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ManyPets pet insurance review (formerly Bought By Many)

Find out more about ManyPet's pet insurance cover to see whether it's right for you and your pet.

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Bought By Many’s unique service allows it to negotiate group discounts.
Bought By Many’s website can be quite confusing.

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Who is ManyPets?

ManyPets (formerly Bought By Many) says it was born of frustration that the industry wasn’t serving its customers. So ManyPets looks to harness the collective bargaining power of insurance customers to get them a better deal.

ManyPets offers its own pet insurance policies which are designed to address problems with pet insurance that customers have highlighted to the company.

What are ManyPet’s policy options?

ManyPets offers two types of its own pet insurance: Pre-Existing and Liability Only. There are three levels of cover which have, for example, varying vet fee limits: Value, Regular and Complete policies. There are also optional extras which you can include in your cover.


Pre-existing is for pets with pre-existing conditions, and comes with these benefits:

  • Cover for past medical issues as long as your pet has not received treatment or advice for them in the three months before the policy starts
  • A set amount of cover for vet fees for new conditions. Vet fee limit for pre-existing issues starts at a set amount, and increases in the first two years if you do not claim.
  • “Farewell cover” if your pet has to be put to sleep, as well as liability insurance as standard.
  • Multi-pet discount for more than one pet on the same policy.
  • Free Pet house sitter membership.
Liability only

Liability only covers you for legal claims against you and your pets, and comes with these benefits:

  • Cover for legal claims made against your or your pet.
  • Multi-pet discount for more than one pet on the same policy.

Value cover is the lowest cost and comes with the least vet fees cover, and comes with these benefits:

  • A set amount of cover for vet fees per year.
  • Dental cover for accidents.
  • Farewell cover if your pet has to be put to sleep, as well as liability insurance as standard.
  • Multi-pet discount for more than one pet on the same policy.
  • Free Pet house sitter membership.

Regular cover is the mid-range policy for vet fees, and comes with these benefits:

  • A set amount of cover for vet fees per year.
  • Dental cover for accidents.
  • Farewell cover if your pet has to be put to sleep, as well as liability insurance as standard.
  • Multi-pet discount for more than one pet on the same policy.

Complete cover is the the most comprehensive pet insurance you can buy, and comes with these benefits:

  • Vet fees Provides £15,000 of vet fee cover per year.
  • Dental fees Provides dental cover for any dental problem.
  • Comprehensive cover Complete cover is the most comprehensive cover available, offering the top cover in every claim type (except for pre-existing conditions).
  • Multi-pet discount Get a 15% discount for pets on the same policy.

ManyPets pet insurance benefits

ManyPet’s customers can get lower rates by the power of collective bargaining. Being part of a group with specific needs gives you the benefit of getting a bespoke insurance policy, with the added benefit of it being at a discounted rate. You can also get cover for pets with pre-existing conditions which were treated more recently than you can with other providers.

ManyPets customers also have unlimited free video calls with UK-registered vets through the FirstVet app and were voted the UK’s Most Trusted Pet Insurance Provider by thousands of customers at the 2020 Insurance Choice Awards.

What exclusions are there?

Like any other pet insurance provider, ManyPet’s pet insurance contains a list of general exclusions. These include:

  • Any accident within the first 48 hours of the policy
  • A claim if you submit it more than a year after the event that caused it
  • Preventative treatments or treatments not prescribed by a vet
  • Cover for legal action against you by family members or people who live with you
  • Claims for pets over 9 years old that die from illness
  • Cannot pay costs unless your pet is missing for more than 48 hours
  • Conditions that have been treated, medicated or that you have received advice for in the last 3 months on any policy
  • If when travelling abroad with your pet you have not complied with the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) (PETS).
  • Claims for any vet fees experienced within the first 14 days of any policy

How much is the excess?

The excess is the amount of money you’re expected to contribute when you make a claim through your insurance. It’s there to deter you from using your insurance policy for making small claims.

All of ManyPet’s policies have an excess for vet fees, but the amount you have to pay will depend on which policy you have. Check your policy documents to find out when and how much excess you have to pay.

What is the claims process?

ManyPet’s claims process doesn’t involve paper claim forms. You can either give it a call on 0333 130 4552, or submit your claim online by logging into your account. The “make a claim” section will be marked and has guidance.

ManyPets pros and cons


  • Pre-existing cover. You are able to get cover for pets which have recent pre-existing conditions, unlike many other providers.
  • ManyPet’s unique service allows it to negotiate group discounts.
  • Lifetime policies.
  • Free cancellation.
  • Policies to suit many different circumstances.


  • Complicated. ManyPet’s website can be quite confusing – it’s hard to find information and it doesn’t explain the platform very concisely.
  • Old pets cost more. If your cat or dog is over nine-years-old, the no-excess option isn’t available to you and you’ll have to pay 20% of any claim.

Our verdict

If you need cover for your pet, Brought By Many can help and what’s more, it may even be able to offer cover for some recent pre-existing conditions. That said, it’s website can be a little difficult to navigate. Remember that there are several other insurers that offer pet insurance so do your research and shop around for a deal that works with you and your furry friend.

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