Endsleigh gadget insurance review | Pros, cons & cover options

Endsleigh gadget insurance review

In this review, you'll discover what type of cover is offered by Endsleigh gadget insurance along with pros and cons.


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Who is Endsleigh?

Endsleigh describes itself as the #1 student insurance company. It’s won a student insurance award and is the only provider recommended by the National Union Of Students. Non-students can apply for its gadget insurance, too.

In this guide, we’ll review Endsleigh’s gadget insurance, so you can see what level of cover it offers.

What cover options are available?

Endsleigh’s gadget insurance has a mix-and-match feel – you can insure gadgets, contents, bicycles and musical instruments all in one policy.

You can choose to buy:

  • £1,000 worth of cover (covering individual items up to £500)
  • £1,500 worth of cover (covering individual items up to £750)
  • £2,500 worth of cover (covering individual items up to £1,250)

This policy covers you for accidental damage, malicious damage, mechanical breakdown, theft and damage from fires or flood. Cover against accidental loss is an optional extra.

Your items will be covered all over the UK and for up to 90 days overseas.

You’ll pay no excess on claims for theft, malicious damage or arson. What’s more, the insurer says your items will be replaced within 24 hours (if stolen, lost or irreparable).

However, items are eligible for cover only if they’re less than three years old.

What is the claims process?

You can make a claim on your policy by calling Endsleigh or by filling out an online claim form. The contact details and the online form are both available on the Endsleigh website.

Even when filling out the form, you may need to speak to a member of the sales team over the phone.

You’ll need to give details of the item that was lost and how it was lost or damaged.

Managing your policy

You can manage your account via the Endsleigh website. Just click the “Account” tab in the top right corner of the screen.

How to contact Endsleigh about gadget insurance

Endsleigh has live chat service on its website, which it encourages customers to use to ask quick questions. If you need to speak to a customer service representative on the phone, the live chat staff will give you the phone number for you to call.

Pros and cons


  • Easily cover all your belongings in one policy
  • Generous individual item limits
  • No excess charged in a range of scenarios
  • Overseas cover is included for trips lasting up to 90 days


  • Only items less than three years old are eligible for cover
  • You’ll pay extra to be covered for accidental loss

Our verdict

Overall, Endsleigh offers solid gadget protection. It is renowned for covering students and is the only insurer to be recommended by the National Union of Students.

Endsleigh’s mix-and-match approach allows policyholders to fully customise their policy to only what they need, plus there’s a multi-gadget discount.

One downside is that accidental loss isn’t included as standard, although you can add it as an optional extra.

Frequently asked questions about Endsleigh gadget insurance

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