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Find out more about Co-op's pet insurance cover and see if its policies are right for you.

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Who are Co-op Insurance?

The Co-operative Insurance Company Limited is a subsidiary of the familiar Co-op Group. Whilst the brand is widely recognised for its high street grocery stores, it also offers funeral care, legal services and insurance.

Co‑op Insurance dates back to 1867, initially providing fire insurance to co-operative societies. Co‑op Insurance now offers car, breakdown, home, pet and business insurance.

Co-op pet insurance policy options

Co-op Insurance offers two types of pet insurance: Classic (maximum benefit) or Select Plus (lifetime). You also get different rates for cats and dogs. There are also option extras which you can include in your pet insurance cover.

Classic cover (maximum benefit)

Co-op Insurance’s classic pet insurance cover is designed for pet owners looking for quality low-cost pet insurance.

The classic cover policy is a type of maximum benefit pet insurance policy, meaning that it will cover your pet from injury and illness for 12 months or until the maximum benefit (amount) is reached.

Features of this policy include:

  • Vet fees. You are covered for up to a certain amount per year for vet fees.
  • Legal helpline. This policy also gives you access to a legal helpline to give you advice on legal issues relating to your pet.
  • Death from illness/injury. If your pet dies or is put down as a result of illness or injury during the policy term then the Co-Op would pay out the amount you paid for your pet.
  • Holiday cancellation. This covers you for travel and accommodation expenses for you and your immediate family, that you cannot recover if you have to cancel your journey during the policy year because your pet is ill or injured.
  • Boarding fees. Cover for the cost of boarding your pet at a licensed boarding establishment or a contribution towards the cost of someone looking after your pet while you are in hospital during the policy year.
  • Loss by theft or straying. Cover if your pet is stolen or goes missing during the policy year and is not recovered or does not return.
  • Advertising and Reward. Cover for the cost of advertising, and the reward you have offered and paid to get your pet back.
Select Plus (lifetime)

The Select Plus policy is designed for pet owners looking for a comprehensive pet insurance, and comes with these benefits:

  • Vet fees. You are covered for up to a certain amount per year for vet fees.
  • Complimentary treatment cover. A certain amount offered as complimentary treatment cover.
  • Legal helpline. You have access to a legal helpline to give you advice on legal issues relating to your pet.
  • Dental cover. Get comprehensive dental cover as long as your pet has a check-up every year.
  • Multi-pet discount. Get a discount for every pet added to the policy.
Co-op pet insurance offers customers the option of tailoring their policies with a range of optional extras so you can have extra reassurance that your pet is receiving the best protection possible. It is worth checking your specific policy documents to make sure you know exactly what is included within them.

  • Add on or increase your cover for third party liability, holiday cancellation, boarding fees, advertising and reward, if your pet dies from illness or injury or loss by theft or straying.
  • Emergency veterinary fees abroad. Cover for the cost of emergency treatment your pet receives whilst abroad for illness and injury, including hospitalisation.
  • Quarantine costs. Cover towards the cost of quarantine whilst your pet is ill abroad or if you lose your pet’s travel documentation.
  • Emergency repatriation. Should your pet pass away or become ill or injured during a trip, this would provide cover towards the cost of bringing your pet home.
  • Advertising and reward whilst abroad. If your pet is stolen or goes missing whilst you are abroad, this optional extra would provide cover towards the cost of advertising the loss of your pet as well as a reward to get your pet back.

Dog and cat insurance

Every dog lover wants to give their pooch the best possible care and vet treatment — when you consider all the love and joy they bring into our lives, it really is the least we can do. With a Classic or Select Plus Co-op insurance policy in place, you won’t have to compromise when it comes to giving your dog or cat the treatment they need.

With Co-op pet insurance, you can insure any cat under the age of ten and over the age six weeks. Dogs are required to be under the age of eight and over the age of six weeks.

Once your dog or cat is insured, you can continue to renew coverage for the rest of their life. There’s also a discount for your first year when you apply online as well as a multi pet discount.

What is my excess?

An excess is the amount of money you are expected to contribute when you make a claim through your insurance. It is in place to deter you from using your insurance policy for any and all small claims, and keeps insurance companies profitable.

All of Co-op’s policies have an excess for vet fees, but the amount you have to pay will depend on what policy you have, as well as how old your pet is. Check your policy documents to find out when and how much excess you have to pay.

How do I make a claim?

In the event that you need to make a claim on your policy, you would need to contact Allianz Insurance plc, the Co-op’s pet insurance provider.

You can call their UK helpline on 0345 075 4583 (or 0345 999 8888 if your policy started before December 2010).

Alternatively you can opt to print out and fill in a claim form available on the Co-op pet insurance website and then post it Allianz Insurance plc.

To make a claim, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Policy Number
  • Your full address and contact details
  • Your pet’s name, breed and microchip number
  • Details of the condition/injury
  • Details of your veterinary practices
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