4Paws Pet Insurance

Are you worried about big vet bills and need some peace of mind? Find out if 4Paws pet insurance can provide the right cover for your furry friend.

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4paws Pet Insurance

If your pet has ever suddenly become very ill or gained an injury, you will know how large the veterinary bills can be. That’s why pet insurance is so important – it allows you to give your pet the care they deserve without the worry of large bills.

4Paws offer pet insurance for dogs, cats and rabbits and provide a range of levels of cover so you can choose the insurance that’s right for you and your pet.

Who are 4Paws Insurance?

4Paws is a brand name of NCI Insurance Services Limited. NCI Insurance is a UK based insurance broker, founded in 2000.

NCI Insurance initially began selling breakdown recovery, but now have expanded to offer a greater range of products including breakdown cover, car insurance and pet insurance through the brand 4Paws.

What are 4Paws’s pet insurance options?

4Paws offer a range of separate insurance policies for dogs and cats, so you can find one that suits your needs and budget. Take a look at NIC’s four main levels of cover below.

Accident Only Cover

Accident Only pet insurance covers any injuries gained in an accident.
Features of this policy include:

  • Time-limited
  • Low cost policy to help with costs of veterinary treatment or injuries
  • Cover for up to 12 months per injury
  • Veterinary fee limit of £1,250 per injury
Standard Cover

Standard cover is 4Paws’s basic pet insurance policy
Features of this policy include:

  • Time-limited
  • Low cost policy to help with costs of veterinary treatment or injuries
  • Cover for up to 12 months per illness or injury
  • Veterinary fee limit of £3000 per condition
Maximum Benefit Cover

Maximum benefit cover offers an enhanced level of cover as well as a range of additional benefits.
Features of this policy include:

  • No time-limit on claims
  • Cover for any illness or injury up to the maximum sum recoverable
  • 3 types of maximum benefit cover with different veterinary fee limits per condition
Lifetime Cover

The lifetime cover offers the highest level of cover and a range of benefit to give your pet the very best healthcare through your pet’s life.
Features of this policy include:

  • Limit renewal as long as your policy is renewed each year
  • Cover ongoing conditions for a lifetime
  • 3 types of lifetime cover with different veterinary fees per year

What’s covered under my policy?

4Paws’s pet insurance policies offer cover and protection for your cat or dog against certain risks. Cover differs depending on level of cover you have chosen. See below the features and benefits included in accident only, standard, maximum benefit and lifetime cover:

BenefitsAccident onlyStandardMaximum benefitLifetime
Veterinary fees
Complementary treatment
Third party liability
Boarding fees
Advertising and Reward
Theft or straying
Death from injury
Death from illness
Holiday cancellation
Emergency repatriation
Quarantine or loss of documents

What are 4Paws’s rabbit insurance options?

4Paws’s rabbit insurance is designed to provide premium cover for your rabbit. This includes cover if your rabbit develops long term and life threatening conditions associated to illness or injury. Some of the features of 4Paws’s rabbit insurance are:

  • Lifetime cover
  • Veterinary fees cover
  • Complementary treatments cover
  • Cover against chronic and long term conditions
  • Cover for more serious emergency treatments such as Coccidiosis and Fly Strike
  • Cover for costs of advertising and rewards if your rabbit goes missing

What is my excess?

An excess is the amount of money you contribute to the cost of your claim. The amount of your excess will depend on the level of cover you have, the age of your pet and the nature of your claim. Your excess will be shown in your policy schedule.

If you make a claim under a lifetime policy, you will need to pay an excess, which is payable once per condition per year.

For Accident Only, Standard and Maximum Benefit policies, you will only have to pay one fixed excess for each separate condition being claimed.

What is 4Paws’s claim process?

If you need to make a claim on your pet insurance, you can download a claim form from the 4Paws website. Once filled out, you can send it (along with your pets past 3 years medical history) to 4Paws Pet Insurance, Claims Department, 4th Floor, Clarendon House, Victoria Avenue, Harrogate, HG1 1JD.

If you would rather speak to someone, you can email 4Paws at petclaims@4paws.co.uk or call the Claims Department on 01423 535 040 and request a claim form be either emailed or posted to you.

You will need have the following things to hand to give to their advisors:

  • Policy number
  • Details of the claim
  • Details of the i4Pawsdent
  • Any additional information you feel could be useful

4Paws Insurance aim to settle all pet claims within 5-10 working days to give you peace of mind as soon as possible.

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