Generation Fraud: Is social sharing putting younger generations at risk?

Download our report on UK fraud and the possible implications of new tech like AI, featuring expert views and new research.

For our report on fraud in the UK, we surveyed UK adults, looked at key trends and technological innovations and spoke to experts across the financial sector. We explored what the main challenges are, the potential impact of new technology like artificial intelligence (AI) and whose responsibility it is to educate younger people on the dangers of sharing too much personal information online.

Our report includes findings from our survey of 2,003 UK adults. The survey covers how many people are potentially putting themselves at risk by sharing too much data, which age groups are the most and least concerned about fraud involving AI (like deepfakes and voice cloning), and the organisations that the public believe should be doing more to prevent fraud.

We’ve also included expert insights from broadcaster Iona Bain, Paul Evans of Featurespace, Mike Harlock of Moneybox, payments consultant Ebru Keskin, John Somerville of the London Institute of Banking and Finance and fintech specialist Erica Stanford.

This white paper is free to download and all the contents are freely available to be published. But if you quote this report, we ask you to link to this page, where we will be promoting it.

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