Active Quote life insurance review

Active Quote is a broker that covers the whole of the life insurance market in the UK. Find out how it works and the pros and cons of the service.

Active Quote
The UK's leading broker of health and protection insurance products
  • Compare the whole market
  • Cheaper than going direct
  • Optional critical illness cover

Who is Active Quote?

Active Quote is a broker service for life insurance and health protection products.

You can use its online service to compare deals on life insurance, income protection, health insurance and critical illness insurance.

How does Active Quote work?

Whether you’re looking for life insurance, health insurance or income protection, Active Quote does the hard work of comparing the market for you.

You can search for the best product using the Active Quote website or call a member of its team to assist you with this process.

Either way, you’ll first be asked to choose between life insurance, health insurance or income protection. Then, you’ll be asked a few more questions to help Active Quote determine the right type of product for you.

Active Quote compares the whole of the market for life insurance. It also claims to be cheaper than going directly to the insurers themselves. You’ll be asked whether you want to add critical illness insurance, plus whether you have a preference for a certain type of life insurance (whole of life insurance, term life insurance, decreasing life insurance etc).

Once you’ve filled in your information, you’ll be presented with a list of policies from Active Quote’s partners. From there, you can go ahead and buy that product online or phone an Active Quote staff member for extra advice and assistance.

Managing your policy

Active Quote doesn’t offer its own insurance products, so you’ll manage your insurance policy directly with whatever partner you choose to buy from.

It is possible to create an Active Quote account though. When you do so, Active Quote will save some of your personal details, so it’s quicker and easier to get a list of quotes. For your convenience, you’ll also be able to refer back to previous searches.

How to contact Active Quote

For general queries, call a member of staff on 0800 862 0373 or send an email to

Pros and cons of Active Quote life insurance


  • Active Quote partners with a broad range of insurers.
  • It covers the whole of the life insurance market and will even offer a discount compared to applying directly with the insurers.
  • Search the market online or over the phone.


  • Active Quote doesn’t cover the “whole market” for health insurance or income protection, meaning there’s no guarantee you’ll find the best deal.

The verdict

This is a solid brokerage service, which can find you a good deal and save you time compared to approaching each insurer directly.

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