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Uber driver guide New Zealand

How much you can make, what car you need and where to start.

If you’re thinking of signing up as an Uber driver to make some spare cash, our guide has the information you need to get started.

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How much can I make as an Uber driver?

How much you can earn as an Uber driver varies depending on a number of factors, including how many hours you work, which city you’re driving in and your regular expenses like fuel and car maintenance.

Uber driver income calculator

To see how much you might earn with your driving schedule, enter your income and vehicle expenses into the calculator below.

Disclaimer: Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this calculator, the results should be used as an indication only. It doesn’t take into account your financial circumstances and is neither a quote or guarantee of your income as an Uber partner driver.

Where to drive

Drive at the peak hours to boost your income, and in some of the key popular areas, including:

  • The CBD of any city
  • Inner suburbs
  • The airport

Across all of these, you have some clear peak hours including:

  • Weekday mornings – 7am to 9am. From the inner suburbs to the CBD.
  • Weekday nights – 5pm to 7pm. From the CBD to the inner suburbs.
  • Friday and Saturday nights. To and from restaurants, pubs and nightclubs.
  • All day Sunday. Sundays can be busier than weekdays.

Driving in rainy weather, or major events, are also great ways to pick up more passengers. If you want to maximise your earnings, top drivers suggest accepting all possible trips as even the small trips add up.

Uber’s basic driver requirements

To become an Uber driver in New Zealand, these are the minimum requirement that all applicants must satisfy:

  • Age – At least 21 years old
  • Vehicle – Vehicles must be Uber-approved
  • License – A full New Zealand driver’s license is required. No learner or provisional licenses are permitted.
  • Experience – You must have held a full New Zealand driver’s licence for at least 6 months
  • Insurance – Your Uber vehicle must be covered by third party insurance at a minimum, though you must find an insurer that covers you for rideshare use.
  • Authorisation – You will need to get a Passenger (P) Endorsement card, a Certificate of Fitness, a small passenger service licence (SPSL) label and download the Logmate app.
  • Background check – Your application will include a background check.

The basic vehicle requirements for each Uber type

Your vehicle must meet the following requirements to be considered for use with any Uber service. It’s important to note that if your vehicle does not pass the minimum specifications for UberX, it will likely not pass for other Uber types.

Uber driver requirements

All cars being driven for Uber in New Zealand must:

  • Be in excellent working condition with no cosmetic damage
  • Have at least 4 doors
  • Seat 4 to 7 people, plus the driver
  • Pass a vehicle inspection
  • Have current Certificate of Fitness
  • 10 years old or less
  • Feature no commercial branding
  • Not be a taxi, ex-driving school or government vehicle

Don’t own or have access to an Uber-approved vehicle?

Here are your options:

car icon

Rent a car

No car? No problem. Start now with a brand new car from Uber rental partners and pay a weekly rental charge. This is an option to help you get started fast.

speedometer icon


For a bit more you can rent-to-own your vehicle through Uber Marketplace. Choose from a range of suitable rental vehicle models to get the car you want, and work to pay it off so it’s then yours.

key icon

Get a car loan

Take care of it yourself, and tailor your own car finance options available through one of Uber’s company partners or directly via a bank, credit union or standalone car lender.

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Download the Uber app

Get started by signing up and downloading the Uber app here:

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