EDF Energy | Electricity, gas and dual fuel tariffs

Our review of EDF Energy sets out its gas and electricity tariffs, green credentials, and pros and cons.

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French-owned EDF Energy began supplying British households in 2002 and is one of the UK’s “Big Six” energy suppliers. The firm produces roughly one-fifth of the UK’s electricity and supplies energy to over 4.8 million customers.

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EDF Energy’s tariffs and service

Supplier nameEDF
Green tariffstick
Fixed tariffstick
Variable tariffstick
Dual fuel deals
Manage onlinetick
Manage account via apptick
Manage account by telephonetick
Live chat support availabletick
Email support availabletick
Can install smart meterstick
Can offer Warm Home Discount
Percentage renewables (electricity)21%
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Is EDF Energy green?

According to data collected from EDF Energy by the industry regulator Ofgem, the supplier buys or generates its energy from the following sources.

How do customers rate EDF Energy?

Data collected by the charity Citizens Advice shows that in 2020, 16.5 customer complaints per 10,000 customers were escalated to a third party, including to the Energy Ombudsman, a dispute resolution organisation recognised by the energy industry. This was above average in terms of performance across the industry for last year.

However, reviews left on the website Trustpilot suggest customers are overwhelmingly positive about their experience with the supplier. Out of just over 20,000 customers reviews posted to the site, 73% of posts give EDF Energy a rating of “excellent”. Meanwhile, only 17% have given the firm a “poor” customer service rating.

Pros and cons of EDF Energy


  • EDF Energy generates its own low carbon electricity. EDF Energy is one of the UK’s largest producers of low carbon energy through its power generation business.
  • A broad range of tariff types. As a “Big Six” supplier, EDF offers a wide range of fixed, variable and dual fuel tariffs.
  • Offers tariffs for electric car owners. EDF Energy offers electric vehicle owners special tariffs designed to enable night time vehicle charging from home. This is a time-of-use tariff that charges lower unit prices for energy usage during off-peak night time hours.


  • Mixed customer service. EDF’s complaints scores and response times were fairly average for the industry in 2020, according to data gathered by Citizens Advice. However, plenty of customers report positive experiences with the supplier.
  • Rarely the cheapest option. Like most of the larger suppliers, it’s rare that EDF Energy tariffs provides the cheapest unit pricing for energy usage. Energy from pre-payment meters tends to be more expensive than energy supplied through a credit meter and paid for via a direct debit.

Our verdict: Is EDF Energy any good?

As one of the larger UK energy suppliers, EDF Energy is well-placed to offer a range of products and services to household energy customers, including smart meter installation. For environmentally conscious consumers looking for a big name supplier, EDF could be worth a look, since it generates a great deal of low carbon electricity itself.

It’s worth noting that, like most “Big Six” energy suppliers, EDF Energy is unlikely to offer the lowest prices. So if low prices are your priority, then the firm may not be at the top of your list.

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