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What is Pure Planet?

Pure Planet is an independent duel fuel-energy supplier based in Bath. They believe in using business to do good, for their customers, for wider society and for the environment. They can achieve this by offering 100% renewable energy at cheap prices so that customers can benefit from saving money and the planet.

Pure Planet tariffs

Pure Planet variable tariff

  • No fixed contracts
  • No exit fees
  • Price protection for first two months

The Pure Planet variable tariff is aimed to provide flexibility around your energy plan, with no lock-in contracts and no exit fees. As it’s a variable tariff, your rates can go up and down over time, which means you may end up paying more or less for your energy.

However, you’ll also receive price protection for the first two months of your tariff, which means rates will be stable, and you’ll receive at least 14 days notice whenever your rate prices are due to go up.

Pure Planet fixed tariff

  • Unit rates fixed for 12 months
  • £30 exit fee

The Pure Planet fixed tariff offers the security and certainty of fixed unit rates for 12 months, which means your energy prices will stay the same for the first year of your contract. However, you’ll need to pay a £30 exit fee per fuel if you decide to cancel the tariff early.

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Is Pure Planet cheap?

Something to remember

There is no single cheapest energy supplier out there, only the cheapest provider for you and your usage requirements. If it gets confusing, you can always come back and consult finder.com’s energy pages and guides! Pure Planet do, however, claim to save you 20% on your average bill compared to the Big 6.

How do customers rate Pure Planet?

Ofgem, the UK energy regulator, publish facts and figures surrounding energy usage throughout the year, but since Pure Planet is a new entrant to the energy market, it has not yet been included in these independent reports.

Reviews on Trust Pilot, however, seem to be overwhelmingly positive.

How do I contact Pure Planet?

Email: help@purepla.net

On the website you can question WattBot. If he doesn’t have the answers you’re looking for then there’s a Community Board where they respond to any questions.

Alternatively you can contact them on their social media platforms:

Facebook: JoinPurePlanet

Twitter: @JoinPurePlanet

How do I make a complaint to Pure Planet?

It comes with the territory. If a boiler breaks or the electricity goes out, people don’t tend to be too happy!

With Pure Planet, you have the following options for registering a complaint:

  1. There’s a complaint form available via their website which they are prompt to respond to
  2. You can talk to WattBot or message the Community Board on their website.
  3. Or contact them via social media

What is a 'dual fuel' tariff?

With one of these tariffs you’ll get both your gas and electricity from the same supplier. This makes life a lot easier. There’s one bill, one direct debit, one number to call if you need to speak to someone. A dual fuel tariff could save you money, but it’s not necessarily the cheapest option.

In some cases, it’s still cheaper to have your gas and electricity provided by separate suppliers.

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