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Ledger Stax review

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Ledger Stax Wallet
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Our verdict

The Ledger Stax provides all of the security of past Ledger hardware wallets but with a whole new level of usability.

The sleek design of the Ledger Stax is highly alluring and its features and capabilities make it one of the best hardware wallets on the market today for safely managing your crypto assets on a day-to-day basis.

That being said, what the Ledger Stax has to offer comes at a price.

The device will retail for US$250, which is more than the Nano X at US$149 and a lot more than the Nano S Plus at US$79.

So, if you're shopping for a hardware wallet on a budget and don't plan to use your hardware wallet all that often, you might want to think twice before shelling out the US$250 for this device.

Storing the private keys to your crypto is one of the riskiest aspects of investing in the asset class. Do your homework on all crypto wallets before deciding which is best for your assets and financial goals.

Hardware wallets are widely considered the safest way to store your crypto, especially if you plan on holding for the long term.


  • Large electronic ink (e-ink) touchscreen
  • Enables clear signing for transactions with smart contracts
  • Wireless Qi charging
  • Bluetooth-enabled
  • Strong casing (mix of aluminium and plastic)
  • Sleek design (designed by the creator of the iPod)


  • Most expensive Ledger hardware wallet
  • Can't stake many cryptos via Ledger Live

In this guide

  • Our verdict
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Don't invest unless you're prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 mins to learn more.

Stax pre-orders now closed

Ledger temporarily closed Stax pre-orders in March after selling out of its available stock. You can request to be notified when orders have been re-opened.

The Ledger Stax is the latest hardware wallet from Ledger. The Ledger Stax offers the same level of security as Ledger's other wallets – including the Nano X and the Nano S Plus – but with a new level of usability.

The Ledger Stax has a touchscreen that allows you to sign transactions in a more convenient way than any previous Ledger wallet. Because the device is Bluetooth-enabled, you can use it in conjunction with your Android or iOS mobile device cord-free.

You'll be able to charge your Ledger Stax with wireless Qi charging, the same type of wireless charging supported by Samsung and Apple mobile devices. The charge can hold for months, especially if you don't use the device frequently.

And when you aren't using the device, you can customise the lock screen with one of your NFTs.

Keep in mind though that all of these new features and capabilities come at a price – a fairly steep US$279.

What's in the box?

You'll find the following items in the box:
  • 1 Ledger Stax
  • 1 USB-C to USB-C cable
  • 1 Recovery sheet
  • 1 Ledger Stax guide

Ledger Stax product features

The Ledger Stax has a number of attributes and capabilities that make it stand out from previous Ledger hardware wallets.

Sleek design

Designed by Tony Fadell – creator of the iPod – the Ledger Stax is the most attractive and visually appealing device Ledger has created thus far.

The Ledger Stax has an e-ink display that covers the front of the device and curves around its spine. The display size is 3.7 inches (672x400px). The display's colours include 16 scales of grey.

The device itself is about as thick as a stack of 5 credit cards.

Ledger Stax wallets


The Ledger Stax is the first Ledger device to have a touchscreen, which is used to both navigate on the device and sign transactions.

The only other hardware wallet with a touchscreen is the Trezor Model T, with a touchscreen that's less than half the size of the Ledger Stax.

Personalised locked home screen

You can use one of your NFTs as an image for your locked home screen.

Wireless charging

The Ledger Stax supports Qi wireless charging, the same type of wireless charging that Samsung and Apple mobile devices support.

Internal battery

Like the Nano X, the Ledger Stax has an internal battery.

Unlike the Nano X's battery – which can remain charged for about 8 hours of use – the Ledger Stax's battery can remain charged for weeks to months, depending on how frequently you use it.

Bluetooth connectivity

Also like the Nano X, the Ledger Stax can be used cord-free with the mobile version of Ledger Live on your iOS or Android device.

The device's Bluetooth connectivity combined with its touchscreen make it the most convenient yet secure hardware wallet for managing your crypto on the go.

Embedded magnets

The Ledger Stax has magnets built into it, allowing you to attach it to magnetic surfaces and better conceal it when not in use.

Stack of Ledger Stax wallets

Enables clear signing

All Ledger devices enable clear signing, but it's worth noting that the Ledger Stax enables this process and why this is important.

Clear signing helps reduce your vulnerability to hacks and phishing attacks when having your assets engage with smart contracts .

The opposite of clear signing is blind signing. Often when you only use a software wallet for a smart contract transaction, you are blind signing – or approving the transaction based on trust instead of verifying all the details.

When you sign a transaction using your Ledger and a supported dapp – for instance through the Ledger Live app – you are able to verify the transaction through the clear signing process. This gives you additional details to verify, which allows you to better assess transactions and avoid scams.

Ledger Stax price

The Ledger Stax costs US$279.

This makes it the most expensive Ledger hardware wallet on the market today, as the Nano X retails for US$149 and the Nano S Plus for US$79.

The Trezor Model T is the most comparable in price, retailing for US$179.

Where to buy the Ledger Stax in the UK

You can pre-order the Stax on Ledger's official site.

The device will also be available at other official retailers in the future.

Ledger Stax coin support

You can manage 500+ coins and tokens when you use your Ledger Stax with its native software, Ledger Live.

You can expand the range of supported assets by using your Ledger Stax in conjunction with a third-party wallet. This allows you to manage over 5,000 coins and tokens as well as NFTs on multiple blockchains.

Managing NFTs on the Ledger Stax

You can manage NFTs on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains with your Ledger Stax when you use it with Ledger Live.

You can also manage NFTs on a number of other blockchains when you use your Ledger Stax in conjunction with a third-party wallet.

Ledger Stax against mobile device

Ledger Stax security

The Ledger Stax is secured by a Secure Element chip – the same chip used to secure data for passports and credit cards and the same used in the Nano X and the Nano S Plus.

All Ledger devices have passed a Common Criteria (CC) for Information Technology Security Evaluation – an international standard for banking cards and state requirements – with a CC Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) 5+ certificate.

The CC EAL 5+ certification ensures that a device has the highest level of security against penetration tests (hacks).

Ledger wallet specs compared

Ledger Stax Ledger Nano S Plus Ledger Nano X
Ledger Stax
Finder score
Ledger Nano S Plus
Finder score
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Ledger Nano X
Finder score
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Dimensions 85 x 54 x 6mm 62.39 x 17.40 x 8.24mm 72 x 18.6 x 11.75mm
Weight 45.2g 21g 34g
Screen size 3.7in curved screen; 672 x 400px 128 x 32px 128 x 64px
Screen type e-ink OLED OLED
Coin support 5,500+ 5,500+ 5,500+
Apps that can run simultaneously Up to 100 Up to 100 Up to 100
Storage capacity 1.5 MB 1.5MB 2MB
Battery life Several months when left unused with no charge No battery 8 hours
Connection type USB-C to UCB-C; Bluetooth USB-A to USB-C USB-A to USB-C; Bluetooth
Native NFT support
Security rating CC EAL5+ CC EAL5+ CC EAL5+
Mobile phone compatibility Android, iOS Android Android, iOS
Supported desktop OS Windows 10+, macOS 12+, Linux Ubuntu LTS 20.04+ Windows 8.1+, macOS 10.14+, and Linux Ubuntu LTS 16.10 Windows 8.1+, macOS 10.10+, and Linux
Price (USD) $279 $79 $149

Ledger Stax alternatives

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