA (HESAF.US) $257.83 billion
Coca-Cola (KO.US) $250.65 billion
Shell (RYDAF.US) $236.37 billion
AstraZeneca ADR (AZN.US) $212.97 billion
Adobe Systems (ADBE.US) $211.98 billion
Walt Disney Company (DIS.US) $208.89 billion
Roche ADR (RHHBY.US) $194.55 billion
McDonald’s (MCD.US) $191.95 billion
Caterpillar (CAT.US) $179.72 billion
Alibaba (BABA.US) $170.20 billion
Bank of China H (BACHF.US) $165.63 billion
Comcast Corp (CMCSA.US) $157.37 billion
Uber Technologies (UBER.US) $154.30 billion
HSBC ADR (HSBC.US) $152.57 billion
Pfizer (PFE.US) $145.47 billion
Nike (NKE.US) $140.52 billion
Unilever ADR (UL.US) $119.76 billion
Deere (DE.US) $111.51 billion
Deutsche Telekom ADR (DTEGY.US) $111.28 billion
BP ADR (BP.US) $108.13 billion
Boeing (BA.US) $104.57 billion
Airbnb Inc (ABNB.US) $99.93 billion
Starbucks (SBUX.US) $96.71 billion
Shopify (SHOP.US) $88.43 billion
Mercedes-Benz (MBG.XETRA) $85.79 billion
GlaxoSmithKline ADR (GSK.US) $81.18 billion
Axa SA ADR (AXAHY.US) $80.38 billion
Diageo ADR (DEO.US) $78.31 billion
Banco Santander SA ADR (SAN.US) $75.86 billion
Volkswagen VZO O.N. (VOW3.XETRA) $72.86 billion
BMW (BMW.XETRA) $72.34 billion
Zurich Insurance (ZURN.SW) $70.98 billion
Thomson Reuters Corp (TRI.US) $69.68 billion
Marriott International (MAR.US) $68.12 billion
PayPal (PYPL.US) $66.77 billion
Spotify (SPOT.US) $58.22 billion
Nintendo (NTDOF.US) $56.48 billion
Honda Motor Co ADR (HMC.US) $55.78 billion
Heineken (HEIA.AS) $53.85 billion
Coinbase Global (COIN.US) $53.02 billion
Capital One Financial (COF.US) $52.94 billion
3M Company (MMM.US) $50.38 billion
ANZ Bank ADR (ANZBY.US) $48.04 billion
Ford Motor Company (F.US) $48.04 billion
Block (SQ.US) $45.03 billion
Adidas ADR (ADDYY.US) $43.03 billion
Rolls-Royce (RYCEF.US) $42.93 billion
Twitter (TWTR.US) $41.09 billion
Lloyds Banking Group ADR (LYG.US) $39.72 billion
Barclays ADR (BCS.US) $34.72 billion
Natwest (NWG.US) $30.16 billion
Tesco (TSCDY.US) $24.69 billion
Roblox Corp (RBLX.US) $23.44 billion
Vodafone ADR (VOD.US) $22.65 billion
Carlsberg AS (CABGY.US) $18.63 billion
Zoom (ZM.US) $18.23 billion
Snap (SNAP.US) $17.18 billion
Domino’s Pizza (DPZ.US) $16.95 billion
Aviva ADR (AVVIY.US) $16.73 billion
Sage ADR (SGPYY.US) $14.98 billion
Nissan Motor Co ADR (NSANY.US) $14.73 billion
TransUnion (TRU.US) $13.02 billion
BT (BT-A.LSE) $12.70 billion
Afterpay (AFTPY.US) $12.26 billion
Swatch (UHR.SW) $10.85 billion
Yamaha (YAMHF.US) $9.27 billion
Rivian (RIVN.US) $8.51 billion
LG Corp (003550.KO) $8.44 billion
Puma (PUM.XETRA) $6.89 billion
Sixt SE (SIX2.MU) $6.34 billion
Marks and Spencer (MAKSF.US) $6.27 billion
Qantas Airways (QAN.AU) $6.15 billion
Yakult Honsha Co ADR (YKLTY.US) $5.89 billion
Air Canada (ACDVF.US) $4.98 billion
Shake Shack (SHAK.US) $4.03 billion
TripAdvisor (TRIP.US) $3.69 billion
Urban Outfitters (URBN.US) $3.60 billion
Ocado (OCDDY.US) $3.55 billion
Nikon Corp (NINOY.US) $3.44 billion
Just Eat Takeaway (TKAYF.US) $3.16 billion
TUI ADR (TUIFY.US) $3.12 billion
DigitalOcean (DOCN.US) $2.99 billion
Bumble (BMBL.US) $1.82 billion
Aston Martin Lagonda Global (ARGGY.US) $1.55 billion
IONQ (IONQ.US) $1.52 billion
Matterport (MTTR.US) $553.41 million
Oatly ADR (OTLY.US) $551.68 million
Eventbrite (EB.US) $524.62 million
Contextlogic Inc (WISH.US) $140.04 million
Cazoo (CZOO.US) $29.15 million