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A list of where you can buy coronavirus masks. This includes UK stores where you can buy FFP2, P2, FFP3, KN95 and N95 face masks for sale.

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It is now mandatory to wear a face covering on public transport and in shops in England. Face coverings will be compulsory in more indoor spaces from 8 August including cinemas, museums and places of worship. Full advice on our masks hub here.

Some sellers will charge prices far above the average, also known as “price gouging”. We encourage consumers to compare options before making a purchasing decision.

In-stock N95 masks shipped from the UK

KN95 face mask - 1, 5, 10 or 20 packs - From £0.90 + Free Delivery

KN95 face mask - 1, 5, 10 or 20 packs - From £0.90 + Free Delivery from MediCare

Medicare have KN95 available from just £0.90 per mask. Packs of 1 - 1,000 in stock in the UK with free, fast shipping on orders over £60.
When we checked this product it was IN STOCK.

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N95 face mask - 1, 2, 20, 50 or 100 packs from £3.50

N95 face mask - 1, 2, 20, 50 or 100 packs from £3.50 from CBD Armour

CBD Armour face mask meets WHO Corona virus latest guidance. Made of high quality material, safe, soft and comfortable, coming in packs of 2.
When our crew last checked this product it was IN STOCK.

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KN95 face mask - 2, 5, 20 or 100 packs

KN95 face mask - 2, 5, 20 or 100 packs from Amazon

KN95 face masks available in the UK with free, fast shipping.
When we checked this product it was IN STOCK.

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N95 masks for sale from top stores: Stock checked May 2021

N95 face mask - 1, 2, 20, 50 or 100 packs from £3.50
N95 face mask - 1, 2, 20, 50 or 100 packs from £3.50

CBD Armour

KN95 mask - £3.99
KN95 mask - £3.99

Chemist Direct

KN95 face mask - 2, 5, 20 or 100 packs
KN95 face mask - 2, 5, 20 or 100 packs


Looking for a different type of Coronavirus mask?

In this guide:

Chemist 4 UChemist 4 U

KN95 masks from £2.99


N95 and respirator masks

CBD ArmourCBD Armour

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KN95 Masks

Where to buy N95, KN95, FFP2 and FFP3 masks online

1. Chemist 4 U
UK based online pharmacy Chemist 4 U has KN95 masks available for fast delivery.

Buy N95 masks from a trusted UK online pharmacy and even get free delivery when you spend £30 or more!

  • UK based retailer
  • Free delivery on orders over £30
  • KN95 and FFP3 available

Go to Chemist 4 U website View discount codes for Chemist 4 U

2. Amazon
Amazon has N95 masks as well as disposable and tons of reusable cloth mask options,

With a range of sellers offering up wares, Amazon is almost guaranteed to have masks available.

  • Free delivery on selected listings
  • Bulk buy options available
  • Buy from sellers when stock is low

Go to Amazon website View discount codes for Amazon

3. Wickes
Popular DIY retailer Wickes has FFP2 respirator masks.

Wickes has some great mask options, from FFP1 to FFP3 masks, plus respirators, 3ply disposable masks and multipacks.

  • Free delivery on orders over £75
  • A variety of mask types
  • Multipacks available

Go to Wickes website View discount codes for Wickes

4. Robert Dyas
DIY retailer Robert Dyas has antimicrobial face masks as well as face shields and FFP1 valved masks,

Reduce the spread of viruses with dust masks on offer at Robert Dyas.

  • Free delivery over £50
  • A variety of mask types
  • Returns within 14 days

Go to Robert Dyas website View discount codes for Robert Dyas

5. Chemist Direct
UK based online pharmacy Chemist Direct has KN95 masks available for fast delivery from within the UK.

Chemist Direct has N95 masks as well as surgical masks, face shields and reusable cloth masks.

  • 5% discount with recurring deliveries
  • UK stock
  • Free delivery on orders over £40

Go to Chemist Direct website View discount codes for Chemist Direct

6. GoGroopie
GoGroopie has KN95 face masks, surgical masks and cloth masks on sale.

  • Student discount via Student Beans
  • Regular savings
  • Range of face masks

Go to GoGroopie website View discount codes for GoGroopie

Looking for a different type of Coronavirus mask?

N95 face masks, also called respirator masks, are designed to filter out fine particles from the air. They can protect wearers from things like smoke, dust, fumes, and in some cases, airborne illnesses like coronavirus. Demand for antiviral face masks is understandably high at the moment. No mask will reduce the risk of infection to zero. Some researchers argue that simply having any mask will reduce the rate of coronavirus transmission by stopping people touching their faces – which is a major cause of the spread. Others argue that masks can introduce a false sense of security. Looking to buy masks for coronavirus? We’ve scoured the internet so you know where to buy face masks online in the UK that are in stock and will be delivered ASAP.

