DeadHappy life insurance review

DeadHappy is a unique, tech-driven company. Find out what a DeadHappy life insurance policy includes, what's excluded and what a Deathwish is (it's not what you think!).

Who is DeadHappy?

DeadHappy is a new insurance company that is aiming to make life insurance quicker, flexible and cheaper.

It’s clear from its marketing and the language on its website that this purely digital insurer is looking to target open-minded millennials.

Unlike other life insurance companies, DeadHappy doesn’t overwhelm you with questions about your health. In fact, you’ll only be asked four questions in total.

It also encourages customers to calculate the amount they’d like to leave their loved ones via its unique Deathwishes feature. With this feature, you can choose from a list of things you’d like to happen after your death. DeadHappy will use this list of wishes to help you calculate an appropriate payout.

What types of life insurance does DeadHappy offer?

  • Life Insurance. This policy gives your loved ones a cash payout after your death. You can choose your own payout up to £350,000, although your premium will rise alongside your desired payout.
  • Near Death Insurance. This works the same way as a life insurance policy, but it also offers the opportunity to get 50% of your payout early if you get any of these four critical illnesses: cancer, serious heart attack, serious stroke or multiple sclerosis. You may be offered the opportunity to add Near Death Insurance to your life insurance policy.

With either policy, you can choose your own payout amount, with or without the help of the Deathwishes feature.

Your monthly pay-as-you-go plan initially lasts for 10 years. Each year, you’ll have the option to renew for another 10 years, although your premium is likely to rise as you get older.


    Here are some of the scenarios where DeadHappy will not pay out:

    • Death related to suicide or self-harm
    • Death on active military duty
    • Death related to diving (20 metres below the surface)
    • Death related to flying (except regular fare-paying passengers)
    • Death related to racing (boats or motor vehicles)
    • Death related to climbing
    • Death related to “floating” (wild water rapids etc)
    • Death related to jumping (from anything you don’t own – buildings, cliffs, etc)

    Claims process

    Anyone can start the claims process by sending an email to or calling 0116 350 0134.

    They will need to disclose their name, date of birth, address and their relationship to the claimant. A staff member will then guide them through the rest of the claim process.

    If you have a critical illness, you can choose to claim yourself if you’re well enough.

    How to contact DeadHappy

    For general queries, send an email to or use the live chat service on the DeadHappy website and app. There is no telephone line for general customer queries.

    Managing your policy

    You can amend, renew or cancel your policy by logging in to your account on the DeadHappy website or mobile app.

    Pros and cons


    • Quick simple life insurance
    • Often cheaper than more complex life insurance
    • Deathwish feature allows you to make your mark on the world after you’ve died


    • “Near Death Insurance” is limited compared to other insurers
    • No telephone customer service

    Our verdict

    DeadHappy is a quirky company, but it offers perfectly reasonable life insurance cover.

    One downside is that it doesn’t offer customer service through telephone – but it does offer a live chat feature should you wish to get in touch.

    Frequently asked questions about DeadHappy life insurance

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