Compare BT business broadband deals

BT is the largest broadband provider in the UK, providing a wide range of broadband plans specifically to cater for business needs.

BT’s fibre optic broadband service, BT Infinity, is now available throughout most of the UK using the Openreach network. You can check if it is available where you are by checking the website.

In September 2016, BT was one of seven companies to sign up for Ofcom’s ‘Voluntary Business Broadband Speeds Code of Practice’. This means that the companies must provide accurate, transparent information on business broadband services at point of sale, manage business customers’ speed problems, and allow customers to exit the contract without penalty if the speed falls below a certain threshold.

What comes included with a BT business broadband plan?

Every business broadband plan BT offers comes with the following as standard:

  • BT Business Smart Hub – Their strongest an most efficient router ever. The Smart Hub will always find you the best connection, and is already set up for future increases in network speed, upgrades and more devices.
  • Access to 5 million BT wi-fi UK hotspots – Get free, unlimited data when you’re connected to a BT wi-fi hotspot. You will get one BT wi-fi unlimited subscription as the account holder.
  • 24/7 broadband support – BT will either aim to remotely fix your broadband fault 24 hours a day, or will send an engineer out to fix the fault within 2 working days, or by the end of the next working day for more premium packages.
  • Up to 10 email addresses – You can personalise these for different areas in your business to avoid clogging up your inbox.
  • Upgrade your broadband at any time – Change to any superior service in your area, anytime you want.

What is a 'static IP'?

Each device connected to the internet has an “Internet Protocol” address. These are normally “dynamic”, meaning they change over time, or with each connection to a network. A static IP address is always the same, and allows you to access more advanced internet features, such as running a server, hosting a website or setting up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) so your employees can access your server remotely.

Most business broadband plans come with one or more static IPs, and you can generally pay extra to add more to your deal.

What extra features can you add on to a BT business broadband plan?

  • BT sport app for smartphone and tablet – New customers to premium or infinity broadband are being offered access to BT sport on their phone or tablets. You’ll get a BT ID and password when you place an order, so you can start watching straight away.
  • Microsoft office 365 – You will get a single user licence for MS Office 365, the online office applications, for the length of your broadband contract.
  • PC and Mac support for up to 3 devices 24/7With Premium Broadband and Premium Infinity you will get 24 hour tech support for up to 3 PCs or Macs. They will be available to offer you remote tech support 24/7, and if needs be they can securely takeover your computer to fix any problems you might have.
  • IT support for PCs, Macs, devices and servers 24/7 – Offering 24/7 remote technical support for your broadband, PCs, Macs, smartphones, tablets, servers and software.
  • Static IP address – Home broadband plans usually come with a dynamic IP address. A static IP address allows you to access more advanced internet features, such as running a server, building a website or having an email address with your own personalised domain.
  • Mozy Backup – Automatic online backup/recovery protection for laptops and desktops. A simple, automatic and secure way to protect your data in the case of viruses, floods, theft etc. Available in 10GB, 50GB and 100GB when you choose your broadband option.
  • BT PC Security – Complete internet security and antivirus protection, in association with McAfee®, for PC only.
  • Discounted mobile plans – Add a mobile or SIM-only plan to your broadband package and get your mobile plan.

Other BT business services

BT can also provide ISDN and VoIP connections for voice communications instead of traditional landlines. An ISDN connection allows the transmission of voice and data over ordinary telephone wires, resulting in better voice quality. A VoIP system converts your call into data and uses the internet to connect your call, which is more secure, reliable and results in better quality calls

BT also offer their BTnet leased line. For a higher fee, BT will let you rent an entire line, meaning you dont have to share with anyone else. This will allow for a more reliable connection, symmetrical upload and download speeds and generally much higher connection speeds.

Who are Openreach?

You also might have heard of Openreach, a subsidiary of BT which owns all of the pipes and telephone lines which connect nearly all of the UK to the internet. In 2016 BT agreed with Ofcom to make Openreach a separate company with its own staff and management.

The decision hopes to increase competition in the industry. Openreach will have to consult with its customers, which includes Sky, TalkTalk, Vodafone, Plusnet, to “serve all of its customers equally” without being influenced by BT.

What is BT good and bad at?

  • Huge variety of plans. BT has plans across every type of connection for nearly every address in the UK.
  • Great add-ons. As you can see above, the additional services offered by BT on most packages are very useful. Make sure you use them to their fullest if you decide to join BT as a customer.
  • Poor customer service. The sprawling services and products offered by BT can make them very difficult to deal with when something goes wrong. From our experience, it is better to contact their customer services through an online chat than over the phone.
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