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Our latest guides and research on how Brexit could affect you

Not sure how Brexit could affect you or need some more information about potential Brexit changes? Finder has compiled Brexit guides and stats to help.

We’ll answer your questions about Brexit, show which Brexit-related events have impacted sterling’s exchange rates and detail our research and findings.

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Airbnb vs hotels

Airbnb vs hotels

Airbnbs have surged in popularity, but are they better than hotels? To get to the bottom of this, we investigated whether British holidaymakers find the standards in Airbnbs are as good as those in hotels - or better - for important aspects such as cleanliness, value for money and authentic local experiences. Read more…

Bitcoin price predictions

Bitcoin price predictions

The price of Bitcoin surged in May 2019, so we asked a panel of 10 fintech leaders why they think Bitcoin is on the rise; whether they think consumers should buy, hold, or sell; and what might be in store for the cryptocurrency. Read more…

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