Face mask graphic


Personalise your Maskey with embroidery

Full face


Protective full face face shields - Etsy

Looking to bulk buy face masks?

Find face masks in bulk quantities at discounted prices here

Which type of coronavirus mask is best?

Not all masks are created equal, so it is worth knowing which masks are technically the most effective at blocking the smallest particles, in this case, viruses. Below we compare the most common types of masks you’re likely to find and show the test that each type of mask has to pass to meet the required standard. Different standards require testing with particles of different diameters: testing with particles of 0.1 microns in diameter is the highest standard, while testing with particles of 0.3 microns in diameter is more standard, and a 3 micron particle test is used to evaluate blocking bacteria, rather than viruses.

Mask filter efficiency compared

Mask Type0.1 size particles0.3 size particles3.0 size particlesStandards
Single-use face masks95%
Surgical mask30%95%China: YY 0469
Surgical mask – level 195%95%USA: ASTM F2100
Surgical mask – level 298%98%USA: ASTM F2100
Surgical mask – level 398%98%USA: ASTM F2100
Surgical mask – Type 195%EU: EN 14683
Surgical mask – Type 298%EU: EN 14683
Surgical mask – Type 398%EU: EN 14683
N95/KN95 respirator mask95%USA: NIOSH (42 CFR 84) / China GB2626
N99 respirator mask (KN98)99%USA: NIOSH (42 CFR 84) / China GB2626
N100 respirator mask (KN100)99.97%USA: NIOSH (42 CFR 84) / China GB2626
FFP1 respirator mask (P1)80%EU: 149:2001
FFP2 respirator mask (P2)94%EU: 149:2001
FFP3 respirator mask95%EU: 149:2001

Source: Smart Air

What's the difference between a P2, FFP2, KN95 and N95 face mask?

Depending on your location, different face mask types are more widely used. For example, in the United States and Canada, N95 are common; in Australia and New Zealand you'll see P2 masks more often; in China, KN95 is the standard. Mask manufacturer 3M, which specialises in filtering facepiece respirators (FFR) masks, offers the following explanation of the main differences between each mask type.
Korea 1st Class
Filter performance ≥ 95%≥ 95%≥ 95%≥ 94%≥ 94%≥ 95%
Test agentNaClNaCl and paraffin oilNaClNaClNaCl and paraffin oilNaCl
Flow rate85 L/min95 L/min85 L/min95 L/min95 L/min85 L/min
Total inward leakage (TIL) N/A≤ 8% leakage ≤ 8% leakage ≤ 8% leakage ≤ 8% leakage Inward Leakage measured and included in User Instructions
Inhalation resistance ≤ 343 Pa≤ 70 Pa (at 30L/min)≤ 240 Pa (at 95 L/min)≤ 500 Pa (clogging)≤ 350 Pa≤ 70 Pa (at 30L/min)≤ 240 Pa (at 95L/min)≤ 70 Pa (at 30L/min)≤ 240 Pa (at 95L/min)≤ 70 Pa (w/valve)≤ 50 Pa (no valve)
Flow rate85L/minVaried – seeabove85L/minVaried – seeaboveVaried – seeabove40L/min
Exhalation resistance ≤ 245 Pa≤ 300 Pa≤ 250 Pa≤ 120 Pa≤ 300 Pa≤ 70 Pa (w/valve) ≤ 50 Pa (no valve)
Flow rate85L/min160L/min85L/min85L/min160L/min40L/min
Exhalation valve leakage requirementLeak rate ≤ 30mL/minN/ADepressurization to 0 Pa ≥ 20 secLeak rate ≤ 30mL/minVisual inspection after 300L /min for 30 secDepressurization to 0 Pa ≥ 15sec
Force applied-245 PaN/A-1180 Pa-250 PaN/A-1,470 Pa
CO2 clearance requirementN/A≤ 1%≤ 1%≤ 1%≤ 1%≤ 1%
Source: 3M

How to remove your mask properly

First, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before putting on your mask. When you’re ready to take it off, do not touch the front of the mask — it could be contaminated. Instead, remove it by pulling the bottom strap over the back of your head, followed by the top strap. Discard the mask, and then wash your hands.

Frequently asked questions

How do P2, N95, KN95, FFP2 and FFP3 face masks differ?

The difference is that FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 masks have to meet European testing requirements, while N95 masks must adhere to the US equivalent, P2 masks to the Australian equivalent and the KN95 mask follows Chinese guidelines. The masks offer a comparable level of protection. An FFP3 mask, however, offers the highest level of protection against materials in a smaller concentration, which means they can block both liquid and solid aerosols. See our particle filtering comparison table for further information.

Current NHS guidelines for staff stipulate FFP3 face masks for virus and bacterial infection control when disease is spread through coughing and sneezing (such as with the coronavirus). They are also often used by NHS staff when handling hazardous pharmaceutical chemicals.

What is current government advice on face masks?

