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Are you a safe and careful driver paying more than you need for your van insurance? Read our guide to help you decide if black box van insurance could help you save money on your cover.

If you need van insurance and are worried it will set you back a fair amount because you’re a young and inexperienced driver, you may be right. However, if you know you’re a good driver, you do have options including black box van insurance. Read our guide to find out how a blackbox van insurance policy could save you money.

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What is black box van insurance?

Black box or telematics van insurance policies are available to most drivers and will usually see monthly premiums calculated based on real data collected about a driver’s current performance.

Black box van insurance customers must first have a black box device fitted into their van, which uses GPS technology to continually monitor the driver’s performance on the roadshow as well as their braking habits. The van’s speed and distance travelled as well as when and where your journeys happen are also continually monitored. This data is then assessed by the insurance provider, a score is given and then the insurance premiums for the following month are calculated.

The scoring system typically ranges from 0–100, with 100 being the safest drivers. The safer a driver is, the less risk they pose on the roads and therefore premiums are lowered.

What are the benefits of black box van insurance?

Here are some of the benefits of a telematics van insurance policy:

  • Save money. This type of policy could help to decrease insurance premiums for drivers who are considered to be high risk by insurers due to their age, such as young, inexperienced drivers and experienced, older drivers in their 70s and beyond. Having a premium based on a person’s current driving and braking habits rather than their age could lower premiums that could otherwise be high.
  • Drive better. You may find that black box insurance actually improves your driving over time. As you’ll get regular reports, feedback and scores of your driving, you may want to achieve a higher performance score from your insurer.
  • Additional monitoring and analysis. By having a black box device fitted to a van, other monitoring and analysis may be included as standard such as anti-theft tracking or accident alert. Data can be shared in the event of a claim being made to find out what actually happened.
  • Safety checks. If a driver is involved in an accident, some black box van insurers monitoring the impact will try to make contact with the driver or contact emergency services if necessary, which could be priceless in the event of a serious accident.

Is black box insurance right for me?

Having a “black box” fitted to your van to monitor your driving could result in discounts if you genuinely drive safely. But just as premiums can decrease with safe and careful driving, premiums can also increase with poor driving.

If you’re a young and inexperienced van driver, chances are you’ll pay some of the highest premiums out there. That’s because insurers tend to lump you into a high risk category as you’re statistically more likely to be involved in an accident and therefore claim on your insurance.

But if you’re a safe and careful driver despite being young and inexperienced, then telematics insurance could help to save you money. Getting a black box fitted to your van lets you take control of your driving and prove your worth to your insurer, which could translate into lower premiums for you.

There will be no hiding once you have a black box device fitted to your van as your driving habits will be monitored regardless of whether you drive well or drive badly.

Is there an age restriction for black box insurance?

An insurer offering black box insurance will generally have its own age restrictions. You should be able to find a black box policy to suit you as long as you hold a valid UK driver’s licence. Remember to shop around and check the features of a policy carefully.

How can black box van insurance save me money?

If you’ve recently passed your driving test and have little experience, you could avoid being lumped into a high risk category and paying high premiums by allowing your insurance provider to monitor your driving. Similarly, if you’re an older driver in your 70s but have found your premiums rise, a black box policy could help to prove to your insurance provider that you’re still a good driver. Ultimately, by driving safely and proving your driving skills, you could see a significant reduction to your premiums.

Pros and cons of black box van insurance


  • Suited to drivers that typically fall into a high risk category based on their age
  • Save money on premiums for driving safely
  • Improve driving over time
  • Could help to locate a stolen van fitted with a black box or use information as part of a claim


  • Unsuitable if your van is used by a number of drivers as only a driver’s performance is monitored by the black box, not who that driver is
  • Pay more in premiums for poor driving
  • Curfews may be imposed by some insurance providers which can affect drivers working unsociable hours

Bottom line

If you don’t mind proving your worth on the road, telematics could be for you. Having a black box device fitted to your van to monitor your driving habits could help to reduce your insurance premiums, especially if you’re young and generally categorised by insurers as a high risk.

Just remember that once the device is fitted to your van, it can’t be temporarily taken out so you’ll be monitored at all times. If you’re ok with this, then you start comparing quotes now.

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