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Animal Friends pet insurance

Are you looking for pet insurance? Find out if Animal Friends the right for your furry friend.

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Animal Friends Pet Insurance
Customers cited value for money and simple claims process
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Some people may think that pet insurance isn’t necessary, but if your pet falls ill or becomes injured you’ll be thankful it’s there. Review Animal Friends and see if they can give your pet the care they deserve should they need it.

Animal Friends pet insurance has a range of policies with different features, so you can find the one that’s right for you. Keep reading to find out if Animal Friends has cover suitable for you and your pet.

Animal Friends pet insurance

Animal Friends pet insurance

  • Four types of cover to choose from
  • £10 voucher for referring a friend
  • Insurance for dogs, cats and horses available
  • UK based call centres

Compare Animal Friends’ available policies in our table

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Name Product Maximum vet fees Advertising and reward cover
Animal Friends - Accident only
Animal Friends - Time limited
Animal Friends - Max Benefit
Animal Friends - Lifetime

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Who are Animal Friends?

Founded in 1998, Animal Friends was created with the objective of providing pet insurance whilst helping to support animal welfare charities. The founder, Elaine Fairfax has worked very closely with animal welfare charities throughout her life and decided to create Animal Friends as a way of raising funds for these charities.

Animal Friends is now an award-winning business and one of the largest pet insurance providers in the UK. They provide pet insurance for cats, dogs, horses and also for horse-riders.

They donate to and support over 300 animal welfare charities worldwide and have donated over £3 million.

What are Animal Friends’ insurance options?

Animal Friends provide a huge range of separate cat and dog pet insurance policies so you can find one to suit your pet’s needs and your budget. There are 4 main policies and they are listed below. Within these 4 policies there are different levels of cover available to choose from.

Animal Friends provide puppy insurance from 4 weeks of age and there is no upper age limit for their dog insurance.

See below for the different cover options available with Animal Friends:

Accident Only Cover

Accident Only pet insurance covers any injuries gained in an accident. There is only one policy option available under Accident Only pet insurance from Animal Friends.
Features of this policy include:

  • Cover of a set amount per year per accident.
  • A set lifetime limit for continuing treatment related to that accident.
  • A set amount of vet excess.
Time-Limited Cover

The time-limited pet insurance covers accidents, illnesses and conditions. There are four levels of time-limited cover for cats and dogs. These are basic, basic plus, prime and prime plus. Each differ slightly in level of cover.
Features of the most basic time limited policy include:

  • Cover for 365 days after the condition is first noted by you or the vet.
  • A set vet excess.
  • Public liability cover.
  • Theft and straying cover.
  • Advertising and reward cover.
  • Boarding kennel.
  • Death of pet.
  • Overseas travel cover.
Max Benefit Cover

Maximum benefit pet insurance covers illnesses, injuries and conditions your pet may experience. There are three levels of max benefit cover for cats and dogs. These are max value, max plus and max extra. They all offer different financial limits per condition with no time constraints.
Features of the most basic policy, the max value, include:

  • Lifetime condition limit.
  • A set vet excess.
  • Public liability
  • Theft and straying
  • Advertising and reward
  • Holiday cancellation
  • Boarding kennel
  • Death of pet
  • Overseas travel cover
  • Dog walker
Life Time Cover

The Lifetime pet insurance covers costs from accidents, injuries, condition and can also cover ongoing illnesses for a number of years as long as the policy is renewed. There are four levels of life time cover for cats and dogs. These are super, superior, superior plus, prestige. Each policy has an annual limit, but this refreshes each time the policy is renewed.
Features of the most basic policy, the super policy, include:

  • Annual condition limit.
  • A set vet excess.
  • Public liability
  • Theft and straying
  • Advertising and reward
  • Holiday cancellation
  • Boarding kennel
  • Death of pet
  • Overseas travel cover
  • Dog walker cover

What are Animal Friends’ horse insurance options?

Animal Friends offer three types of horse insurance policy with different features and optional extras. You can choose from standard horse insurance, mature horse insurance or horse-rider insurance.

Standard Horse Cover

Standard Horse insurance policies cover injury, accident, illness and disease. Any condition is covered for 365 days from the day it was manifested from. Donkeys are also covered under Animal Friends’ equine policies.
Features of this policy include:

  • Cover of vet fees up to a certain amount per condition for a year from the onset of a condition.
  • Permanent loss of use (optional).
  • Death of horse (optional).
  • Loss by theft or straying (optional).
  • Third party liability (optional).
  • Personal accident and dental (optional).
  • Saddlery and tack (optional).
  • Horse trailer (optional).
Mature Horse Cover

The Mature Horse cover is for horses over 20 years and provides cover for accidental injury only. Donkeys are also covered under this policy
Features of this policy include:

  • Cover of veterinary fees for accidental injury of up to £2000 per injury for 365 days from onset.
  • Cover for veterinary treatment and/or complementary medicin for an injury to your horse up to the maximum benefit.
  • Death of horse (from injury) (optional).
  • Loss by theft or straying (optional).
  • Third party liability (optional).
  • Personal accident and dental (optional).
  • Saddlery and tack (optional).
  • Horse trailer (optional).

What is my excess?

An excess is the amount of money you contribute to the cost of your claim. The amount of your excess will depend on the level of cover you have and the nature of your claim. Your excess will be shown in your policy schedule.

For all of Animal Friends policies, except for maximum benefit, the excess will be deducted once per condition per policy year. You will pay your excess when you make your first claim and if your claim continues past your annual renewal, you will have to pay that excess again. If you choose the maximum benefit policy, you will only be required to pay an excess once per condition.

What is Animal Friends’ claim process?

To make a claim on your Animal Friends policy, you will need to complete the relevant claim form for the treatment or incident which has occurred. You must then post this with the relevant invoice and your pet’s full medical history. You can download the form from Animal Friends’ website or email your request to If you would like to speak to someone, you can call one of their advisors on 03445570300.

All of the claims forms can be found on the Animal Friends website. There are a whole range of different claims forms for pet policies and horse and rider policies for you to choose from so take care making sure you fill out the one most suited to your claim.

Once they have your claim, Animal Friends aim to process it within 5-7 working days.

To pay the claim, Animal Friends use BACS to transfer the amount directly into your nominated bank account. You can also have them settle it directly with your veterinary practice.

Pet insurance ratings

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