Our plan to rebuild: The UK government’s COVID-19 recovery strategy, published on 11 May, centres on evidence suggesting that wearing a face covering may help protect others around you if you’re infected but aren’t showing symptoms, rather than protecting you, the wearer.

Brits must wear a face covering on public transport in England and shoppers in England were also told to do so from 24 July, or face a fine. More recently, prime minister Boris Johnson announced that it’s compulsory to wear a face covering in more indoor spaces such as museums, cinemas and places or worship from 8 August. As devolved nations, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland issue their own advice on such restrictions. Scotland and Northern Ireland have already enforced mask wearing in shops and on public transport, and Wales asks the public to wear masks in enclosed spaces.

The World Health Organization (WHO) updated its advice in June to recommend that people wear a non-medical mask when in public places where social distancing isn’t possible. The WHO recommends that anyone who is sick with COVID-19 or treating someone who is sick should wear a medical mask.

What are type 2 face masks?

Type 2 face masks are medical face masks made up of a protective 3 ply material that stop large particles from reaching the wearer. They are not effective when blood or bodily fluids are present, however. Type 2 masks are usually designed in a pleat style with ear loops or ties.

Will I be fined for not wearing a mask in the UK?

Face masks are mandatory on public transport throughout the UK. How much you will be charged for not wearing a mask depends on the region you live in. In England, the British Transport Police will charge you £100 on the spot if you do not wear a face covering on public transport and continue to disobey the rules. This can double with each offence up to £3,200.

In Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland, you can not travel on public transport if you do not wear a face covering. Police or environmental health officers can also issue a fixed penalty for breaches of these requirements. A first offence will see you charged a penalty of £60 (which doubles for each subsequent offence up to a maximum of £1920).

Who is exempt from wearing face masks?

Those exempt from wearing face masks include:

  • Children under the age of 11.
  • People who cannot put on, wear or remove a face covering without experiencing “severe distress”.
  • Individuals with physical or mental disabilities.
  • People who communicate with others through lip-reading.
  • Those who are “travelling to avoid injury, or to escape risk of harm, and do not have a face covering on them”.
  • Individuals needing to remove their face coverings while taking medication.

You don’t need to prove that you can’t wear a face mask, but if you want to have something on you for peace of mind, the UK government has cards you can print or display on your smartphone.

Where can I buy 3M branded masks in the UK?

Brand new COVID supply retailer Farms2Fork currently has UK stock of 3M FFP2 masks. However, these masks are only available to medical personnel. If members of the general public wish to purchase 3M branded masks they will need to order from international marketplace websites such as AliExpress.

Does Amazon sell protective face masks?

Amazon’s marketplace stocks items from sellers all over the world, including lots of different models of protective face masks and other personal protective equipment. Although currently no N95 or FFP3 face masks are stocked by Amazon themselves or available for Prime delivery, there are several sellers on Amazon with available stock of masks.

When should I replace my N95 mask?

N95 respirators are typically designed to be worn for up to eight hours of continuous or intermittent use. However, different manufacturers will give different recommendations for their specific masks.

Disposable masks should be discarded altogether after use, while other masks are designed to be reused with a replacement filter.

According to the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), a respirator can be reused as long as it “maintains its structural and functional integrity and the filter material is not physically damaged or soiled.” If there’s visible damage to the filter, the quality of the fit has deteriorated or you begin to have trouble breathing through it, then it’s time for a new one. Similarly, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that you should “Discard N95 respirators following close contact with any patient co-infected with an infectious disease requiring contact precautions”.

You should also wash your hands with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitiser before holding the mask.

How an N95 mask is constructed

N95 masks are made of several layers of special non-woven fabric, with a filtration facepiece (FFP) respirator in the middle.

The two outer layers are made from melt-blown fabric, which filters out small airborne particles. Melt-blown fabric is made by melting polypropylene and other similar types of plastics and using a machine to draw the material out into fine strands. As these strands cool next to each other, they bond together to form a solid sheet of melt-blown fabric.

Between these two layers is a layer of no-melt cotton, which absorbs moisture, and the FFP respirator. The respirator component of masks like the N95, FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 set them apart from disposable surgical masks, which do not contain a respirator but still protect the wearer from spreading airborne particles and being exposed to bodily fluids.

KN95 respirator face masks - Available in 2, 5, 20 or 100 packs

Min. filter


Max. inward


Max. inhalation


Max. exhalation


KN95's are tested to conform to similar standards to N95 masks – both must achieve a minimum filtration efficiency of 95% when tested (hence the name). The performance also broadly aligns to that of FFP2, P2 and DS2 masks, protecting both the wearer and those around them.
Conforms to CHINA: GB2626
Min. inbound filter efficiency 95%
Efficiency test particle diameter 0.3 microns (approx.)
Max. CO2 concentration increase 1%
Max. total inward leakage 8%

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