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Find out how much it might cost to insure your Citroen Xsara, and what you can do to keep your premiums low.

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The Citroen Xsara was first produced in 1997, and remained a popular vehicle until production was ceased in 2006. This car was a familiar sight on UK roads during its lifetime, and continued to live on in the popular Citroen Xsara Picasso.

Keep reading to see how much insuring a Citroen Xsara would cost you.

What insurance group does the Citroen Xsara fall under?

All vehicles are assigned a specific insurance group that ranges from 1 (cheapest) to 50 (most expensive), which helps to determine the cost of your premium. Citroen Xsara models can be found in insurance groups ranging from 11 to 27, meaning costs will typically be a cheap price for car insurance. As an example, a 30-year-old driver in an average postcode could pay around £692 for cover on a Citroen Xsara 1.4i L 5d that is in insurance group 11 or around £822 for a Citroen Xsara 2.0i 16V SX 5d Auto that is in insurance group 27. This shows the impact on premium pricing that occurs when one car is in a much higher insurance group.

Model / Version Group (1-50) 20yrs 30yrs 40yrs 50yrs Get quote
1.4i L 5d 11 £1,889 £692 £667 £598 Get Quote
1.9 D L 5d 15 £1,769 £668 £649 £586 Get Quote
2.0 HDi L 5d 17 £2,177 £653 £646 £574 Get Quote
1.4 HDi Forte 5d 13 £2,124 £697 £683 £644 Get Quote
1.4i Forte 5d 13 £2,124 £697 £683 £644 Get Quote
1.4 HDi Desire 5d 13 £2,124 £697 £683 £644 Get Quote
1.4i Desire 5d 13 £2,124 £697 £683 £644 Get Quote
1.6i 16V Desire 5d (11/03) 17 £2,177 £653 £646 £574 Get Quote
1.6i 16V Desire 5d (2/03) 17 £2,177 £653 £646 £574 Get Quote
2.0 HDi Desire 5d 17 £2,177 £653 £646 £574 Get Quote
2.0 HDi Desire (110bhp) 5d (11/03) 19 £1,914 £699 £688 £648 Get Quote
2.0 HDi Desire (110bhp) 5d (2/03) 19 £1,914 £699 £688 £648 Get Quote
2.0 HDi Desire (110bhp) 5d Auto 19 £1,914 £699 £688 £648 Get Quote
1.4 HDi LX 5d 13 £2,124 £697 £683 £644 Get Quote
1.4i LX 5d 13 £2,124 £697 £683 £644 Get Quote
1.6i 16V LX 5d 17 £2,177 £653 £646 £574 Get Quote
1.6i 16V LX 5d Auto 17 £2,177 £653 £646 £574 Get Quote
2.0 HDi LX 5d 17 £2,177 £653 £646 £574 Get Quote
2.0 HDi LX (110bhp) 5d 19 £1,914 £699 £688 £648 Get Quote
2.0 HDi LX (110bhp) 5d Auto 19 £1,914 £699 £688 £648 Get Quote
2.0 HDi SX 5d 17 £2,177 £653 £646 £574 Get Quote
1.6i 16V SX 5d 19 £1,914 £699 £688 £648 Get Quote
2.0 HDi SX (110bhp) 5d 19 £1,914 £699 £688 £648 Get Quote
2.0i 16V SX 5d 27 £5,209 £822 £796 £726 Get Quote
2.0i 16V SX 5d Auto 27 £5,209 £822 £796 £726 Get Quote

    Average Citroën Xsara insurance cost

    To provide you with an idea of how much it could cost you to insure your Citroen Xsara, we ran a selection of quotes to find an average figure. Our results estimated that you could insure your Citroen Xsara with a comprehensive policy for the average cost of £64.32 a month, or £706.12 a year. To run these quotes, we used the following information:

    • The car is a 2005 model
    • The driver is a 30-year-old teacher from London
    • Manual transmission
    • Petrol
    • 10,000 mileage per year
    • Factory fitted Thatcham approved alarm system
    • Used for social, domestic and commuting purposes
    • The car is not modified
    • The car is parked in a car park during the day
    • The car is parked on a driveway at night
    • Five years no claims discount
    • No driving or other convictions for the past 5 years

    Which factors affect my Citroen Xsara insurance rate?

    There are a wide variety of factors that may influence your premium rate. Some of these factors include:

    • Your age, marital status, job and where you live
    • The model and age of your car
    • Your car’s safety rating, security and any anti-theft precautions
    • Annual mileage
    • Your car usage
    • The size of your car’s engine
    • No claims discount

    How can I save on my Xsara car insurance?

    Whilst car insurance is a must, it shouldn’t leave you with a hole in your pocket, so we’ve put together a list of tips for you to try that may help you to lower your premiums. Our advice:

    • Pay annually rather than monthly. By paying annually, you could save an average of £65.72 a year.
    • Make yourself a secure investment. The more you appeal to your provider, the more likely it is that you will be rewarded with lower premiums. By keeping a clean history of no claims and a good credit rating, you may find yourself saving some money!
    • Be economical about your car usage. Limiting your car usage will help to keep mileage, and thus your premiums, low.
    • Don’t just accept your renewal quote. Renewal quotes aren’t always the best offers out there, so make sure you shop around to find the price that’s right for you.
    • Install extra safety precautions. Providers don’t like to insure risks, so by investing in some extra safety measures, you may save money on your premiums.
    • Avoid driving convictions. Convictions of any kind will increase your premiums, so do your best to avoid any.

    Facts about the Citroën Xsara

    • The design of the Citroen Xsara was a development on the Citroen ZX and the Peugeot 306.
    • A World Rally Car was created, called the Xsara WRC, that was based on the normal Xsara. It was one of the most successful cars ever to compete, and won the Autosport Rally Car of the Year award from 2003 to 2005.
    • Despite being discontinued in Europe in 2004, the Xsara continues to be offered in China.

    Bottom line

    The Citroen Xsara wasn’t necessarily and exciting car when it was brand new. Now, they’ve been out of production for 15 years. Even so, they’re not particularly cheap to insure. The tips in this guide will help you to keep your premiums a bit lower.

    Frequently asked questions

    *Based on data provided by Consumer Intelligence Ltd, (Mar ’24). 51% of car insurance customers could save £539.54
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